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Title: I need to ask some opinions (While i Vent)
Post by: Gevaudan_Jo on January 13, 2007, 08:55:41 AM
I've discovered a few things lastnight... i met this one girl, shes about my age, she breeds Chinese Crested dogs. her and i spoke online for oh, close to 2 years or so. I dont know if its Zero, memphis or me... but, we were going to buy a CC from her (but decided other wise). anyway, she wouldnt sell me a CC because of my dogs. mostly Zero *from what she told me* because he's too rough, and he IS a bullie...  anyways, about a year ago, i met this other lady who has BT's... she also owned a CC.she needed to rehome the CC because of her bullies. she asked me if i knew anyone looking for a powderpuff. i told her about the other girl, and sure enough, thats where her puff went. ok so, i did a good deed here :) well, that CC girl doesnt talk to me anymore... AND on one of my BT forums, she has signed up stating she wants to get into the BT breed. now, i dont know if im just over reacting, but to tell me ZERO is too rough for me to own a Chinese crested, then turn around and post on a forum that im on, stating she wants to get one. SO i asked my bullie friend (who sent the CC), she said she wants to get one for her boyfriend. she says "i have not met a person who is not suitable for a BT" now, bullies ARE NOT for everyone... as im sure most of you are aware (As are most certain breeds), this girl has about 7 or so CCs, two very young children, and a lazy boyfriend who wont get a job or a liecence or anything lol (that my opinion of him...) anyway, what are your thoughts on this? do you think maybe im over reacting? or is she being kinda hypicritacal (thats a hard word to spell).  zero is trained in many classes to be friendly with small dogs, we even foster small breed dogs to help out (with the local shelter)... anyway, just some thoughts on this... thanks

Title: Re: I need to ask some opinions (While i Vent)
Post by: schelmischekitty on January 13, 2007, 11:24:13 AM
that's really not right :( i think you'd be a GREAT home for a CC.  you can't base whether you'll be a good home or not b/c of breed.  look at axle, and caine.  they're two breeds everyone thinks are horrible with other dogs, and they're great when it comes to guests in the house! 

Title: Re: I need to ask some opinions (While i Vent)
Post by: specialkdanemom on January 13, 2007, 11:59:57 AM
I will let you know, I my opinion, that you're right.  I and my daughter owned three chinese cresteds.  My first, Meeshu, is seven years old and could stand on his own with the GDs... he just got to the point where he was depressed being around them and now lives with gramma and his best friend, Oscar(a dachsund)... love him to death and I see him lots and he's much happier.  My daughter got a PP crested and talk about "queen bees"... she ruled the roost w/ the GDs, until my daughter moved out.  My other Crested, Devin, I rescued from a terrible breeding situation.  He lived in a cage for the first 3 yrs of his life... minimal human contact, afraid of everything... took months to be able to hold him, but well worth it.  I lost him to diabetes 12/05.  But, he too held his own with the GDs.  All three of these cresties came from different situations and were ultimately respected by the Big Paws. 
I'm not sure where this person comes off deciding what other dogs will be able to co-habitat w/ cresties, but it appears that there is a reason you didn't get one of "her" dogs.  There probably would have been weird restrictions or ????  Count your blessings that you don't have any "attachments" of any kind to this wishy-washy individual.  I don't know you personally, like others on this forum (or other forums), but you seem to be a great "parent" to your "family" and if you want a crestie... go get one from a better person/breeder/rescue.

Title: Re: I need to ask some opinions (While i Vent)
Post by: Gevaudan_Jo on January 13, 2007, 12:38:06 PM
Thank you!!!  I really appreciate that!
i was supposed to get a male from her, to show (not to breed) because she apparently could not keep him. so we talked about it and thins and that. he was about a year old or so. and she just up and gave him away to someone else.told me about it months afterwards. which i was kinda p.o'ed about, obviously. well i made better CC friends and better connections. and i have one friend who breeds (but is very far away) i've met her and stayed with her in her home. she has not met my dog, although, she has a pretty good idea. i put them on webcam for her alot ;) lol. so if i DO get a crested, thats where i will get from.  but, i was just kinda Ticked that this one girl would say no, i can't have one of her dogs b/c of my bullie, and go ahead and start looking into buying one...  not nice imo. oh wells i guess. thanks for letting me vent :)

Title: Re: I need to ask some opinions (While i Vent)
Post by: Butts Mom on January 13, 2007, 01:02:46 PM
I would say she was being hypocritical.Y ou can't let people get to you like that.Sounds like you have a new breeder to get a CC from,so I would say it is her lose.