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Title: Faust and Mojo's vet visit
Post by: Moni on January 26, 2009, 11:42:34 AM
Update on Mojo and Faust's vet visit.  I had to drop Faust off this morning to be put under for testing, since he's been fighting some kind of nasal infection for a couple of weeks.  Antibiotics didn't do anything and the vet was worried that it might be some type of tumor.  Well, the good news is that they didn't find anything in the nose X-ray, flush or the scope.  We are waiting for the culture results at the end of the week, then we'll touch base again.  She said if the culture comes back with nothing that sometimes just flushing the nose can get rid of the irritants that were causing the problem, even if they didn't see anything come out.

However while taking Faust's head X-rays, they found out what is causing his front leg pain.  His spondylosis has gotten much worse from last year and is pinching the nerves going to his front leg.  They started him on Deramaxx and he'll be starting the Adequan injections.  She said because he has multiple spots along his spine, surgery won't be an option for him.  She also thinks that he doesn't really have Degenerative Myelopathey based on this info, but that his back end weakness is due to the multiple pinched nerves along his back.  So we'll try out the pain meds and just keep him as comfortable as possible. 

Mojo's senior check up went well.  He's in great health for an almost 13 year old boy.  The only problem is his licking his legs and paws, turning them an icky orange.  The vet thinks its behavioral since it started when I went back to work, so he advised trying some bitter apple on them.  He doesn't have any sores, so that is good.

Mojo does still have a slight heart murmur, but it hasn't gotten any worse.  He also has more lumps, but the vet feels that they are just lipomas like the rest and doesn't recommend removing them unless they get too big or impede his movement.  Otherwise he has excellent teeth for his age and he's at a great weight, finally!  lol  He also got a senior panel done, so we'll be getting those results within a week or so. 

Why do our pups have to get old so fast?  :(

Title: Re: Faust and Mojo's vet visit
Post by: ZooCrew on January 26, 2009, 02:46:07 PM
Sorry to  hear that Faust's spondylosis is progressing but it sounds good that he doesn't have the Degenerative myelopathy.  I hope the painkillers work for him.

It sounds like mojo is doing really well for his age. That is funny about the licking.  Gunther is a big licker.  Of course he is dark so his feet don't turn that reddish/orange color except b/t his toes.  I often have to tell him "that's enough" and he will stop.  He also enjoys licking Nigel and Posey's dog tags and will do so until I tell him to stop.  they seem to enjoy it though, and sit there with their eyes closed while he does it...........l ol.

it is hard to watch them get older.  Keiko is almost 11 and i think we've been really lucky she has had no major health concerns.  A few gray whiskers, some lumps and bumps, and some arthritis in her back and rear legs and that's about it.

Title: Re: Faust and Mojo's vet visit
Post by: Leah... on January 26, 2009, 05:34:55 PM
Sammie licks too!!! He's almost 9, and his spot is his left carpal pad. No where else. Just the useless dangle-pad. Maybe after 9 years with it, he decided he didn't want it anymore. The right one could stay, but lefty has to go.  ::) I blame dementia.

It is hard to watch them grow older, and eventually pass. But the years we have with them are the years blessed and full of laughter. There is a story somewhere where a little boy explains it the best way possible by saying that God sends us to earth to learn lessons and learn how to love. However dogs are born knowing love and compassion and they teach us more lessons than they learn themselves, so they don't need to stay here as long.

I'm glad to hear the boys are doing well, and I hope Faust's issues are not too troublesome. Good luck with your wonderful boys.

Title: Re: Faust and Mojo's vet visit (pix added)
Post by: Moni on January 27, 2009, 07:25:48 AM
Thanks guys.  Faust is feeling pretty beat up today.   :-\  The vet called to check on him and said if he's not better by tomorrow to bring him back in.  He might have twisted or pinched something while he was knocked out.  Poor guy.

I am looking into a chiropractor for him, that may help him some.  He was so miserable last night and this morning, hopefully its just from him coming out of the anesthesia.   :(

I figured I'd share some recent pics of the crew with you too.

Title: Re: Faust and Mojo's vet visit
Post by: ZooCrew on January 27, 2009, 09:07:16 AM
Awwwe, thanks for the photos.  I so missed seeing these guys.  They always look like they're having so much fun and come in such a wide variety of colors.......l ol.  Makes them so fun to look at.  :D