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Author Topic: Marley chewed his way out of chain link!!!!!!!  (Read 1913 times)
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« on: June 10, 2008, 04:56:13 PM »

oh boy we have a problem on our hands. Marley has managed to find every way to escape his new pen. We put cement slabs on the ground to prevent digging, reinforced the wood panels because he chewed his way out, and placed chain link around the existing fence and he still plied it apart and got out!! I am so scared he will hurt himself - already has a cut up nose and neck from the metal on the fence. Hubby feels like we should use an electric fence on his existing fence to stop him from escaping. He has an electric fence around our property and it works but we don't feel comfortable relying only on that when we are at work because are road is like a highway... anyone put an electric fence on a dog pen before? BTW his pen is 30x18

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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2008, 05:15:42 PM »

Yes, we did with Cara.  She was an escape artist extraordinare!  We had a 6' redwood fence and she dug under it until we put boulders (1-2' in diameter) along the fence line.  Then she climbed up and stood on top of the da** fence.  I would have never believed it possible except that I saw her do it (twice!).  We built a barrier to keep her from climbing the fence, but that's when she showed me the 2nd time how fast she could climb.  Finally it was either the electric fence or she would certainly have gotten out and been killed on the road.  Shocked  In our case, since Cara only tried to climb over the fence (after the rocks were in along the bottom), we installed the electric wire along the *top* of the fence where she grabbed on with her front feet to pull herself up.  If you can see a particular way that Marley is trying to escape and it makes sense, you might just try running the wire along that area so that he only gets zapped if he specifically tries to escape.  That's what we did with Cara & it worked well.  We watched her like a hawk for a couple of hours and she zapped herself twice and then I never saw her attempt to climb again & she never got out.  She lived to be 12 yrs old.   Wink  

If you can't be sure of where Marley is going to try to break out, then I'd run it along where you are sure that he'll discover it and just watch him to be sure that he's decided to stay in now.  I hated to use the electric wire, but both hubby & I worked outside the home at the time & if Cara had gotten out it would have been disasterous, and we'd tried everything else.  If Marley is really scratching himself up on the chain link, then the zap will be no worse than the pain of torn up paws, nose, face, etc. and once he learns that it zaps, he's not likely to zap himself on it too many more times.  

Hang in there & let us know how it goes, ok?  I'll be thinking of you!  

Oh & BTW, before I let Cara get zapped, my husband tried it and said that it was ok.  But I still wasn't convinced, so I got myself zapped then to be sure.  Yes, I'm that over protective.... .   Wink  Grin  Embarrassed  I just wanted you to know that I didn't take it lightly either.   Wink  Smiley


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« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2008, 07:20:40 PM »

I don't think that putting an electrical fence in his pen would be a problem. Dogs are very smart and learn very fast! Lily's breeder has it on her 4ft fence around her house right next to a busy road. None of the Pyrs had ever escaped Smiley

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