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: Calcium?
: COMARRO December 08, 2006, 11:45:02 PM
What is everyone's thought about giving dogs calcium tablets?
: Re: Calcium?
: newflvr December 09, 2006, 12:28:08 AM
I think you have to be careful with calcium....and it depends on the age of the dog.  You don't want to build bone too fast and if you add too much calcium, the dog will become constipated.  Does the food you are using have calcium already in the food? 

I cook for my dogs so I add a level teaspoon of calcium in their food with each meal because all they get is meat, veg and rice.

Others here know far more about the pros and cons, but asking your vet is also a really good idea!
: Re: Calcium?
: sc.trojans December 16, 2006, 12:15:24 PM

Nothing can permanently destroy a dog's orthopedic structure like calcium and this should never be added if you are already feeding kibble - or any "complete" diet as determined by AAFCO.

Too much artificial calcium supplementatio n is largely thought to be behind OCD, some forms of dysplasia and malformed bone structure.

If you are feeding a raw or homecooked diet, then calcium is essential but it is important to know how much you are already feeding, and therefore what is truly needed.  As someone who feeds a raw diet, I can tell you that evaluating calcium and phospohorus levels and the overall ratio is the biggest chore I have and the most important element in my view.

: Re: Calcium?
: sarnewfie December 17, 2006, 08:14:41 PM
I disagree with that statement
we are finding more and more the calcium protein ratio for some growing newfs needs to be more calcium to protein, feeding turkey necks thru the first nine to twelve months helps support the bones and structural growth, i gave my first two newfs a half carton of cottage cheese a day, every day from puppy on, and both ofa and neither had any trouble.
i think the breeder is the coach and guide to those who buy their pups and must be the one they consult with if they see the slightest form of deformation on the longbones on front legs or any other abnormal growth, becouse it has been seen and experienced that those who develop deformaties at the pastern whhen switched to the necks straighten out right away.
: Re: Calcium?
: sc.trojans December 18, 2006, 12:01:45 PM

I too am a raw feeder and feed turkey necks, but with all due respect it doesn't sound like you know exactly how much calcium you fed so I am not sure your statement disagrees with mine.  You CAN feed too much and there are numerous studies out there that demonstrate that "supplemented calcium" - not the natural form - is highly detrimental to growth and is responsible for growing long bones too fast.  The best sources for these studies are at and NPID.  Many think too much protein and hence all the "large breed" kibbles out there that tout lower protein - growing dogs need protein and this is not responsible for too rapid growth - it is the over supplementatio n of calcium.