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: scary dr appt today
: angelsmama January 08, 2007, 03:25:37 PM
My OB is trying to set me up for genetic testing for Ehlers Danlos (joint disorder). She said she may end up needing to do a c-section on me. My hips were already sliding out of place, locking on me, and popping before I got pregnant. And now they hurt even worse since I am 25 wks along and I've put on like 15 lbs  :-\.  It really worried her and we don't even know if I do have it or not. I think I do but we need to see for sure. They (hospital) said they couldn't see me till April 19th, Dr Morrison said that can't happen since I am due April 21st so she is going to try and make them see me earlier than that.

   She was walking about labor when it comes time for it and if she notices it is pretty bad on me then she will do a section. I've hurt bad enough before I've  :'( and that's without being in labor so I don't think I can do it without a section. This may end up being my only one.  :( Sorry for the rant but I had to get this off my back.
: Re: scary dr appt today
: LibbyP January 08, 2007, 04:01:51 PM
Do not worry about having a section if you want/need any info pm me I had 2 ~ first one was an emerg and second was planned, do NOT stress over this, talk to you soon ~ Kim
: Re: scary dr appt today
: angelsmama January 08, 2007, 06:23:33 PM
any details i should know about sections :-\ are you awake enough to see the baby, what do you experience later on after it etc etc.. cause theres a big chance ill end up needing one
: Re: scary dr appt today
: aggghgmom January 08, 2007, 07:00:32 PM
Please try not to dwell on what may happen; you will do the best thing for your baby when the time comes.

I also had a c-section it wasn't planned but I was a week over due and when they did an ultrasound they realized all the amniotic fluid was gone - apparently I had sprung a leak (I thought I was just using the bathroom alot).  My son wasn't ready to come out and they felt the contractions could be dangerous for my son.  So I went to the hospital at 3:00 had the c-section at 6:00.  You are awake, can't feel much, just some pressure and yes you get to see the baby if you choose to you can even watch the surgery in a mirror - I didn't. 

Everyone is different the only thing I had was some shakes from the epidural so I wasn't comfortable enough to hold my son without my husbands hand under him for support.

All babies are beautiful but c-section babies don't get smushed coming thru the birth canal so there heads are generally nice and round with no bruising.

Your recovery will be longer as you are recovering from surgery but that worked for me also; if I didn't feel like getting up to get the babies bottle or change a diaper I pulled the oh I just had surgery card!!

If I can answer any questions or if you would like to chat please pm me.

: Re: scary dr appt today
: Skippy January 08, 2007, 07:15:22 PM
Sorry to hear about yoour hips. But don't worry about a C-secton. My daughter had three. The first was after a long labor and no baby. We're lucky she had it done. Or I would not have a grand daughter. The second one she probably could of had, but after a few hours the doctor said long enough and they did a C. The third time it was planned right from the start. She was out for all of them I believe. With the third one there was no labor so she was no where near as tired. There is pain afterwards like with any surgery. No lifting more than the babies weight for several weeks and no driving for six weeks.

A lot of women are now requesting them for the convience according to what I have heard and read.

Good luck and sorry to hear about your hips.

: Re: scary dr appt today
: Teresa Marie January 08, 2007, 07:58:53 PM
I it's hard to not feel scared. Everyone does. I've had SIX c-sections and even after my second,third ect I would want to run the other way once I walked into that hospital. and I have a high pain tolerance. It's not so much the sugery, or even the recovery, it's those moments leading up to the inevidable and not knowing what the outcome will be, for certain.

It's expecially scary the very first time. You read all these wonderful things about 'birth plans' and feel you missed out on that, or have no controle over the birthing of your child what so ever. It'll be aright. Your  actually do have the controle!

Ask for an epideral so you may stay awake durring the birth. You can talk to the docters and nurses and hear your baby's first cry. You can even watch them test  and measure your child and the daddy can hold your baby! Once in recovery, chances are they let you hold and try to  nurse the baby too.  Note-- I highly recomend nursing at least for a while. It helps to shrink your uterous and slow any bleeding. If the nurses don't think that uterous is shrinking well (as the case of bottle fed babies) they will try to stimulate by either patosin (sp?) or massaging. Uncomfortable!

After the surgery, and you are put in your room, they will have you roll from one side, rest for a couple hours, then have you move to the other. It does hurt, but the more you do this, the easier the recovery. You will start feeling better the next day, trust me. Once you can sit on the edge of the bed and walk to the bathroom on your own, you'll notice that caring for your baby takes on any priority at all. The pain lessons quite a bit and just holding that darling little miracle is all you'll want to do. When the nurses come to bring the baby back to the nursery, you'll find yourself having a hard time sleeping, because you want that baby back in your arms! Day three, you ache allot less and want to go four, you're ready and find a whole new sets of parental worries! hehe

So, it's okay to feel scared. It's okay to feel overwhelmed with worry. Just take a deep breath and one day at a time. One experience at a time.
: Re: scary dr appt today
: LibbyP January 08, 2007, 09:33:17 PM
Very well said everyone.

I was awake for both and recovery for my second was much easier (as I wasn't in labour for 5 million hours  ;))

Here the babies stay in the room with you, you do all the care unless you ask for help.

Don't overdue it even if you feel wonderful take it easy.

What has worked for 'other' moms might not work for you and your baby do what feels right and works for you.

Like aggghgmom said section babies have nice round heads. And like Teresa Marie I felt scared and cheated with my first,along with my hubby, he wasn't able to 'catch' or 'cut' had I let him down? As we had it all planned out but with my second I wasn't willing to risk it. And hubby was happy everyone was healthy and safe and thats all that matters.(IMO)

No matter how she comes out the most important thing is that she is healthy and both of you are safe.
: Re: scary dr appt today
: Stacey January 08, 2007, 10:05:50 PM
Try not to worry, I had a c/s with Macey and a VBAC with Sam....honestl y, there was not a huge difference in the recovery times.  I was completely awake and alert for my section and I held Macey and breastfed her shortly afterwards. 

Think of the positive points like the fact that c/s babies have beautiful conehead!

But, like whats already been stated, just don't over exert  yourself.  Take advantage of the hospital staff and the help they offer you.  I was sent home with Macey and a bottle of Vicodin.