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: Adopting a Greyhound??
: RottiMommyAL July 18, 2005, 02:11:11 AM
Living in south Florida with 2 Greyhound race tracks in our area I am trying to talk my sister into adopting a retired racer.  There is an adoption center for Greys about an hours drive from our home.  My sister says thats kind of far.  Coming from a woman who traveled all the way to China to adopt her twin daughters.  Whats an hour out of your way?
Anywho, what kind of tips or advise would you give someone who is thinking of adopting??
Thanks in advance for any help! :-*
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: imogen July 18, 2005, 04:36:32 PM
Adopting Retired Greyhound for Dummies book is EXCELLENT!

READ READ READ is my advice. Also TALK TALK TALK to people who have already adopted one (message boards too)

I thought I had read everything and was ready after about 2 months. I was wrong. These dogs aren't like normal dogs. They are really more like children. They can't be left alone, tied to a run or anything like that... you have to be really prepared.

Send her my direction on here if you'd like to. I'm still learning but I can give her some VERY important dos and don'ts which are fresh in my mind.

They are gorgeous pooches and I'm going to adopt another this weekend, so thats testament to how fantastic they are ;) but they are very 'special' and need a different kind of care if you're considering putting them into a household 'pet' situation.

What does everyone else think?
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: mastiffmommy July 18, 2005, 04:46:21 PM
I have seen shows on Animal Planet about these dogs and they seem to be wonderful dogs, not at all as hyper as you would think, but also very different so to have imogen to turn to, who already have adopted would be a wonderful help for anyone who is concidering adopting.

Imogen..... You have to post pics of your new baby when home, I am sure you are very excited, I know I would be

: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: imogen July 18, 2005, 05:04:32 PM
These doggies are JUST BEAUTIFUL.

Gingko lets my partner's boys (aged 7 and 10) crawl through his legs and smooch up to him. He's a gorgeous boy. ESPECIALLY considering that he had no human contact for the first 12 months of his life (don't ask me why they train them like that!)

They aren't hyper at all... unless you get a puppy. Gingko was about 18 months old when I got him and spends about 23 hours of the day sleeping, 40 mins awake and wandering around and being with us and 20 minutes doing zoomies around the lawn at top speed! They really only need 2 x 15-20 minute walks a day to stretch their legs.

I'll post pics of the new boy. He is a big spunky thing. I'm just about bouncing out of my skin in anticipation! Four more sleeps! ;D
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: GreytGirl July 19, 2005, 06:49:53 PM
We got Madison when she was... 14 weeks old (baby baby baby!) and have watched her grow into a wonderful dog.  They puppy process was no worse than having another puppy of a different breed, it's just that most people that want to adopt haven't had a puppy before.  That was WAY off track... now to jump back on.
-clears throat-

Greys are WONDERFUL dogs with personalities that range from introvert to extrovert (like people), sweet, sassy, you name it there is a grey that will fit WHATEVER lifestyle you have.  What I would tell your sister straight off is that these dogs are like no other,  after having a greyhound you will most likely never adopt another kind of dog, they are addictive!  They don't call them the potato chip dogs for nothing, once you have one, you have to have more.  Each dog has a story, and if you just take a second to look into those heart wrenching eyes of theirs, you'll never be able to walk away. (Poetic, no?  ;))
They do come with limits though, that EVERYONE needs to know.  No off leashing unless in an enclosed area (they will out run you... don't doubt that), and some have special needs (ex.  Glucosamine for their joints, thyroid medecine, etc.), some of them are not cat safe, small dog safe, or small children safe.  Which makes sense if you think about it small dogs/ cats : they were trained from puppyhood to chase a fuzzy bunny... fuzzy kitty= fuzzy bunny.  Small children:  a vast majority have never met with or had to deal with the constant tugging and pulling that little kids often do to dogs, I'm sure it's frustrating and they might lash out.

Those little sidenotes are enough to make someone walk away from adoption, but before she makes her mind, remind your sister that the adoption/ rescue organization will most likely find a dog to fit her home/needs/lifestyle.  They may be big and scary looking at first, but their hearts are even bigger and so is their need.

A little example about finding a dog to fit you, we foster dogs off the track until they find a new home and we don't take dogs that are not cat safe.  The three cats that own the house mean so much to everyone and are part of the family, we would rather watch a wonderful dog (that isn't cat safe) go to someone else until he/she finds a new home than endanger our fuzzy felines.  Because we made the request for only cat safe dogs, that's all we get, and the organization was more than happy to accomidate us. 

Another book written, haha, but yeah.  There is so much you don't know about these awesome dogs, I suggest purchasing (or getting for the library) Adopting a Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Brannigan  (I'm pretty sure that's how you spell it...) it's got some nice tid bits of information to get you (or your sister for that matter) started off, it's kind of like your first baby... you learn by trial and error. (Not that I've had a baby... but believe you me, I know, haha)

And NOW, I'm done, I swear!  :D
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: brigid67 July 19, 2005, 07:21:15 PM
I think greyhounds are great.  I tried, about 15yrs ago, to adopt one but it did not work out well.  We had a rescue that did alot of racetrack rescues.  So all of the dogs had been trained to race.  We tried with 3 seperate dogs.  They all had a high prey drive.  My poor cats almost packed their little kitty bags and walked out because all three dogs tried to eat them.  I guess some for the trainers actually use rabbits and cats to train.  Anyway, after the third time we just decided that it was not right for us.  Beyond the cat deal - they were really sweet.
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: imogen July 19, 2005, 08:41:13 PM
Hmm... thats a shame.

Your adoption organisation should be able to fit a grey to your lifestyle.

Upon saying that, they may not have supplied you with the right information for cat introduction. Its the same with kids and little dogs too...SLOWLY.

As with all adoptions of fully grown dogs (and puppies too!) you have to settle them in and do things the right way or you'll have issues.

As for puppies. I haven't had a grey pup so I can't comment. THOUGH, I believe there is such a great need to house as many ex-racers as possible, I wouldn't consider a pup unless it was a rescue.

My boyfriend said he'd never have a puppy (any breed) again due to the hard work factor and I'm afraid I'd have to agree with him... and the grey adoption place I got Gingko through said he was a HARD one due to his timid nature!

All in all, I'd say as long as your adoption society is any good, you'll have rather few hassles... though, as with all dogs, there will be times that you were wondering if you did the right thing. I did for about a month... but now I'd NEVER go back. Adopted greys for me!

I love them.

3 more sleeps until Radar, our second grey, arrives... I can't wait!

Yep, they are addictive!
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: GreytGirl July 19, 2005, 10:25:43 PM
I agree, that is a shame that all three (wow!) went after the cats.

The slow thing works, but don't give up hope if the dog tries to eat your kitty once, a lot of greys are "cat correctible" which means that you can get onto them once or twice and they'll leave kitty alone.  OR, if you have a very brave cat... with claws... let the dog SNIFF (not devour) the cat.  One well aimed swipe at the nose will teach the grey (or other curious dog) that the kitty is not food and the kitty has paws from h*ll.

As far as the puppy thing goes, grey pups are no harder than any other breed.  Puppies are puppies, curious nature and all.  Madison was a fairly easy puppy because she was shy (except for her first walk in her new neighborhood.. . I had to CARRY her past a man in his yard...!), in fact, overly so that she did the whole "I'm excited but scared so I'll pee" thing... which is pretty normal.  I don't agree with the PURCHASING of a grey puppy (and really any dog), but Madison was a rescue due to a long storied problem.

If you want a grey puppy straight off (much like we ended up with, mind you, we weren't LOOKing to get a puppy, she kinda wiggled in) you'd better have WONDERFUL references, grey puppies are rare and many of them go to people inside the organization. So don't get your hopes up.

Yes, I know, I've already written in here... but I like to follow up!  ;)

: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Denjen323 July 22, 2005, 07:19:05 PM
We adopted our Brandon a few months ago now and they matched him to us...(however when going to the site he is who I picked)
He is AMAZING with our kids (2 and small enough to run around and play) he is NOT small dog friendly exept for one small poodle (MIL'S) They get along but anyone or anything else...look out.
I have had a couple friends who adopted right off the track and had some adjustment problems...cag e aggression.
I suggested perhaps it's because "benny" is right off the track and so was my other friend's dog.
Has anyone else had a grey that was fresh off the track and had cage aggression.
Our Brandon is so amazing he is just loveable and not aggressive whatsoever.  Mind you he is "man hear him roar" when other dogs are around they "bow" down to him so he stays pretty happy.
Let your friends know that they should do some reading and perhaps if they do not have the energy or patience to deal with a younger grey to look into a little oler 3 and up perhaps...also I wonder if getting a grey not so fresh off the track can make a difference? (Brandon was off the track 5 mos when we got him)

: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Greytmom July 24, 2005, 07:16:57 PM
 :D I have two greyhounds. Jessica my now 3 year old ex racer and Oz my now 8 month old resuce puppy. I love my greyhounds but the puppy can be a little much at times. We have had Oz since he was 10 1/2 weeks old and he is blind in one eye. I agree that it is important to know what you are getting into. Greyhounds are not like most dogs, I find them more like a cat. I don't have a cat so mine are not cat safe, or at least Jessica isn't. Oz doesn't really know what they are. I have had no problems with my two with small dogs, even fluffy ones, but I have to admit they were not white but black and white. You said you sister has twins. Depending on the age of the children I would suggest a male, they are bigger but they tend to think of children as being puppies too. A female would be more inclined to displine the children as they would a puppy. The Dummy book for Greyhounds is a very good book. You might also have your sister take a look at some of the Greyhound rescue sites online. I live in Australia as does Imogen but I have found that the American sites are really good. They answer a lot of guestions. A good rescue group will ask questions about your home life, ie children their ages, other animals the cats, dogs, birds etc and sizes, and how much you are going to be at home. Like other animals so are fine left alone but not all. You have to remember that they are used to being with other greyhounds 24/7 up until there are adopted so you have to make the adjustment easier for them. They also have some dietary requirments that are different than other breeds. Regular can dog food goes right through them. With all that said they are a wonderful breed and all the geryhounds I have had the pleasure to meet so far have all been lovely. They all get along great with each other. I hope your sister finds a greyhound that will be a good fit for her family.

: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Greytmom July 24, 2005, 07:44:37 PM
 :) I agree with about greyhound puppies. They are rare and we got ours because the breeder was looking for a home for him so she did not have to have him PTS. She did not want to do that and as she already had 3 pet greyhounds she could not keep another. Their has been a few that we had on our group site in Australia but because they are not seen much outside of the racing industry there is not a lot of infomation about them for you to access. Oz is a wonderful boy but he grew up really fast, it seems like overnight. Now I have an 8 month old puppy who is taller than my adult female and weights 61.6 lbs. Being so tall he gets into everything and being a puppy he puts everything in his mouth. Can be a bit hard to keep up with so if you have small children I would play it safe and get an adult. Less work and much better manners.


I have attached pictures of Oz at 10 1/2 weeks the day we got him and one of him at 8 months which was Saturday the 23rd
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Wildlonewolf August 14, 2005, 12:54:36 PM
With Lucy, the whole adoption process took about 6 weeks. From filling out the online application, to actually bringing her home. I let the adoption group, (I used Michigan REGAP), know I needed a cat safe dog, and one that is good with childern. (I don't have any yet, but in her lifetime I will) I currently live in a small apartment and I have no problems with Lucy, and her foster brother Lite. This group does home visits and has great follow up after the adoption. I would suggest that she find a local group, let them know her needs, and then start meeting the dogs till she finds the one! I leash walk both dogs, (no fenced in yard here) and we go for a "real walk" for about an hour daily! No problems at all! Good Luck!!
Renee, Lucy & Lite!
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Hound August 24, 2005, 03:55:35 AM
I have 4 greyhounds.  Each one is a retired racer.  They make great pets.  However there are many things you should consider and educate yourself about.
1. they always need to be on a leash and martingale collar when outside.  Unless in a SECURELY fenced area
2.  they still need to learn what a house is.  Just because they are an adult, doesn't mean they are familiar with household stuff.
3.  A gryhound can reach speeds of 40mph in 6 strides. So, do not tie them out, or let them loose.
4.  Lastly, greyhounds crave attention. without it, behaviour problems will stem
Please read the Dummies book, there is also a book by cynthia brannigan adopting the retired racing greyhound.  This is a very good read
You may visit www.greyhoundp for a lot more info on greyhound adoption.
Good Luck!! :)
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: imogen August 24, 2005, 05:07:29 PM
This is good advice.

It takes a fair bit of commitment to own a grey (they aren't like other dogs) very rewarding but lots to consider!

Best to READ READ READ. Get on a message board where the people are honest about how their dogs are behaving and how they care for them... Mine, personally are being monkeys at the moment and I'm training like MAD to curb the nonsence puppy-like stuff in the house.

I love them dearly and don't think I'd consider another breed in my lifetime... but they do have their moments!
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: GreytXpectations September 30, 2005, 04:04:39 AM
I'm very close to getting a greyhound (should have one by end of October) I was curious about Wildlonewolf's comment about living in a small apartment and having 2 greys! Impressive! I've been a bit concerned about my 730 square foot apartment for one dog let alone 2! I'd love to know what your experience has been with the dogs in a small space. Have you had any issues? Thanks for your time.
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Wildlonewolf October 01, 2005, 02:40:49 AM
I'm very close to getting a greyhound (should have one by end of October) I was curious about Wildlonewolf's comment about living in a small apartment and having 2 greys! Impressive! I've been a bit concerned about my 730 square foot apartment for one dog let alone 2! I'd love to know what your experience has been with the dogs in a small space. Have you had any issues? Thanks for your time.

I had no problems at all with both dogs in my apartment. (I moved to a house a couple of weeks ago) Remember a grey sleeps alot. I walked the dogs many times during the day, to offset the fact that they are in a small place. As long as you have space for them to stretch out, you will be fine in your apartment. Lite was adopted just before I moved, so I just have Lucy (my dog) here. It's been interesting to watch her adjust to a house....(Much more room here in the house!)
Yesterday I returned to the apartment to hand in my keys, and looked around...... I can't believe I had all my stuff and two dogs living there! Wow! It's that small!

Good Luck with your pup!

Renee & Lucy!

: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Hound October 01, 2005, 05:59:27 PM
About living in small spaces.
A friend of mine lived in a 320sft studio apt in brooklyn, NY.  She has 1 greyhound and often fostered a 2nd.  Remember, they fold up small. ;)
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: GreytXpectations October 02, 2005, 08:59:13 AM
About living in small spaces.
A friend of mine lived in a 320sft studio apt in brooklyn, NY. She has 1 greyhound and often fostered a 2nd. Remember, they fold up small. ;)
Your friend's place makes my condo sound palatial! Thanks for the input. I'm really excited about the prospect of getting one of these dogs. There are three in my neighbourhood that I've seen so far and I suspect they all live in condos as I live in the heart of an urban city.  I chatted with one owner the other day and while her home is a bit larger than mine she confirmed what you said about their ability to 'fold.'
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: GreytXpectations October 02, 2005, 09:06:19 AM
Hi Renee:
Congratulation s on your new home!  And thanks for your response. One more question (who am I kidding--I'm sure I'll have many more!) When you lived in your apartment how often were you able to take the dogs to a secure, enclosed area for a free run? I'm in the midst of tracking similar areas down where I live.
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: KesDoo November 15, 2005, 02:27:54 PM
Hi Newbie Here,
I have 2 dogs and live in a wee 1 bedroom flat, Dooley was supposed to be yet another foster dog, but he stuck!  He is not an ex racer but was an abandoned Puppy, that I thought was a was a whippet X, but he grew and grew and grew into a large handsome Grey, (32" at the shoulder!)  He must have been arround 4 months when I got him and is a very spoilt, lazy and very cuddley delight. He is now 3 and hopefully has finally stopped growing...  My other dog is an elderly Lab X (14) who tolerates him, barely.  But he loves her!  His best pal is my friends Papillion and also her cat!  He has NO kill instinct, to the point that the Rabbits on my father's farm, don't bother to run when they see him galloping towards them!  In fact I have seen him on more than one occaison licking the wild rabbits as he walks allong side them!!  To say he is not normal and little backward is not overstating it.  And he in that particular case is not following standard Grey behaviour, but we all love him, (except Kes the Lab x)
I would reccomend the breed to anyone with patience and a lot of love to give and he has given me and mine a lot a happiness, and made us laugh ot loud on many occaisons.
: Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
: Kiahpyr November 15, 2005, 02:44:52 PM
Welcome aboard KesDoo! I'm April and I have an eight month old great pyrenees named Kiah. My friend has a greyhound and he's the nicest softest dog I have ever meet.