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: scarey...monsoon time...
: cynsheis July 20, 2007, 03:27:37 AM
The weather has changed here
Time for the Monsoon
Lightning, thunder...oooh hhh scarey!
The lightning strikes, illuminates a rock, and KD is bound and determined it is the boogie man and it must be investigated immediately!

Good thing that I get insomnia when the weather changes like this. I go out with my flashlight and we chase off what ever monster it is, and hope she isnt bugging my neighbors too much with her puppiness.

KD will have a job here, so stayes out at night, sometimes alone but mostly with Razz. He is deathly afraid of loud noises so comes in during those times.
I dont want KD to share those fears with him so am working extra hard to keep her calm and have fun in the wind and rain.

Hope you all are enjoying the dog days of summer. 110 here in the shade!

: Re: scarey...monsoon time...
: Duramax July 20, 2007, 09:38:19 AM
wow it's not that hot around here! that's so cute about KD investigating for signs of boogie man! stay safe dont get hit by lightening
: Re: scarey...monsoon time...
: cynsheis July 20, 2007, 03:44:59 PM
Hey Christina.

KD is doing great with the weather changes
and new noises tonight. I still have insomnia though so am able to sneak in here and read to my hearts content!