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: Using a 100' lead
: Amy (guffer) November 19, 2007, 03:58:35 AM
We recently had our nice little fenced-in back yard landscaped, with lots of pretty new sod, but now Zeus and Apollo have no where to enjoy a good run.  (No foot traffic allowed until the roots are well established!)  We take 'em for walks and they have a small fenced-in side yard to play in, buy it's only big enough for jumping around and wrestling. 

So I was wondering if I could use a 100 foot rope from Lowe's to let them stretch their legs at the park safely.  (We don't have a doggie park nearby, so that's not an option.)  Anyone know how to attach such a rope to the collar without it coming loose?  I'm just a little nervous that my knots will come apart and they'll get loose.  With their history of being strays and my one experience of them getting out of my yard and taking off, I'm not naive enough to think they'll listen to me off lead!  Any advise will be greatly appreciated! ;D
: Re: Using a 100' lead
: marypyrs November 19, 2007, 04:36:29 AM
Oh My Gosh!  ;D ;D Those PICS are adorable! Don't you just love those "face fights" when they're in a tussel? My two are in one right now = = = in the middle of the living room!  :o

I don't know about a 100' rope. I think I might be concerned that they'd get tangled up when they're romping around. That's pretty long for good control. Maybe just a good long walk (or two or three) would suffice.

I do buy a kind of boating rope at our Hdw/Feed store for lead ropes for the horses. Good swivel latches that attach to halters. And heavy duty clamps to hold the ends together.

Your Puppers are SO adorable! And I'm really jealous that you're going to have GRASS!!!!  :D (what's that?)  ;)Between the extreemly dry spring & summer and all the fall rain - I have mostly mud! :'(
: Re: Using a 100' lead
: London_Pyr_Lover November 19, 2007, 04:43:12 AM
Oh My Goodness!!  Those are soem beautiful Pyrs you have there!  I love these pictures they look like they're having so much fun together!  I agree with MaryPyrs though.  A couple of nice long walks should do the trick until you are ready to let them play in their backyard again.  I do keep my two on 30' and 20' leads but that's in my front yard when I'm close enough to supervise.  Also I have a Pyr and a Cairn Terrier so the play never gets too rough.  Good luck though!
: Re: Using a 100' lead
: Amy (guffer) November 20, 2007, 12:23:53 PM
Thanks for the advice.  I'm going to try to find a lead with the swivel latch and clamps already on it.  I just don't trust myself trying to tie some fancy fisherman's knot, ya know?  And maybe I won't go with 100 feet, but I want something long enough that they can get a good gallop going without me having to get pulled along! :D :D  They love to run, and I feel so guilty not giving them that simple pleasure.  They're still young, just over a year old, and they have so much puppy energy.  Walks help, but I think they'd enjoy the occasional "freedom" of a long lead.  The park hubby and I would take them to is more like an open field, so I wouldn't have to worry about them running anyone over or tripping them up with the rope. 

Oh, and it's SOOOO nice to see grass in the backyard finally. :) Funny story, we let the Scott's Lawn guy spray weed killer on the lawn last June, which as it turns out is a VERY bad idea when your lawn is 90% weeds!!! ;D  And then add 2 pyrs who's main goal in life is to dig to China....  And there ya go!  Big Mud Pit!  But now it's more beautiful than ever, and the puppers will have much more supervision when they're finally allowed out back again.
: Re: Using a 100' lead
: 2Criminals November 20, 2007, 07:32:33 PM
We use a lunge line (25ft) for controlled freedom walks. It really is enough space to allow them to run and play while maintaining control. You won't have to worry about rope burn or knots untying. If they are somewhat trustworthy you can always drop the leash and let them drag it behind them, it still gives you 25ft of catch up room.