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: Fate or Insanity? UPDATE
: Ali January 16, 2008, 10:39:51 PM
I, as you all do, peruse Craig's List, local shelters and whatnot, just because. I know we just moved. I know we aren't settled yet. My husband caught me "browsing" and said "What are you DOING?" He thinks we are at capacity for pets. We had to give up two of our dogs for this move because we were staying with my dad at first and he wouldn't allow all the pets, so we rehomed two dogs  :'( which was really horrible for me, and continues to make me sad. So we had Tani and my cat Kenji. Before we moved, I was fostering mom cats and kittens and had been really good about being immune to the cuteness. BUT, I couldn't give back my last two kittens. Instead of bringing a dog and one cat to California, we brought a dog and THREE cats to California. My dad was furious - I mean FURIOUS - at first. However, everything went smoothly, and the kittens and my cat did fine at his house. He likes them now, and agrees they are cute. Point being, hubby thinks that we are at capacity because even though we rehomed two, we kept the two kittens, so our pet number remains 4 and he thinks that's our limit. (Kittens and cats are NOTHING like dogs.)ANYWAY, I digress. A couple weeks ago during my "browse", I saw a Catahoula/Dane mix that was so so cute! I called for info, and he had already been adopted. I talked to hubby and told him that I still wanted another dog, but I agreed to wait...but I still "browse". So I looked at the same shelter's pet list today, and that SAME dog was BACK! I called, and was told that he passed all his "temperment testing" and that he was returned by the adopters because he was too hyper. DUH. He's 9 months old fer cryin out loud. I am DYING to go meet him, but I think my husband would really be mad at me if I bring it up now, since I agreed to wait. My hubby is wonderful and patient, and he's a super guy. I don't want to make him mad or put him in the position of "bad guy". But I REALLY want to meet this pup! For all I know, he's totally not right for us and that would be that. But, how will I know if I don't meet him? Should I talk to hubby and risk upsetting him? Should I just go meet the pup, and if he's not a good fit then I don't mention it? Should I just let it go because I agreed that we should wait? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Sorry to ramble. I know you guys understand, though. Thoughts?
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: Ali January 16, 2008, 10:45:03 PM
 Scroll down to "Louie" if the link works...'SONO'&WHERE=type_dog&view=sysadm.v_sono&stylesheet=

: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: maxsmom January 16, 2008, 11:04:17 PM
I couldn't get the link to work, but if I were you, I would go see him.  If I really wanted him and thought this was the dog for me, then, I would talk to hubby and show him the picture and tell him this poor dog's life story.  Just in case he was interested.  That's my opinion.
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: People Whisperer January 16, 2008, 11:06:07 PM
He is super cute! Looks like a good puppy  :)
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: maxsmom January 16, 2008, 11:10:01 PM
I saw him, finally.  He is beautiful.  What color are his eyes?  Are they blue?  Huh?  Huh?  I love catahoula eyes.
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: bigdogs@5501 January 16, 2008, 11:51:39 PM
Well I am the worst to respond, I dropped everything one day to drive 6 hours round trip to bring home the Pyr family. If you are no longer at your dads house and have your own place talk to the husband- It sounds like fate to me. I mean he is back at the shelter. (hopefully a no kill)
Talk to him so there will not be any resentment from him. Maybe get him to go with you. 
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: Ali January 16, 2008, 11:54:55 PM
They appear to be brown in another picture I just found on Petfinder. His old listing is still there and there were some pics of him outside. He is so pretty! It said he was 120# and that was a month ago.
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: Ali January 16, 2008, 11:57:30 PM
It is a no kill shelter, thank goodness. We have some stuff going on with my stepson right now, and hubby had an emotional day today. That's why I am so reluctant to bring it up. It seems selfish, doesn't it? I too am concerned about my stepson, very much. But I still want to go meet this pup...We'll see what the evening brings, I guess.
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: bigdogs@5501 January 17, 2008, 12:04:34 AM
ahhh, kids... it doesnt change much even as they get older.... Well lets hope that you can approach him tonight or tomorrow, it would be nice to bring the big guy home to a loving big paw family.
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: Ali January 17, 2008, 01:06:44 AM
An "absolutely not" would stop me too. But then I'd pout a little because who said he's the boss of me anyway? You're right, though. If there isn't an agreement on bringing home a new pup, it's more than likely not going to be the best fit. I know that I have a tendency to fall in love with the pup and then convince myself that it's perfect for us. It's me saying "Oh, he's perfect! It's meant to be! I just know he'll grow out of that eating our son thing - I'm sure it's just a puppy phase!"  ::)
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: marinafb January 17, 2008, 01:34:07 AM
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
 I saw the pic of him and i can see why you would want him in your pack! I think you could manage to wiggle him in? I am sure you could figure it out. Well i am the last one to give advice that is why i live on my own NO was not in my Vocabulary after 17 years oh well now i have only myself to blame! Marina :o :o :o
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: London_Pyr_Lover January 17, 2008, 02:18:33 AM
H does look adorable...But as much as a puppy would be wonderful, it might not be a great way to keep the peace right now.  :-\

I'd wait, and have a sit down conversation where you explain to him rationally why you want another pup, then let him explain why he doesn't, then drop the picture on him, if that's not enough to sucker him in then he's made of stone!   ;)

Good luck, I'll be hoping to hear about a new addition to your pack soon.   ;) :D
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: shine January 17, 2008, 03:37:06 PM
I am SO not the person to give advice about this sort of you can tell by my incredibly long signature list, lol.  But I'm thinking it couldn't hurt to at least talk to Hubby about this dog.  It's like falling in love...sometim es "The One" comes along when you least expect it would be worth finding out if this is the perfect dog for you.

Most of the animals in our brood came here under my husband's duress, lol.  Now that they are here he loves them and can't imagine life without them, but several of them came under the pretense of It's-Only-For-A-Few-Days-Until-I-Can-Find-Them-A-Good-Home.  Hey, it's not my fault that OUR home was the best home, lol....

I have a local rescue friend who also has alot of pets and she once told me that when it came to her husband she found it was "easier to ask for forgiveness than permission"! LOL!

See what I mean, I am a bad influence, lol.  That being said, though, my own hubby finally put a serious moratorium on pets after we got Bodhi, and I am being good....
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: Ali January 17, 2008, 04:14:32 PM
Well, last night we were busy with family issues, so I didn't mention the pup. This morning, though, I called hubby at work and we chatted a bit about the upcoming weekend. I said "I don't suppose you'd want to go meet a puppy on Saturday?" He said "No."  Then he said he just didn't want to add anything new to the "mix" right now. So then we talked a bit more, and I said "Can I just tell you about the puppy?" And he said "Sure, or you can just send me the link". So I told him a little, then I sent the link later this morning. I haven't heard a response back yet, but I think he'll say that Louie is very cute but it's not a good time right now...I'll let you know!
: Re: Fate or Insanity?
: Ali January 17, 2008, 09:33:45 PM
Basically, hubby said "No." I took the kids to the shelter today to go see him, and he was amazing! Turns out he was returned for being hyper and destructive (HELLO??? 9 month old BP left to run in the house - duh.) I asked if we could meet him out of the cage, and we were kindly told no. They felt that Louie was way too big and "unmannerly" for the kids, and he would plow them down constantly. So, that answers my question - it's not fate. It's INSANITY!
: Re: Fate or Insanity? UPDATE
: Scootergirl January 18, 2008, 12:00:42 AM
Well, look at it this way - maybe this WAS fate telling you that, indeed, your family isn't ready to add another pupper - YET.

Maybe you could get your new dog fix by volunteering at the shelter. You could try to match the dogs they have up with prospective homes. Maybe they need someone to look at the applications and find dogs that would fit their lifestyle, call them in and tell them about the dogs you picked out for them. Even if they don't already have a position for this right now, who says you can't suggest it and start it?

You can also use the internet to network for potential homes for the dogs - or to get them into breed specific rescue programs to make room for more local dogs in need in the no-kill shelter. I did A LOT of this for our high-kill shelter when I was in our local humane society and it works wonders!