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: The Escape Artist
: BigSoftandFluffyLover January 30, 2008, 02:30:57 AM
Help!!!  My 2 1/2 year old 110 lb Pyr will not stay in his area!!!!  Its tough, he is so docile and good when we are around but the second we leave he is trying to bust out the gates, until the point where he is breaking stuff, or even worse, hurting himself.  We tried crate training him but we would come back and he would  be covered in blood from pushing on the doors of the crate so hard.  Its been months and the scars are just starting to heal.  I tried for ever to crate train him but he only gets abusive when we are gone.  I may be a sucker but there is nothing worse than coming home to a hurt family member.  So we put gates up in the house and they last for awhile, until he knocks them down once then he doesnt ever stop trying after that, like i said, even after he hurts himself he just doesnt!!!!
: Re: The Escape Artist
: arkydo January 30, 2008, 02:38:03 AM
I dunno if this is any help but all my dogs are scared of our vacuum cleaner so i just put that in the doorway of where im trying to stop them going and that works a charm

: Re: The Escape Artist
: chaos270 January 30, 2008, 10:18:48 AM
If he isn't trustworthy in the house I'd reccomend setting up a room for him that is dog proof and has a solid door. I know a lot of people on here have done that for their dogs and it worked. Leaving him kongs and other things to do may help.  Have you tried leaving a tv or radio on to keep him company? That may help a bit.
: Re: The Escape Artist
: Amy (guffer) January 30, 2008, 10:51:16 AM
Oh, I feel your pain!  ::)  Zeus and Apollo are the same way!  I guess it's just their pyr nature to try to escape.  My guys are great in the house when we're home, which is 90% of the time since hubby is a stay-at-home dad, but we've gone grocery shopping before and came home to a disaster area that once was our home.  We left them in a dog proofed room closed off with a baby gate that we thought would do the job (no such luck!)  While we were gone, they knocked over potted plants, ripped down blinds, chewed up books, ate entire loaves of bread - plastic bag included!  Never again!  And we can't leave them in the yard even though we have a 6 foot privacy fence all around.  They've tried to dig out under the fence and will look for any weakness in the gate.

So since I don't have the space in my house for 2 jumbo sized crates, we built a 10 foot X 10 foot "containment area" for the boys for when we have to leave them alone.  The fence cost less than $200 at petsmart and was really easy to put up.  We set up a canapy for shelter from rain or snow, and for now, we have a tarp wrapped around 3 sides to protect them from the cold Michigan wind.  In the spring we plan to build a sturdier structure, but it's working for now.  The dogs don't mind being in there because they still have room to goof around or go potty.  It's also come in handy when we've had picnics in our back yard with guests coming and going through the gate.  I didn't have to worry about them escaping and could relax and enjoy myself.  It's also nice for rainy days, because I can take them out for potty breaks without having to worry about muddy paws.  

Anyway, I'm just babbling now.  I'm attaching a picture of the "containment area".  Maybe something like this could work for you?  
: Re: The Escape Artist
: mynameislola January 30, 2008, 11:25:25 AM
If anyone is interested in purchasing a nice kennel like the one in the pictures above, some Home Depots sell the kit in pieces back by the lumber.  For true escape artists, like our Vizsla Georgia, we got a similar, but stronger kennel with two extra sides from a fence company and used the extra pieces as the top and bottom of the kennel. 

Then we put the whole shebang up on a slab of concrete when we got Ursula the Chow so her fur stayed less messy when she was outside resting.  Her first nickname was One Thousand Points of Mud.

Something about being outside kept them much calmer.  We have fostered dogs with shattered teeth from escaping crates who were not chewing at all in the kennel.
: Re: The Escape Artist
: Scootergirl January 30, 2008, 01:03:27 PM
I think the key to this problem is making her feel comfortable and safe in her crate, not like it is a punishment. You should try crating her when you are home so she doesn't equate the crate with abandonment (which is probably what she's feeling). Give her lots of her favorite treats and toys, but only in the crate. Make it real comfy for her. Have her sleep in the crate at night.

When she is more comfortable with the crate itself, then start leaving her in it and leaving the house for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, etc.

Give her lots of praise and lovin' when you come back inside and find she has NOT destroyed anything or hurt herself.

Good luck! Let us know what happens

: Re: The Escape Artist
: BigSoftandFluffyLover January 30, 2008, 06:11:37 PM
Thank you all for the advice.  I think that its funny that your Pyr goes for bread too!! Rasputin loves bread and chocolate, best when together  ;)  He is not an outside dog, he knows that i am his and is always better when i am around.  As to crate training him, i tried for months.  No problems when we were home, even up to an hour, but the second i leave the house he starts trying to escape and then the pain.  He is not trust worthy in the house, hence the need to enclose him.  I dont know if others have the problem with multiple year teething, but i do!!! anything that IS NOT his toy is in his mouth and gone! aka paper towel rolls, sponges, rags and the like.  He loves soft squishy things but all the toys that i get him that are close he just doesnt like.  Even with positive reenforcements, or tasty treats inside  ;)

thank you