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: Lots of Dogs (And A Bunny)
: GrumpyBunny February 23, 2008, 09:36:17 AM
Well, I went to the biggest dog show that we have in this area today and I had a great time.  (I am working on getting over going places by myself).

I spent A LOT of time loving on the Pyrs in the meet-the-breed area - I was on the floor rubbing one little girl's belly while a big boy leaned his booty on my shoulder. Saw beautiful Danes, Newfies, Irish Wolfhounds, Bull Mastiffs, 2 gorgeous Leonbergers and so on.  I really wanted to see a Tibetan Mastiff in person (there were 3 entered) but I didn't get there early enough.  I did pet a Spinone and several Ibizan Hounds, neither of which I had ever met before.  (Of course I forgot to take the camera).

And, of course, I bought stuff.  The favorite seems to be a bright pink fleece bunny.  The game for the rest of the night round here is Win The Bunny.  Here are some pictures...

1) Ranger and Gwen vie for the bunny
2) Gwen wins the bunny and is a brat when Ranger gets near
3) Rangers investigates just how close he can get to the bunny before Gwen freaks. (Note the presence of several other toys in the vicinity, which are not good enough for him to play with because they are NOT THE BUNNY.

Ranger eventually retired to the couch to lick the arm of the couch and plan his revenge.  The bunny will be his eventually.  Gwen has to sleep sometime...
: Re: Lots of Dogs (And A Bunny)
: GrumpyBunny February 23, 2008, 09:54:04 AM
Ranger did get the bunny for a bit, with a very disgruntled Gwen in the background...

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