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: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: bigdogs@5501 March 10, 2008, 07:10:50 PM
This is the names of the six babies. Gus was the last munchkin to be adopted into a forever home. Piglet of course was home from day three, I just didnt know it at the time.

I can honestly say that the puppies were a great experience. Not only did I learn to make due on just a wee bit of sleep, but I am also learning how to repair the holes in the walls.

I found, or maybe they found me, the best Pyr parents ever for the babies to call thier forever parents.

Gus and Beau are local which is really cool.

I know that most of the new parents have already joined BPO and hopefully once Erika and Pete get caught up from trying to keep up with a new puppy, they too will join us and share pics.

So I have said the last good bye and it was very hard, but also very rewarding to know that there are people out there like the people I have met on BPO that are willing to give the babies the best possible life.

Thanks to everyone for thier support, hopefully I will be able to get on the computer more now that I am less in demand here at home.
: Re: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: People Whisperer March 10, 2008, 07:15:35 PM
Oh Paige! I am so happy you found wonderful forever home for your babies :) It will be such a joy to watch them grow and make their owners sooooo happy!!! :)
: Re: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: pyr4me March 11, 2008, 10:17:02 AM
Congratulation s--what a rewarding experience for everyone involved--you, the pups, and their new families.  ;D
: Re: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: London_Pyr_Lover March 11, 2008, 10:32:21 AM
Awww!!  I'm all warm and gooshy inside!  And no that isn't the Chile from last night!  :P ::) :D ;)  I'm so happy that all the puppies have found wonderful homes, and I'm even happier that we get to watch most of them grow up!  I kinda feel attached to the little fluff balls!  ::) ;)  And I was really hoping that Piglet would be staying!  I just thrilled that they are all going to be enjoying the wonderfull life that they so deserve!   ;D ;D ;D ;D

I do wonder about the parents though?  I don't know if I missed any posts about them, but what happened to them, are they still with you, were they adopted out?  If so were you able to send them to a home where they can stay together??

PS:  Paige YOU ROCK!!!!
: Re: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: marypyrs March 11, 2008, 11:37:45 AM
This is a story with a Happy Ending thanks to your dedication and deep down love of these Babes. I can't wait to watch the "Kids" grow up in their Fantastic Forever Families. It makes my heart sing.  :-*

Now in your spare time ~ start writing that book!  ;)  :D

Hugs to you ALL!!!!! Each and every one.

Jane & The Crew
: Re: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: GreatPyr March 11, 2008, 11:41:42 AM
Congrats on the great success of raising the pups and placeing them to wonderful homes,you and I have a little something in common there ;)

How did you aquire the babies in the beginning?
: Re: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: bigdogs@5501 March 11, 2008, 10:48:05 PM
readers digest version so that I dont bore those who know. Mom and dad were in a shelter in a different state- mom had the babies, Paige went and got the entire family and turned her entire life upside down. Mom is Dolly ( Jane named her and it fits her so well) Dad is Nicholas. I named him. Both parents are still with me- I will only let Nicholas go with Dolly if it is the right situation. He is old, about 10, blind in one eye and toothless, however we all know what does work on him... Dolly just completed heart worm treatment, is going to be spayed and will then be looking for her forever home. I have had one inquiry on her so far.
Piglet is an extremely loving little pup. She likes to hold your face in her paws and kiss you.
I promise my life is kinda getting back to normal ( and I adopted out another Pyr mix rescue tonight...whoo hoo)
And I will take pics and post.
Again, thanks to all on BPO, you guys are the best.
: Re: Willow, Corbyn, Petye, Beau, Gus and Piglet
: GreatPyr March 12, 2008, 01:08:47 PM
Did Paige have to bottle feed or did Mom(Dolly) take care of them?