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: New to the list and requesting help
: Leomom June 10, 2008, 02:00:22 PM

I am the owner of three loving Leonbergers! They are big,hairy loving boys! We live in IL, with my husband and oldest son.

Our oldest boy was recently diagnosed with a nerve disorder. We were told there was nothing we could do to help. After months of research, I came across an experimental treatment that the U of IL has agreed to perform. The problem is it is $2000!

Unfortunately, I am the only one with a job at the moment and our pet insurance will not cover it, as it is experimental.

If anyone knows of any grants or funds that I could apply for I would be SO grateful. Merlin is my heart dog and I need him a around for a long time. I am planning to take pictures and keep a diary so I am willing to share this procedure and results with anyone interested.

: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: FXgirl June 10, 2008, 03:19:37 PM

Interesting that I have three leo boys as well with one who has ILP too.  Have you joined the Harvey's Leos list for support? (

I'd like to know more about the experimental treatment and how it works out for your boy.

I remember a few years ago when we were trying to figure out what was wrong with Corben we spent $1000 on x-rays alone.  I made things and sold them on ebay for extra funds. Today he is slow moving, clumsy and tires very easily but for now we leave him be.  It's all too stressful for him.  The vets, the poking, prodding, etc. etc.  I don't know what we'll do if/when he will need a tie back surgery to breathe.

Very sorry to hear about Merlin.  ILP isn't a death sentence but it breaks my heart to see my guy unable to do the things  most dogs do.  Good luck.
: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: Leomom June 10, 2008, 03:42:39 PM
One and the same!We do not know 100% if it is IPN as he is showing no signs except a lameness in his right back leg. Even the biopsy was inconclusive and it has been a hard recovery. The vet told me he would only live another 3 months, that was 6 months ago and he is still swimming, walking but at a slower pace.

I would be happy to share anything I find out as soon as I figure out how to pay for it!

: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: GoldenPyrs June 10, 2008, 03:56:49 PM
Hi Leomom.  I'm so sorry that you are going through this.  I don't have any suggestions for you, but I did want to say "Welcome".  I'm glad that you found us, maybe together you & FXgirl will be able to come up with some ideas to help your boys.  At least, I really hope so.  Out of curiosity, are Merlin & Corben related? 
: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: marypyrs June 10, 2008, 04:07:07 PM
Hi Leomom,

Sorry to hear of your Boy's problem. It's so heartbreaking to know they're ill and we may not be able to help. I'm going to PM you several links that might be able to help you. Sure hope so. There's one more I can't locate at the moment, but I'll keep searching.

Hugs to Merlin & the whole family,
: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: FXgirl June 10, 2008, 05:19:18 PM
Corben and Merlin are not related.

Why has the vet given him only a few months to live?  Is he deteriorating fast? Corben has had problems ever since I can remember and he is almost 6.  It isn't confirmed he has the disease either but he has relatives that have/had it.  I'm waiting until he passes on until he gets biopsied.  And as you said(and have heard others say) sometimes the tests are inconclusive.  Corben does have laryngeal paralysis which often goes hand in hand with Leo Polyneuropathy .

I would highly recommended that email list I sent.  The people there are much more experienced than I and each has their own story.  You never know, maybe Merlin doesn't have ILP but he may have something else that others may help you get to the bottom of.  Those people have seen it all and are very helpful.

Hugs to your sweet boy.
: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: Leomom June 10, 2008, 05:39:05 PM
Thanks a million! I have talked to a lot of people and know a lot of Leo's with ILP and that is why it took me so by surprise! Not classical that is for sure. If I have to get a second job I will have this stem cell therapy done! Imagine what a great thing it could be for ALL dogs with PN? Not that it would work on everyone the same way but I HAVE TO TRY!

: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: MeAndMyMuttz June 10, 2008, 05:42:31 PM
Hi and welcome to the boards. I am so sorry to hear about your boy! :(

I am a former ER Vet Tech and was just curious what other tests they have performed to try and rule out ILP. FX girl is right to be a little surprised as 3 months is a bit of a shocking prognosis and definitley not common with the disease. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: Rajas Mom June 10, 2008, 06:07:03 PM
I have nothing all that helpful to offer, other than looking at your current potential resources/funders.  For example, my parent's once (or rather three times, grrr) had a dog hit by a car and their Beagle needed jaw surgery and a pin placed in her shoulder.  I don't think that my dad was aware of it at the time, but the brother of the owner of the company that he worked for had a HUGE soft spot for pets (and a lot of money to boot).  He actually had set up a pet foundation for vet bills, but was very low-key about it.  When my dad talked about his problems at work, he discovered the foundation, applied, and the vet bills were covered.

Good luck in finding funding, and I hope that Mervin has a swift recovery!
: Re: New to the list and requesting help
: DAMAGE June 11, 2008, 10:02:37 AM (
This is a general list of financial aid agencies I had made a while back. Perhaps there is one here that can help you.
Good Luck and keep us posted. Pictures too!

 My late Chloe, had Laryngeal Paralysis which is often an effect of polyneuropathy . It was her only symptom. She had the unilateral tie-back and did wonderfully well until liver disease claimed her. Anyone with questions about 'Lar Par' should join the list below (