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: help me
: kerijerry June 18, 2008, 05:55:30 PM
I was woundering if anyone could help me with some advice I just recently adopted a 8 year old black lab the previous family was going to send him to the pound so I took him in I have only had him for a few weeks and I gave him a bath and noticed he had 2 large lumps on his stomach and he has been vomitting for the past 4 days and its only been water and food I dont feed him table scraps he weighs about 120 and is pretty tall he just had a check up a few months ago and he came with papers and they say he is healthy and the vet I have here wont take him and want me to take him a hr away and I dont have a car at the moment can anyone give me any ideas yours truley kerijerry
: Re: help me
: VdogLover June 18, 2008, 06:21:14 PM
What do you mean your local vet won't TAKE him? As in won't see him for an appointment? or your trying to get them to take the dog for good?
: Re: help me
: kerijerry June 18, 2008, 06:25:55 PM
I just adopted him from a family trying to take him to a pound I am stationed overseas and there is only one vet in our location and the dog isnt registered yet because I just got him a few weeks ago and the vet wont be back until the 24th but I feel so bad for my new family member he is my life now
: Re: help me
: VdogLover June 18, 2008, 06:32:52 PM
Can't you get a ride from someone you know?

I would not wait until the 24th if he is vomiting still.
: Re: help me
: jesday June 18, 2008, 08:27:02 PM
I'm a little confused about your situation. Are you living overseas now and that is where you adopted the lab, or were you stateside and left for overseas?

When you say registered, do you mean licensed or registered on base as belonging to you? Are you a service person? Most U.S. Posts have a vet on base.

Sounds like the little guy needs to be looked at sooner than the 24th if he is still continuing to vomit. I'd try to get a ride with someone or take a bus if that is allowed in your area.

The lumps on his stomach could be benign but they could also be restricting something in his digestive track which is causing him to vomit. 4 days is a long time for this to continue. Dehydration is a major concern not to mention he has probably not been able to absorb any nutrients from his food because it is not staying in his stomach long enough.

Please try to get him to a vet someplace.

Good luck.