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: Penny's pee problems
: shangrila July 09, 2008, 10:56:22 AM
Penny has these enlarged lady parts and the vet said they'd make her more prone to UTIs. So we weren't suprised a the other week when we decided we thought she had a UTI and the pee test showed white blood cells. But we were suprised when the vet said her pee was too diluted, which could either mean something perfectly harmless like she drank a lot of water before she peed (which I suspected) or a kidney function problem. So we made a plan of action that she would go on antibiotics and then when they were done we with them we would bring in a first thing in the morning pee sample which hopefully would show that the pee wasn't diluted and the infection was gone.

On Sunday Penny finished her 10 day dose of antibiotics, and so on Monday morning I collected her first pee and took it to the vet. I just got a call from the vet and she said it looked virtually the same as the first one: the pee is still diluted and there was still bacteria present.

So now I have to take her to the vet in the morning and they have to put a tube into her to get pee straight from her bladder (to make sure the bacteria wasn't from her skin of the cup, etc), and take a blood test (to check her kidney function). I am worried now because the vet thinks she might have either a bacteria-resistant infection, a congenital kidney disease, or both.  :-[
: Re: Penny's pee problems
: kealoha812 July 09, 2008, 12:23:25 PM
I'm sure you are losing sleep... but just think about when we lucky ladies get to go to the gyno and they instruct how how to get a CLEAN sample... humiliating, but okay...  Im sure that this has something to do with it. Its next to impossible to get a clean sample from a big hairy dog unless they go straight to the bladder. Don't forget the number of us who get our paps back not normal only to go in for a second and they say its fine. Deep breath...  it will all work out!
: Re: Penny's pee problems
: vmimom2006 July 09, 2008, 01:00:27 PM
Is she showing any other symptoms that might give you guys a clue to what it might be ( kidney or tuff bacteria). Hopefully just another round of perhaps a different antibiotic will do the trick. These fur kids worry us just as much as our skin kids! ::)
: Re: Penny's pee problems
: shangrila July 09, 2008, 05:37:27 PM
I'm not really worrying too much about the bacteria because I know they can try different antibiotics if she has an infection. But the diluted pee is what I'm really worried about since there is no explaination for why her pee would be too diluted when it was first thing in the morning.

On a practical note, I'm also worrying about getting her to the vet i the morning with a full bladder of first morning pee. How am I supposed to get her to the vet without her peeing on the way to the car, in the car, or in the vet's parking lot. She will pee as soon as we leave the house, so I'm thinking maybe I will carry her to the car, but that's a lot harder than it sounds when she's 50lbs and I won't have anyone with me to open and close the doors  :o
: Re: Penny's pee problems
: Icerotti July 09, 2008, 08:37:35 PM
Oh pee issues are no fun. Fingers and paws crossed here for you. Man... that no pee thing in the morning is a tuff one..good luck wiht that ;)  ;D