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: Can a 4-yr old puncture wound up? (another long one from me)
: AudgePadge July 21, 2008, 10:54:39 PM
Ok...I'm gonna give you the whole story-

4 years ago...I found Monty on the freeway, skinny as all h*ll, brown collar, and bite marks up and down his back legs (some old, some newer)

Anyway...Long n short of it, after no one called an claimed him, I got first dibbs, well, he had first dibbs on me...He just hopped in the car and I haven't been able to get rid of him since  :o ;)

Well, since I've had Monters, he's always had skin issues, allergies, hot spots, pimples, sunburn, ringworm, you name it...he's had I've become somewhat an expert as to knowing what an emergency is and what isnt...

Recently, he got this HUGE hotspot on his biggie... just same old routine, meds, c- 

Today, I noticed a HOLE in his leg that was bleeding, I thought Roscoe bit him while they were messin around.  But Roscoe is really not the bite to hurt type!  He just lays under the hose all day...

 Then I found another PENCIL SIZED hole on the other side of his leg...this one...looked.. .strange...Lik e it was healed over but then split open again. It wasn't bleeding, not swollen...just dirty and a little oozy... Is that possible?

We're going to the vet on Wednesday, the soonest I could get in.  I've cleaned him up, have him on antibiotics/antibacterials... Neosporin on the wounds... But, I'm looking for any explainations, suggestions??

I'll take pics so you guys can see what I'm dealing with here...Usually I'm just the cute pics and videos kinda gal...but every once in awhile, I'm not spamming with goat pics but it seems lately... with a real issue...
: Re: Can a 4-yr old puncture wound up? (another long one from me)
: London_Pyr_Lover July 21, 2008, 11:07:12 PM
I'm so sorry that you're having problems with Monty.  :-\

Maybe it's some sort of mange?
: Re: Can a 4-yr old puncture wound up? (another long one from me)
: AudgePadge July 22, 2008, 09:54:38 AM
Poor Monty! Let us know when you hear more.

I think it's certainly possible. Scar tissue can be fragile, especially if there is tension on the spot.  It's sort of odd that two opened at the same time, though.  Poor little guy... Is it possible that Elvis poked him? Does he have horns? I can't remember.

Elvis does have horns, but I keep the carnivores an herbivores separated when they're not supervised.  I thought Roscoe bit him...They play really rough...But who knows...I guess it probably opened up.

We will see what the vet says... As for now, it's neosporin and anti-bacterial meds. Besides that...he still wants to play, bark, sleep, eat...all the normal things...

Meanwhile...he re are some pics of a very unhappy Monty...

(he just got in trouble for sitting on the remote and changing the channel)





: Re: Can a 4-yr old puncture wound up? (another long one from me)
: KiraNGunnersmom July 22, 2008, 12:28:58 PM
or boy,  hope he feels better soon.  He isnt alone in the butt's that change remotes.  I live with two fur and 3 skin kids that sit on remotes and change channels.
: Re: Can a 4-yr old puncture wound up? (another long one from me)
: AudgePadge July 23, 2008, 09:37:13 AM
So...I got a call from the vet yesterday...No onish, saying that they had an opening for that same day at 4:30..."Heck ya!  I'm comin in!"

I got home, picked up the Fat Boy, and took a quick look at his leg...and...ev erything is...healed up, scabby, maybe a little swollen...

WHAAAT?!?! Where did the holes go  ???

So...I get to the vet...and...Th ere's nothing to show her.  :-[ But a scabbed up "scratch" I think is the word she used...I'm happy he's better and all..but COME ON!! I swear he does this to freak me out.

She gave him some more anti-biotics, but said Neosporin, and keeping it clean should clear him right up...

Ugh...I can't believe he did that to me...

This is the BEFORE...On Monday, his leg... (that Yellow Coloring is Iodine)



This is his leg AFTER... Yesterday evening... I don't have any close-ups...but you can see...there's hardly any scabbing, or redness, hair...  ???