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: Oh no......Winston's limping. :( *UPDATE* #2
: DenverFurKiddos October 30, 2008, 03:08:05 PM
So sorry that I've been MIA lately!  I've had so much going on!  After studying like crazy for 6 months, I just took my licensing exam, then immediately headed off to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario for va-cay! I will be posting pics soon, as the owners of the B&B had a gorgeous, HUGE Irish wolfhound! 

Bad news....Winsto n has developed a limp.  It's very confusing.  It appeared almost suddenly (after spending some time outside alone last night); I gave him some Bufferin and we went to bed.  This morning/afternoon, no noticeable limp.  Then, outside again this evening, and the limp is back.  How can this be? 

It seems like it's his front right paw/leg/shoulder.  My husband said that Winston and Champ were wrestling like maniacs last night, but not sure if it was any different that any other time.  I'm so hoping its not elbow dyplasia.... Any ideas? 

: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: jesday October 30, 2008, 03:57:51 PM
I literally just got back from getting a CT for Syrus. Unfortunately it is elbow dysplasia :-\ :'(

We've been trying to get it diagnosed for months now as his limping has been so intermittent. He is 14months old and this will be chronic and degenerative. I need to talk over results with my regular vet tomorrow to get him started on a course of meds to help control the degree to which it may progress.

How old is Winston? They say signs can appear between 5 months - 1 year. But not uncommon to show up at 5+ years. It is most prevalent in males. Heredity is a strong factor.

Not trying to scare you but this is what was going on with Syrus. When he first got up in the morning his limp was very apparent. Then after walking a bit it worked itself out and he appeared normal. Sometimes after lying down for a stretch he would limp once or twice. Then you stare at him, "Is he limping?"

We first treated with Rimadyl(sp)thinking he bumped it or sprained it somewhat and he would be 100% fine. 2 days after finishing treatment he would limp again. I think we tried Rimadyl treatment twice, then switched to Duramax 3 times. Always 2 days after finishing course of meds it would come back. We X-rayed shoulder, paws, elbows. We (the vet) tweaked, stretched, pulled trying to find the source of his pain and of course he wasn't limping when we'd get to the vet. Nothing was presenting, but something obviously wrong.

Finally decided on CT and it really gave a 3-D look at the elbow and things are definitely out of whack. Some in his left elbow as well but not as bad.

Here is a good site with information on ED. Everything in it fit Syrus to a "T". Here's hoping Winston just twanged his big ol' self and will be back to normal ASAP :-* 
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: DenverFurKiddos October 30, 2008, 11:48:51 PM
El'skids- So sorry to hear about Syrus.  Thank you so much for the info.  Winston is 2 years old and rather small in size (we're coming to terms that he's probably a newfie mix).  There's always been something funky with his elbows- Sometimes, when he stops movement, his elbows will be bowed out and kinda turned in (like bow-legged front legs).

Ok, so I'll keep him on low exercise.  I even slept on the floor last night with him because I know he likes to jump on the bed with me in the morning, and I didn't want him jumping down.  The things we do... :) 

P.S.  This morning- didn't really see a limp.  But, I also gave him another Bufferin last night, so who knows....
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: jesday October 31, 2008, 02:49:03 AM
I'm sorry for having jumped right in with Syrus' woes. I had just come home when I saw your post, so ED was pretty fresh on my mind. :P

These big guys can be pretty clumbsy and they are too much puppy for their size. ::) There are so many other things he could have done to himself 500 times less serious than ED.

I'm really not a death and doom type of gal, so here's good healing vibs for beautiful big boy Winston. :-* :-*
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: People Whisperer October 31, 2008, 02:50:18 AM
Poor baby :( Let's hope it is nothing serious. If you just noticed the limp and it has been a couple of days it might be from horsing around  ::) :P Have you ever done x-rays of his hips and elbows? Since he is two it is always nice to have them done and have a piece in mind  ;) It's not very expensive either  :)

P.S. It's nice to hear from you  :) I hope you had a great vacay!!!  ;D
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: lins_saving_grace October 31, 2008, 04:19:57 PM
I hope it's nothing too serious.  I'm sure it could be a number of things...some not so bad.  It's weird that we always assume the worst. 
It's best to put him on bed rest for a few days.  A sudden limp just needs a little break before jumpping the gun.  Sudden limpness with no change after 7-10 days is a sign of something more serious.  keep an eye on it and see the vet if it doesn't improve.  But, i'm sure it's something completely treatable.
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: DenverFurKiddos November 01, 2008, 01:54:19 AM
I hope you're right, Lin.  It's just so hard to watch him limp.  I absolutely hate it.  To make matters worse, I don't really have a vet that I'm loving right now.  Both Winston and Champ have been relatively healthy since moving into town, so I don't know my vets well.  So, I've been searching online for vets that specialize in large breeds or dysplasia and haven't come up with a thing.  *sigh* 

: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: lorim2 November 01, 2008, 02:08:56 AM
I am so sorry Winston is not feeling so hot!  We are sending good healing vibes your way and try not to  get to upset yet.  You will probably have more trouble finding a good vet than getting Winston all better!  Good luck with both and give him lots of love from us out here in Tx!!
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :(
: lins_saving_grace November 01, 2008, 02:11:25 AM
I hope i'm right too.  i've been there with the limp.  Grace does it all the time, especially with this ify left ACL.  It's tough.  but they have a way of getting through it too.
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :( *UPDATE* #1
: DenverFurKiddos November 01, 2008, 05:45:12 AM
Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.  

Good news first- I found a vet, and once I described my problem, they found a way to fit me in today.  The facility was beautiful!  And, my vet was absolutely wonderful.  He did a very thorough examination of Winston, more so than I've experienced with any other vet.  We also talked diet, allergies, ear infections, glucosomine grades/research....all in all, they spent almost 2 hours with us! Oh, and part of the good news is that Winston's hips are fine, but he thinks that there may be a little problem with his right knee, but nothing to worry about too much right now.  Here's a link to the vet-  

Now the bad news....He believes that Winston's problem is likely elbow dysplasia.  They got Winston in right away for x-rays- he is there now and I won't be able to pick him up for a couple of hours.  I guess we'll talk more about course of action once I know what's going on with him.  But, overall, I feel confident that he's in good hands.  They loved him there, and kept coming back to tell me what a sweet boy he is.  

I'll a little teary driving home without him.  Please send some good thoughts and prayers our way.  

: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :( *UPDATE* #1
: jesday November 01, 2008, 07:03:54 AM
Double fingers crossed as in PM I sent back to you.
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :( *UPDATE* #2
: DenverFurKiddos November 01, 2008, 08:52:33 AM
Ok... the verdict is in....and it doesn't look good.  Winston has hip dysplasia on both sides.  He also has FCP (elbow dysplasia) on one side.  It's hard to give any more details because I was either just focusing on holding back the tears, or had to leave because I felt like I was going to pass out looking at the x-rays (yes-I am a big weenie).   Ugh.  I'm just so sad for him. 

So, we are on Rimadyl for 2 weeks, and we start a different grade of joint supplements today (Phycox therapy). 

Ugh.  This sucks.   :'(
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :( *UPDATE* #2
: Guardian Angel's White lightning November 01, 2008, 11:12:16 AM
I am soooo sorry to hear about this.  :-[ that is the worst news that anyone could hear.  Talk about having a bad day!!!   That is the worst thing i could ever hear! I am so sorry to hear this news.  I am sure that giving extra suppliments will help ease his pain, wow...the poor boy!!  We send all of our hugs and kisses to your little man.
: Re: Oh no......Winston's limping. :( *UPDATE* #2
: EllieAndBlu November 01, 2008, 11:33:32 AM
I am so sorry Winston is having to go through this (and you too). Sending tons of  healing vibes and hugs to you both.