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: puppy teething or splinters answered! well kinda! lol
: mal222 December 01, 2008, 10:54:02 AM
thanx again yellow dog mom! the vet said he was pretty sure thats what it was, just that something had gotten in his gums and was irritating him. and since the swelling went completly down and he showed no signs of irritation or pain he wasnt goin to run a bunch of expensive test but said only to watch him and if it did happen to swell back up and ice cubes did not work after one day to come back. so i finally got to breath my first big sigh of relief after about 18 hours! lol
: Re: puppy teething or splinters answered! well kinda! lol
: mal222 December 01, 2008, 01:03:00 PM
ya? i saw a pic awhile ago of a new members pup that lookd so much like my Pike that i had to do a double take then i couldnt stop staring at the pic! haha how old is Clancy? i really need to get sum pics of my pit/mastiff, Mooney up to show everyone. its just been so crazy around here lately. i kinda freak when anything happends to my pups! hahaha ya not only did this happen to Pike but Mooney hurt his foot the other day and he's such a good boy but OMG! what a whiner! of course i freaked out took em to the vet to find out his foot was jst fine jst a lil sprained. but sumtimes i feel like he uses that to his advantage cause if he gets in trouble he'll start slightly limping and whimpering! what a smart lil dog! haha
: MastiffOverload......Clancy and the girls are adorable!
: mal222 December 01, 2008, 04:44:45 PM
o they are all adorable!! ya lookn more at clancy he looks just like one of pike's sisters only bigger! haha that black brindle is beautiful!!! ya pike was 55lbs at 4months! hes almost 5 months now(in a few days) and already ways well over 60lbs. everyone keeps asking me what im feeding him! haha jst dog food i say, he's on a schedule so he wont over feed. i need to get a ramp for my truck. it takes alot of stretching before i can lift him up to put him in the back! lol where did u purchase urs if i may ask?