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: Tink is famous!
: TINKSMOM January 07, 2009, 06:00:56 AM

My dog trainer taped one of our sessions a few months back and I thought you might want to see Tink in action. He is going to post it on his website on the internet.

I am so proud of her! She was only 10 months old in this video and had never done this exercise with the chair before. She is so smart and these things seem to come so easily for her. She is the only one standing because she doesn't fit in the chair. It is a 6 min clip of an hour class and she held her position each time.

She's so good! I just had to brag. All the other dogs range from 4-6 years. They are all therapy certified and the two german shephards are scent tracking search and resuce dogs. I think Tink held her own quite well. I have decided to give her a few more months before starting a therapy class with her. there is still soooo much puppy in her. I thought I would let her mature a little more. I think she will take to it naturally though when the time comes.

Anyway, enjoy!

: Re: Tink is famous!
: TINKSMOM January 07, 2009, 06:19:27 AM
She was a little over 10 months in the video and weighed 110lbs. She turned one year old on Christmas Eve and I am not sure how much she weighs now. She had a vet check in November and he said to keep her on puppy food a little longer as long as she doesn't gain too much weight. I know she looks tubby but it is actually all fur. She is very muscular and boney, not much fat on my girl.

Anyway, I am taking her back in February when my cat is due for a check up and have her weighed. I will let you know, but I am guessing she is going to be around 120lbs or more once mature. She has a HUGE frame she hasn't filled out yet. From what I have researched Komondors (she is a lab/kom mix) can get massive. Only time will tell.
: Re: Tink is famous!
: TINKSMOM January 07, 2009, 06:52:29 AM
I got her from a PAWS shelter and had no idea what she would turn out to look like or just how big she would get. You just never know with a mix. When I heard the word Komondor I though OMG! The grooming! Will she cord? OMG!, but the second she came out I knew I was taking her home regardless. Though I did think she would stay black, but I love her silver fur too!

She started out with Mike in puppy preschool when she was only 10 weeks old and has graduated her basic and advanced obedience and achieved her CGC. He is an awesome trainer and really caters to each individual dog's motivation and personality. We are now working on Advanced Off leash, though through some of the video she is still on leash. She just wanted to play that day so I had to help "get her in the groove". Mike is very pleased with what she has accomplished so far, especially for her age and the amount of "puppy" still in her. He brags on her all the time. When people ask about her, they think she is much older and is surprised when he tells them she is still a pup.

I couldn't ask for a better temperment or willingness to learn. Not that she doesn't have her faults. She still thinks anything at her nose level is fair game and as she grows this is encompassing more and more. She took my omlet off the counter this morning when I wasn't looking. Every day is still an adventure. I love her to pieces!
: Re: Tink is famous!
: TINKSMOM January 07, 2009, 09:49:16 AM
Speaking of snuggly, her birthday present just arrived the other day. I ordered her an extra large round denim dog bed from LL Bean with her name on it. I absolutely love it! and so does she. You can actually fit two Tink's on it. It is HUGE!

I have picts of her and Boomer Kitty on it (he wants it too)They are all snuggled up together, it's cute.

I don't remember who recommended these beds to me a few months ago but I absolutely love it! I bought her a matching dog tote to take to class with all her accessories. I had an OES embroidered on it(since they didn't have a kom) It looks just like her! Anyway, off subject. Thanks for the congrats, I am proud of her too and she is a cutie!
: Re: Tink is famous!
: People Whisperer January 07, 2009, 09:57:48 AM
What a great job she does in obedience!!! No wonder you buy her new things  :D ;)
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: GoofyNewfie January 07, 2009, 07:47:33 PM
Tink is one gorgeous dog! Good job on the training too :)