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: Monster Puppy
: K9ldy00 February 08, 2009, 07:06:39 AM
Monster Puppy is her nickname. Never have I had such a feisty strong minded little brat. Love her just the same. 
Today she discovered the toilet paper. I'm getting ready for work then I go into the bathroom and there she is. Digging at the toilet paper roll. She is standing up on her hind legs, front feet digging furiously unrolling it at light speed. It was quite funny, tried not to laugh, told her leave it. She was having too much fun. I had to pick her up and put in the crate for a time out.
She has taken to rearranging the throw rugs, some of them very large. Also she did not like the place the giant dog bed pillow was, so she pulled it across the living room, and she is still just a baby. I'm worried she might decide on rearranging the furniture as she gets bigger. 
Then she plays with Tesla the Rottie pup and Zander at he same time. I swear she looks like those Ninja fighters, taking on several opponents at the same time. I wonder if maybe it will encourage her to be too rough.
any feedback or suggestions will be much appreciated
: Re: Monster Puppy
: K9ldy00 February 08, 2009, 07:39:13 AM
I've posted pics in the Zeva Zander threads.