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: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: Apreston February 12, 2009, 05:05:46 AM
I would like some thoughts or advice. We have a Mr. Bunny living in our back yard. This is new and recent!! We have recently experienced a "heat wave" and it has exposed a bazillion rabbit turds! Andrew and I have faithfully been outside every night after work picking the little monsters up. We both go outside when Titan is out so we can supervise the potential eating of these turds. However... Titan can be VERY sneaky!! He has eaten some of them. In the last 3 days each day he has thrown up 1 time about 8-10 hours after ingesting his food. The first day was about 2 cups yesterday was maybe 1/2 cup so I assumed he was getting better until this morning.... when about 4 cups came up.   :(  Poor thing.... I canít think of anything else other than the rabbit turds that would make him sick. His poop is normal, he feels fine, temp is good, wants to eat and drinks plenty of water. Titan has a vet appointment today @ 2 to check him out....but just wondering if any one has any suggestions or thoughts.
Thanks in advance!!
Adrienne & Titan
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: jesday February 12, 2009, 05:21:14 AM
I'm glad you are taking him to the vet. Personally I can not see a connection between rabbit poo and his vomiting. If anything I think it would give him a case of diarrhea.

My bubs eat deer poop all the time. Uugggh! The more I try to keep them away the more they think it is extra special and try to gulp as much as they can before I get to them. :P

Hope Titan checks out okay and it is just a case of upset tummy.

: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: Apreston February 12, 2009, 05:23:57 AM
ITS JUST SOOO GROOSSSS!!! Thanks for the kind words... I am hoping its nothing serious as well.
The reason Mr. hoppity is back there is because our neighbour has 2 female bunnies that run a muck in her back yard so I am sure Mr. Bunny is really a Mr. and possibly looking for his Mrs.....  ;)
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: Anakalia February 12, 2009, 05:25:26 AM
OMG!  Koby does this too!  What is up with eating wild animal poo?  I really have no advice on how to stop the eating of the poo, but I wanted to let you know Koby gets very sick too.  Usually in the form of booty blow outs but he also vomits.  We have timber in our backyard and he's always eating poo, the problem is I can never tell what animal it's come from, which scares me.  Could be from rabbits, raccoons, deer.  Can't dogs pick up diseases from eating deer poo?  I would also love a solution to this really icky problem.  
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: lookingfornewf February 12, 2009, 07:32:21 AM
I used to have a pet bunny and my Jack Russell has eaten her share of Bunny poo without getting sick. Since it was a pet rabbit I knew it didn't have any diseases, maybe wild poo is more likely to make them sick. Hope the poor guy is OK.
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :( ** UPDATE **
: Apreston February 12, 2009, 08:49:42 AM
Well... we love our vet..... and we love you :D
He is unaware of any type of bacteria or parasite that can be transmitted through bunny poop that a dog can catch. So chances are the bunny poop is aggravating his poor tum-tum.  If in deed he does have a virus the vet would rather see Titan try to fight it himself instead of popping pills. He said itís good for their immune system; makes em' tough he said!  ;) Dr will call in 5 days to make sure Titan is still ok and no longer being barffy; if not he is clearly having troubles fighting it and we will then do blood work and fecal sample to see if see anything and then treat with antibiotics. So for now we have some Pepto-Bismol type pills to clam the tummy and sooth the intestines for the nest 5 days to see if he can fight this thing. All his vitals temp, abdomen, ears, eyes and heart beat were all fine.
Thanks so much for your thoughts! We know we can count on you for a good pick me up every now and then!!
 :-*  :-*

Just to add;
No more puking today just this morning. So far so good with this morning's b-fast!

: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: kathryn February 12, 2009, 12:47:35 PM
I hope Titan is feeling better and gets well soon.  Just FYI: there is a nice little protozoan that can infect dogs from wildlife poo.  We had an outbreak of Sarcocystis in some birds at work one year.  The vet said it was from wildlife fecal material namely raccoons but that the cockroaches would go eat/play in the fecal matter and bring it into the cages with the birds.  The birds started having neurological symptoms and then would drop dead.  Obviously, birds and dogs are different but Sarco can be picked up by mammals.  I don't want to start you worrying for no reason but thought it's always better to be safe than sorry.  If I remember correctly it shows up in a blood test. 
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: NewfFan February 12, 2009, 07:26:30 PM
Aw, big prayers for the big guy! I sure hope he's alright, keep us all posted!
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: goldensaint723 February 13, 2009, 12:02:05 AM
Hope he ends up okay. He should. Also listen for how he drinks his water. We went to our vet like 8 times because Cujo kept throwing up constantly and it was because he was drinking his water to fast. Now I listen to him all the time to make sure hes not drinking to fast and have to tell him to calm down. It stopped the throwing up. I was shocked though to have it be something as simple as that. The vet loved seeing me though ;)
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: Icerotti February 13, 2009, 04:01:25 PM
Poor Titan. I hope he is feeling much better. Farley is a rabbit poo eater--it drives me nuts. I have no idea how to stop him because it is everywhere!  Rosie is more interested in the actual rabbit ::)
I like your vet too.
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :( - He's no better.....
: Apreston February 14, 2009, 02:39:17 AM
Well yesturday was the day from you know what!! Poor Titan is still barffing EVERYWHERE!! Thursday early mroning we had 2 cases. Then I started him on plain rice and boiled beef around 8:00am; within 1/2 hour he threw that all up. I call vet right away. Ww got an appointment @ 10:00; did xrays; poor guy had to be sedated. Andrew was with him the entire time helping the vet with him on the table and was there when Titan woke up from the sedation. Nothing found on the film so we did a full blood panal and nothing. Vet came up with don't feed the fire let his stomach rest for the day and tomorrow morning feed him just rice and see how he does.

Well last night he was banging around his food bowl and we had given him some treat throughout the day to see if he could tolerate barffing. So we fed last night 1/2 cup of rice and 2tbs of beef. He ate at 8 and around 11 it all came up. Then @ 4 this morning bile. Nothing yet this morning so far.... I am getting kind of worried but the vet belives its a Gastro Virus and Titan has a poor immune system so he suggests its hitting him really hard.

So I guess we have to let it ride out...the only thing that worries me is when is too long not to eat. I am not going to feed this morning. I will continue to give him his pills. He is drinking and running and playing and pooping fine....
Thanks guys....keep us in your thoughts!
: Re: Poor Barffy Titan :(
: Apreston February 14, 2009, 05:39:55 AM
Thanks Everyone!
I just got off the phone from the vet and he said we did a full blood panal and nothing came up. If he goes down hill (attitude, playing, drinking) we will have to bring him to the emerg vet and the possibility of an ultrasound is in the near future. Dr is also thinking blockage but is not convinced and does not think its anything more than a virus so we are keep our fingers crossed thats all it is!
Keep us in our prayers...let me tell you I am soooo thankful for my sister in law....she brought over her steam clean vaccume yesturday.... I already have my afternoon mapped out...litteral ly!!