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: Muscle knots in shoulder
: Morweena April 01, 2009, 03:27:52 AM
Hi there
My dog has been limping on and off for a few months now after an espically rowdy play in the snow.
Vet found nothing wrong with a physical exam. I saw that our daycare was having a doggie massage person in so I took her. With no prompting from me about her on and off limp she found knots in her shoulder and suggested having Ruby "take it easy' for a week or so.
Anyone else have any experience with dogs haveing muscle knots in the shoulder? Ruby does stretch often and as we normally walk to the dog park she gets a decent warm up before running and charging about like a crazy thing.


: Re: Muscle knots in shoulder
: Morweena April 01, 2009, 03:58:55 AM
I've been avoiding giving her pain pills as one can hope the discomfort of the knots will encourage her to not overdue things but she is young and suffers from more enthusiasm than brains thing when excited.
She loves to wade and run in the water so I think I'll try a week of just leash walks and play sessions at home (not a lot of room to run in an apartment) and see if no running speeds things along.

: Re: Muscle knots in shoulder
: Morweena April 04, 2009, 05:47:39 PM
So the kid is still doing her rolling sailor gate after over doing it playing and running about (she loves off leash walking in the woods so she can leap over trees and play "hide and seek" by ducking down behind leafless bushes).
I tried a few days of just walking on leash and no dog park time but I also called the massage person again and she looked Rube over and worked on her for about an hour.
Seems her knots are a bit better but this time her "low back" and hind left leg were stiff (but not knotted) So she did a little deep tissue work on her, must have hurt as she whimped a bit but behaved.
Woman told me that Ruby is "extremley muscular for a pet", by that she meant that she has large rock hard muscles, almost like a dog that is working (carting) or training for athletics. She also said that Rube's shoulder are "too narrow" for her large muscles, allowing her to overwork them. That sounded a bit odd, but she wasn't pushing me to make appoitments or anything like that, I had to suggest we do this again to work out the knots.
She seems fine and reading about the pup with wiplash and the rope toy eater not to mention the poor pup with cancer I'm glad all I have to deal with is my doofus overplaying!

: Re: Muscle knots in shoulder
: navarre1316 April 05, 2009, 04:14:29 PM
I thought about a taking Issy to a masseuse or a chiropracter, sometimes she favors one of her hind legs (injured it playing at about 9mths old).  Anyway, my mom actually had a chiropracter look at her horses just out of curiousity (she was out at the barn working with another boarders horse).  Anyway, she adjusted my mom's older horse and my mom said she was amazed at the difference in Shalil's movement just from one adjustment.  I guess if it works for us why not for our animals?!
: Re: Muscle knots in shoulder
: Morweena April 06, 2009, 12:01:15 PM
I should learn to do it myself rather than paying for it, espcially as Ruby might sit still longer for me than she does for the woman that I have been using - Ruby is just so silly and friendly she wants to play rather than get a massage. It seems to take half the appointment for her to settle down.
I can say that two days after her last treatment along with my enforcing short walks she is looking good with no limp today despite playing at daycare all day.