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: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 07, 2009, 12:43:25 PM
We just bought a 6 week old female black and rust. Her dad weighs 125 and mom 85. She weighed 4.5 pounds at the Vet's. She has worms: guardia and coxsillus <sp?>. Meds give her loose stools. 4 days later she's up to 5.2 pounds but still has loose stool even with Kaopectate. She wants to have fun and be energetic but lays down a lot. We love her dearly and wouldn't give her up. Not sure what all we can do to turn this possible tragedy around. Would appreciate any constructive help.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: VdogLover April 07, 2009, 01:31:14 PM
6 weeks is young to be away from her litter, plus to me she is very small for her age. Which leads me to beleive she has not thrived as she should. Coccidia and Giardia can both be tough on a young pup be sure to follow your vets full advise. As for sleeping pups that young do sleep alot but I would bring it up to your vet anyhow.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: patrick April 07, 2009, 01:44:57 PM
Standard treatment for coccidiosis is 28 days so she needs to stay on her meds. It is not the meds causing the diarrhea but the underlying infections. Treatment for giardia is a different medicine but for a much shorter period of time. If you use Panacur for the giardia that will also thoroughly deworm her as well. Both need to be treated adequately.  Plus some time will be needed for her gut to heal and not be inflamed.  Special attention to her diet will help her out- some yogurt and pumpkin can both help with the loose stools.  She also should be getting frequent small meals- a pup this young would be prone to low blood sugars as well
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 09, 2009, 09:48:04 AM
Thanks for the responses. We will have had her a week tomorrow and she seems to be out of the woods. We should have been more wary. We saw a pic of her in the Ft Worth Star Telegram online and fell in love with her. The breeder, we feel, was deceptive. She only showed us the one puppy, none of the others. She kept her on her back so we couldn't see the ribs showing along her backside. Taylur is on 2 meds, 3 days on one and 10 days on the other. She eats well on puppy Science Diet. Don't know if we should but are supplementing about a tablespoon on colustrum milk powder mixed in a little water per day. She is active a lot now with our 2 Miniature Schnauzers but sleeps her share. Thank you again. She weighed 6.0 lbs this morning and is 7 weeks old now.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: patrick April 09, 2009, 01:26:29 PM
Good news- keep up the good work!
: Re: Doberman, small help
: People Whisperer April 09, 2009, 01:45:27 PM
I suggest that you put her on a better quality food that Science Diet. Puppies need more nutrients and protein and less grains than this food. There are many foods that cost the same but will provide your puppy with a better nutrition made by Merrick, Natures Variety, Orijen, Innova, etc.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 09, 2009, 02:26:41 PM
I'll look at PetSmart this weekend. All 3 of my dogs love it so may try some small bags of better kinds to test at first.
I'll upload a pic or 3 tomorrow.

Besides the point, does anyone know about the Caucasian breed? Are they an AKC or other standard? They look like a small bear. I wonder if they shed as bad as a Lab?
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 10, 2009, 04:24:53 AM
Well, here's a few pics of 7 week old Taylur in her now natural habitat. Yes, I found a lot better puppy food by the name of Diamond. She weighs 6.4 lbs this morning.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Morweena April 10, 2009, 11:34:31 AM
I think reporting the "breeder" to what ever breed associations you might have in your area  is not a bad idea, they can investigate  or your local SPCA - they will be interested in pups being weened and taken away too young
And a tip of foods I got from some one that worked at PetSmart - "don't buy any food you've seen a commercial for, its just flavor" at that point he pointed me to a brand they didn't even carry and suggested a few smaller more specialty pet food stores. I pay a fair bit for the food Ruby eats but she eats less of it as she would a cheaper brand so it all works out

but all said - cute pup!
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 11, 2009, 10:43:05 AM
Thanks, she seems to be doing better but won't know until Thursday when we take her back in to check for worms. I heard about and researched and am trying as of this morning a small daily treatment of feed grade diatomaceous earth. It was expensive online but found it at the feed store in Waxahachie a lot cheaper. And no it's not for swimming pools. It's suppose to negate all parasites. We'll see.

The breeder took her ad out of the paper and online. She says all the rest of the litter has the same worms. They were all 7 weeks old yesterday. I hope they all get the best treatment. Taylur is.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: patrick April 11, 2009, 12:09:11 PM
I tried diatomaceous earth for worming and it absolutely did not work.  I went back to the standard practice of worming every few weeks until the pup goes on heartguard.  I also worm pups at 3 weeks old, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.  I can bet your pup was never wormed until you got her
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 11, 2009, 12:35:02 PM

This is what I am going by. Looks like it won't hurt. It's definitely an interesting read. I won't give up the vet meds but after the puppy tests clear I plan to keep up the regimen.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: patrick April 11, 2009, 11:08:16 PM
It does work great for fleas and ant infestation for sure.  It just didn't work for me for worms either as a wormer or preventative.  But some people swear by it- so worth a shot.  I do disagree with this website's claim that worming with standard meds increases the chance of parvo though.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 14, 2009, 02:44:25 PM
True, can't get away from proper and time tested vet meds. Gave her the last of the worm med today. Due to be checked this Friday. Hope she's clear. Plus hope our two Miniature Schnauzers aren't troubled with them. We'll take samples for all three. She's doubled her weight since we got her. At 7 1/2 weeks old she's a solid 8.2 lbs. She'll soon surpass the other two at 14 and 17 lbs and they'll wonder where their little sister went. We're taking lots of pics and vids to remember this special time, not that they all aren't.
: Re: Doberman, small help
: patrick April 14, 2009, 02:51:19 PM
Great news!  She is a lucky little girl that you got her and put her on the path to good health!!
: Re: Doberman, small help
: Warlock7 April 18, 2009, 01:49:31 PM
Well, she's lucky and we are too but we got a bad report fom the Vet. She has them just as bad. We gave all her meds, picked up all the poop, etc. Spic n Span. Now, 10 more days of meds. Vet says will recheck in 3 weeks. I read online where she needs to be rechecked the day of the last dose of meds or the next day, not 10 days after that. May have rechecked at another Vet. Very disappointed. Also saw where the breeder now has the same litter of pups back up for sale. No way she cured 10 of them in the past 2 weeks. Are there other remedies that could help? Maybe some small amount of garlic? Very disillusioned.