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: Puppy Help
: Big Bear April 19, 2009, 12:01:54 PM
HI everyone, I'm brand new to bigpaws. I've been reading all of your posts for a while now and decided to become a member. For about the last month and a half I have been doing research on getting a dog. I think I have come to the conclusion that a saint bernard is what I want. They seem like such an amazing breed and i love their size. I would love to get a male puppy. I am going to visit a breeder next weekend and may have a little puppy by May 9th. But i still have a few questions and love hearing different peoples opinions and advice.

How much exercize does a saint puppy need? I know they need a lot of exercise but at the same time i have read you must not excersise or play with them to hard for the first two years because with their body developing. So anyone has any suggestions or what they did while their saint was a puppy?

Does anyone has a food brands the recommend or that i should stay away from?

How big of a deal can stairs be to a saint bernard? I heard to avoid them at all costs till 3 months or up to 6 months or as long as you can carry the guy. I have also heard stairs can be good for them young stretching the joints and putting a little pressure on them.

What do you recommend for potty training the puppy at night? Should i crate him or trust him or what? I've never had a young puppy.

My last question. Does anyone know any breeders in Ohio or around south west Ohio. I was only able to find one breeder. I have good hopes from what i have seen and heard about this breeder but options never hurt.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any information or advice you  think could be helpful I'm all ears. Thanks Again
: Re: Puppy Help
: Ursa April 19, 2009, 01:25:02 PM
First of all - Welcome!

I can't answer to any of your specific SB questions as I've never had one but we have some other Saint owners here who I'm sure can help.

I like the crate for potty training at night.  Be sure that the crate is the right size though.  If you're planning to purchase a large crate that the puppy will grow into then invest in a crate divider to use for now.  If you give them too much room they will sometimes potty in the back of the crate and sleep in the front.  A young puppy will need to go out frequently so you may have to set your alarm in order to take him/her out. 

As far as stairs are concerned, my Newfs are 8 and 9 months old and I still don't let them do the stairs often.  I taught them how to go up and down at about 3-4 months old but the stairs are, for the most part, off limits.  My Pyr is older and she's allowed to use the stairs more often.  I'm lucky because they never HAVE to use the stairs to get to the bedroom, dog room, etc.

There are a lot of good posts about food here so I'm sure you'll get lots of help there.  Your breeder will also have information for you on feeding.  Be aware that giant breed puppies transition to adult food long before smaller dogs do. 

Can't wait to see pictures of your new addition once you bring him home!
: Re: Puppy Help
: macnmsc April 19, 2009, 01:47:49 PM
     We have 2 saint puppies. Cujo is our male and he is a little over 1 year old, and Daisy his sister is about 6mths old.We have crate trained all of our dogs and i really think it works the best. For the saints we bought the largest metal crate available and used a divider. While Cujo is completely house broken he still likes to sleep in his house and at around 150lbs you need a BIG crate. Daisy likes to still get into "trouble" so is always crated at night and when we leave.
     I personally keep my dogs COMPLETLY off the stairs. Cujo injured his right shoulder a few months ago which was a long and costly recovery. He seems to be 95% recovered, but we are unsure if he slipped on the stairs or really what happened. He is a big clumsy goof that doesnt seem to realize how big he is and where his feet are. When these dogs fall they have ALOT of weight behind them and are more prone to injury/joint problems.
     As far as activity my saints are pretty sedentary and dont need a huge amount of excercise. There is always a dog passed out on the floor to trip over. But they are very strong and fast when they want to be.
     We love our dogs and people seem to think we are crazy having such big dogs in the house. Be carefull you may end up with more than one!!
: Re: Puppy Help
: DAMAGE April 20, 2009, 09:14:26 AM
Welcome to the list! A really good place to learn about Saints is at the national website. You can get breeder referrals there as well. Three of my Saints have come from a show kennel in Ohio. If you want I can PM you about them. Another great source of info is the discussion group on yahoo A lot of serious, long time breeders and Saint aficionados belong to it and share their expertise. Please, please, please take the time to research before you buy. A good breeder will be happy to mentor you and be there for you with answers to all your questions. They too want what's best for their/your puppy.
: Re: Puppy Help
: DAMAGE April 21, 2009, 04:29:23 AM
Another thought! On May 2nd and 3rd, in Lima Ohio, is a big Saint specialty show known as the "Spring Fling". All Saint Bernards from all over the country. Great opportunity to talk to breeders, check out their dogs and maybe see some puppies. Word of advice. Go early, look and listen. Then when things quiet down, in the break between, or after classes, ask to talk to the people connected to the dogs that have really caught your eye. Things are a little stressed during the show but afterwards folks relax, kick back, and love to talk about their dogs. Lots to learn there.
: Re: Puppy Help
: waffles717 May 17, 2009, 12:40:38 PM
We had Two we just one molly she Died from Bloat only four,Maggie will be five we are planing on getting a male pup,How do female's get alone with male's?any know? this litter only has male's we took this lose bad,maggie did too!molly is missed so much!!!!!!
: Re: Puppy Help
: newf_owner August 21, 2009, 02:55:08 PM
 male and female should get along fine, infact a male would prolly be the best thing (make sure to have them fixed if you dont want puppies) because from all that ive read about dog agression (i have a few issues with one of my dogs that is deff. getting better) 2 females fight, that the female has a tendancey to be more dominant and that 2 females have more "squables" than 2 males or a male and a female so if i were you id get a boy