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: Itchy, itchy, itchy
: aggghgmom May 11, 2009, 01:51:44 PM
Poor Harley is sooo itchy  :P

I have brushed, furmitated and brushed some more - I see nothing!!  No fleas, no mites, no dandruff - he eats duck and potatoe food which keeps his skin moist (from the oil in the duck).

He seems so sad and depressed he is mopey - even my husband mentioned that he seems to have gotten old in the past 2 days  :'(

We are going to the vet tomorrow at 9:30 - my regular vet isn't available I hope I like this other vet.  I'm thinking it is seasonal allergies??

He keeps rubbing against the furniture to rub his back!

Poor baby

Randy and Harley
: Re: Itchy, itchy, itchy
: Ursa May 11, 2009, 02:46:33 PM
Has he had a bath recently?  Maybe a reaction to a shampoo or conditioner?
: Re: Itchy, itchy, itchy
: aggghgmom May 14, 2009, 03:35:02 AM
Well Harley went to the vet on monday and thankfully it isn't fleas (i didn't think so) or mites (I was slightly concerned).  They also didn't see any creatures that would cause scabies (we have a fox in our area; and foxes can carry scabies).  So we are treating it as allergies - Harley does have a beef allergy and it turns out the treats I have been giving him have beef in them - but he gets maybe a 1/4 of a jerky treat a day - just about an inch when I leave the house as a "see ya" treat - we have been giving him bread or cheese instead until I get to the store for chicken treats.

Anyway...he is on prednisone and antibiotics to help clear him he is itchy and HUNGRY!  I do think he is feeling better he saw the keys in my hand this morning and knew we were going for a ride and he was jumping like some silly little puppy!!

The vet who we hadn't seen before was lovely spent lots of time with us and gave lots of hugs and backscratches!!  She also said he was so down in the dumps because he was probably tired from being up a good part of the night scratching!!

MastiffOverloa d - I'm glad Slag is better - did she get really hungry?

Thanks for the good thoughts everyone..

Randy and Harley
: Re: Itchy, itchy, itchy
: Lyn May 14, 2009, 03:48:34 AM
Poor Harley. Sounds like you figured out what's making him itchy.

Bubba has seasonal allergies, flea bite allergies as well as allergies to corn/wheat and my darn neighbour has been giving him milkbones. >:( So his skin is a little angry looking right now. >:(

I use Nu Hemp Tree Tar shampoo on him and I find it really helps soothe his skin.
: Re: Itchy, itchy, itchy
: jesday May 14, 2009, 05:09:50 AM
Gosh, Harley sounds exactly like Syrus lately. My big happy 20-month old bub has turned into an old man overnight. We've been dealing with Sophie's skin problems since we've had her and still haven't nailed anything down. Tons of antibiotics and prednizone, the works.

I take her in this morning for a blood test to see if we can narrow down what she is allergic to. Last night I was rubbing Syrus' belly and came across a couple of scabs. Upon further investigation his whole belly was covered with little sores and scabs. All this attention on Sophie and I never thought to check Syrus. Plus he is hairier down there and not as noticeable.

So he is going with us for a check as well.

The blood test is only about 60% effective in determining the allergens, but it is a place to start. 

I truly hope the meds work for Harley. Skin issues are the most frustrating to deal with. I will let you know how the tests works for my bubs and if Harley continues to have a problem maybe it could be something for you to try.