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: Remy update 5/27
: Jodi and the pack May 27, 2009, 04:55:43 AM
Well...the guessing game of "What's Remy Mixed With" is over.

Last month I had Ada and Remy in for vaccinations, and a grad student intern was helping with the examinations.  He was really interested in Remy and the leonberger breed.  When I mentioned that Remy was probably mixed with something else, he said he could answer that question for me.  Apparently, he's part of a DNA mixed breed identification study at the university.  He took samples from Remy and even Ada.

That was over a month ago...and no word...
until yesterday.  Remy had her last puppy shots and there was an envelope waiting for us with the results!  Remy is a full leonberger.  So, yeah, she's small for her age (4 months and 40 pounds), but she's definitely a leo.  She was even compared to an adult leo from Missouri with an 85% match (which is supposedly a close relative).

Ada, on the other hand, is not a full labrador.  The intern noticed a small patch of white on her chest (literally 16 hairs) and suspected that she might be mixed with d...yep...her great-grand something was a border collie.  He could even tell me that the collie came from the sire's side of the family.  He also mentioned that Ada's mother was a chocolate labrador (which I knew, but didn't mention to him).  I'm just amazed at all this scientific stuff.

So, now I have an english setter (probably, she didn't get tested), a leonberger, and a lollie (lab/collie mix).  I guess with rescues, you just never know what you're going to get.
: Re: Remy update 5/27
: Jodi and the pack May 27, 2009, 05:05:41 AM
a couple of more pics
: Re: Remy update 5/27
: Jodi and the pack May 27, 2009, 05:11:54 AM
Thats awesome! Remy is adorable! Is she still bringing socks to the kids in the morning?

It's warm no more socks...she's moved on to sandals and flip-flops.  And let me tell you, this was the best trick ever to teach a dog.  Now, whenever one of my little girls (or even the hubby) doesn't get their shoes into the closet, Remy will grab them and bring them to the owner.  I'm positive every mom needs a dog like Remy to keep the kids in line.  I have a nanny that works for kibble and ice cubes!  What luck!