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: Bogus dog registries?
: Anky September 07, 2005, 12:29:41 PM
I was watching People's court and they had a case where this girl bought an Alpha Blue Blood Bulldog, and the guy who sold it to her (Who she found out on the news was arrested for running a puppy mill and selling puppies early, falsifying health certificates and selling mix breed pups as pure breds) never gave her the dog's papers.  The guy gives the judge the certificate that says the dog was registered in the "Native American Canine Club"  The woman who bought the dog is upset because she said the dog is supposed to be registered ARF (Animal Research Foundation).  They go to commercial and come back where the judge says that she tried to contact this registry, there's no number on the certificate, no number on the correspondence from the registry to the "Breeder", she finds the town, calls 411 and there's no listing, looks it up online and the site is down, calls AKC and they've never heard of them.  Leading the judge to think that the breeder falsified the papers.  Then the judge finds out the reason the client is so adamant about the registration is because apparently the ARF is the only registry that rocognizes that breed.  Long story short the woman got $650 back (She paid $700 for the dog and said that without papers the dog is only worth $50), but what I want to know is this, has anyone ever heard of these two registries?  I know that there are a TON of bogus registries, along with legitamate ones, and a registry is pretty much on an honesty program, but I'd never heard anything about these two.  In fact the ARF sounds like a medical research foundation. 

: Re: Bogus dog registries?
: Scootergirl September 07, 2005, 01:22:11 PM
Here's what the ARF website says:



Tom D. Stodghill experienced a varied and long business career. In 1947 he established the Animal Research Foundation, a registry for English Shepherds, Catahoula Leopards, Australian Cattle dog Queensland Heelers, Australian Shepherds, Rat Terriers, American Bulldogs, and all other recognized dog breeds. ARF also registers cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and new and rare breeds of animals.

Along with the registry, Tom D. published the ARF Cowdog Magazine for over thirty years.  The ARF Cowdog Magazine has been sent to all 50 States, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, British Isles, to name a partial list.

Mr. Stodghill held annual Cowdog Trials (1953 thru 1988); people from over ten states participated in these trials, later called Cowdog Rodeos.

Mr. Stodghill wrote one of the first Cowdog Training Primers. He was the first to recognize and register the Catahoula Leopard and write its history in book form. The book is still available through the ARF Registry.  The American kennel Club [AKC] has Mr. Stodghill's book in its library.

Mr. Stodghill was the first U.S. importer of the Dingo (Wild Dog of Australia). The Dingo was used for the purpose of breeding because it possessed the important traits of great endurance in hot weather with  less barking that was needed for the control of herds of wild hogs and cattle.

He imported and registered the Australian Cattle dog Queensland Heeler years before the AKC recognized it. He was the first to register the Australian Shepherd; he helped the Australian Shepherd Club of America to organize (ASCA); he organized the English Shepherd Club of  America (ESCOA), which was located in the same building where ARF is now operated.

Tom D. Stodghill was tall and lean, standing 6' - 2", and spoke in a slow-Texas manner. His ever optimistic personality and willingness to help others made him a favorite among his many customers, friends, and family. He received his early training in animal breeding and developed a life long interest in genetics from his uncle, Dr. Edward B. Dromgoole, his mother's brother, who was a veterinarian at Mart, Texas, for many years. Once he was asked how he would like to be remembered. He replied, "I want to be remembered as someone who liked people and enjoyed helping them." Mr. Stodghill was continually working toward educating and improving the working conditions of the ranchers stockman and the dependability of the four-footed ranch hand. Most of his writings were of an educational nature. Texas A & M professors and students frequently consulted with Mr. Stodghill throughout the
years and sought his advice on animal breeding programs and training. He developed the famous ARF Clockwise Breeding Program that created some of the most desirable traits in stock dogs. The chart was published in Dog World Magazine and the ARF Cowdog Magazine.

Over thirty other registries have attempted to imitate the ARF, but long-time customers stay loyal because of the organization's dependability. Mr. Stodghill used the phrase: "ARF is often imitated, but never duplicated."
: Re: Bogus dog registries?
: jabear September 07, 2005, 01:27:07 PM
Wow JJ! That was a ton of good info. about the creator of ARF but I still have one question? Is the registration equilivant to the AKC registration in terms of the "cowdog" title?
: Re: Bogus dog registries?
: Anky September 07, 2005, 02:15:25 PM
Wow JJ! That was a ton of good info. about the creator of ARF but I still have one question? Is the registration equilivant to the AKC registration in terms of the "cowdog" title?


I don't think so because if it was only a cowdog registry, they wouldn't have bulldogs on there would they?  I guess I'm just thinking out loud.  Araby is registered in the Field Dog Stud Book, but only bird dogs are in there.  I think there is a working cow dog registry, that only has working cow dogs in it, but I'm not sure.

: Re: Bogus dog registries?
: GrumpyBunny September 07, 2005, 02:22:56 PM
Their website states that...


I can't get a link to their site to post here, but it is animalresearch

If you look under the breeds that ARF recognizes, there are a few pretty suspicious looking breeds hiding in there among the more commonly recognized ones.... Great Newfy, anyone? 
: Re: Bogus dog registries?
: Carolyn September 07, 2005, 02:54:56 PM
Shiloh Shepards have their own registry (2 or 3 actually) there were a lot of politics involved with the splitting of the registrys. I was only concerned with finding a good healthy pup, it was a bit mind boggling, I took a chance, but I am very happy with my decision. There not reconized by AKC. I guess Im very lucky!
: Re: Bogus dog registries?
: ZooCrew September 07, 2005, 06:27:09 PM
Besides ARF, alapaha blue blood bulldogs are also recognized by the APRI = American Pet Registy Inc.  Very handsome looking dogs.