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: Mastiff Advice
: stpetebeachmastiff September 20, 2005, 06:13:49 PM
Hi, I just adopted a three year old Mastiff named Cooper!  He is blind in one eye from two Entropian surgery's.  Poor Cooper was neglected until recently and we are working on getting him back into shape.  When he got to the shelter his leg muscles were so atrophied he could barely walk.  He is getting better now, and is gaining weight back(only 130 lbs right now).
Just wanted to get any advice that I could from you all!  He is a cool dog, very relaxed, and I am really looking forward to this!  I pick him up tomorrow, wish me luck!
: Re: Mastiff Advice
: newflvr September 20, 2005, 06:25:48 PM
I don't have any advice except to love the patooties out of him!  It sounds like he really, really needs you!!!  Congrats and very best of luck!
: Re: Mastiff Advice
: Pierre September 21, 2005, 08:24:54 AM
Just show a lot of love and will give you twice the love back.  That was my experience with my presa canario. (it is in the Mastiff family).

: Re: Mastiff Advice
: 3DogMom October 19, 2005, 05:03:43 AM
Congratulation s!  Mastiffs are wonderful babies and he will love you forever!  They are real low maintenance, but do keep a drool towel handy at all times. LOL  Our OEM is 3 1/2 and I adore him!  He's a real Mama's Boy.  They MUST be with their people, so expect him to follow you just about everywhere.  Good luck and have fun!
: Re: Mastiff Advice
: JaxandLivi October 19, 2005, 07:23:23 AM
You have just made the best decision of your life!  I have and English - who is a healthly 130lbs male and a Bull - who is a "chuncky" 100 lbs girl.  These babies are the sweetest, most loving dogs!  I have to agree with another poster, they will follow you everywhere around the house, lie on you feet, drool all over the place, and they think they are lap dogs!  Have fun and they will love YOU more than you could ever love them, imagine that!

Congratulation s!
: Re: Mastiff Advice
: diesel October 19, 2005, 05:46:14 PM
Congradulation s,and I know you are enjoying your new addition to your family. My name is Melody and I own 2 English Mastiff's Hannah,and Diesel.Hannah is a 5YR Old Fawn English Mastiff ,she weighs 97#and our New addition is Diesel who I/We took in a couple months ago that is 8mo's and last weighed 110#'s.Both very healthy I thought Hannah would get bigger but My vet says she is very healthy.
  Hannah we took in 1 year ago and she is a shadow, where I walk she is behind me...She has to have several daily hugs,but don't drool.She is my clean one. ;).Diesel on the other hand is a handfull...him being a pup still and us not having him since he was only a small pup he is a little sassier and loves to play. Mastiff's love children and are loyal.When Diesel eats or drinks he pretty much knows now to come to me so that I can take a dish towel or mainly a paper towel and wipe his
  Your boy will be your Best friend and as loyal to you as you are to him.
Congratulation s!!
: Re: Mastiff Advice
: Proliant November 08, 2005, 01:49:23 PM
No matter what kind of dog or the circumstances of the adoption there will be problems. However the answer to all the problems is love and consistancy! These are the two most important things you can giove any dog and it will always come back to you in loyalty, love, and (hopefully) obediance.


PS - give a hug to your new baby for me
: Re: Mastiff Advice
: BabsT November 08, 2005, 01:52:33 PM
Swim therapy is excellent for dogs and little wear and tear on the muscles and joints...I would let the dog adjust a little and then find water pet therapy.

Good luck and congrats