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: orion5221 October 10, 2005, 08:48:21 PM
Canine Companions (CCI) is holding it annual Snoopy Dogfest on Saturday October 15th from 11-3pm at the SUNY Farmingdale Campus.  You can walk your dog to raise money for CCI ( and recieve a cool gift bag) visit the vendors that they have and see great demostrations . I beleive you can also have your dog tested for it Canine Good Citzen :)  It is also a great oppurtunity to "dog watch" and see tons of diffent breeds.

From LIE ( 495) exit 49s  go about 2-3 miles make Right in to SUNY Farmingdale Campus & follow the Snoopy signs

From Southern State Exit 32 N go about 3 miles, pass Adventurland, at next light make Left into SUNY Farmigndale Campus & follow the Snoopy Signs.
If you would like more info go to    northeast region

Hope to see some of you there! ( I might be doing a demo and I will be walking my Cane Corso ( brindle) lab ( yellow) and bullmastiff x cane corso puppy ( fawn)