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: Christmas eve visit to vet.
: queenkofsnow December 26, 2005, 09:43:13 AM
This Christmas my siblings and mother rented a house on a lake up here in northern Minnesota so that we could all be together as mom's house was sold and we have no gathering place big enough now.  Well,  nephew had brought along from Chicago his black lab, Dakota, and his yellow/chocolate lab, Minnesota ( Minnie).  They were romping in the bedroom and Minnie was gashed on the end of the bed frame...the bed hadn't been made right....she got two very large in her arm pit and one on her hip!!  Now, try and get a vet on Christmas eve!!  Well, they a tune of $250.00....which really isn't bad...but ya just don't need more expenses, right?  Anyway, poor minnie spent the evening roaming the house wearing an Elizabethan collar!  Poor beastie....she is sooooo pretty.   We gave her pain meds to see if she would settle down and such luck.  Poor thing kept running into furniture and people all evening long.  Who would have thought to look for that kind of hazard!!   It's a good thing that I left my beasties at home.....we thought it would be a bit two much since my sister had also brought her beasties.   I know Mike would have had a hay day with that collar!!!  Would have tried to drag miss minnie all over the house!!!!
: Re: Christmas eve visit to vet.
: queenkofsnow December 26, 2005, 09:57:00 AM
After hearing what others are paying for vet bills I guess I can never whine about what I have to pay.  I have a farm vet up here in Cook, Minnesota.  They have their office in their basement.  I have been going to them for years including having had surgery on a couple of my beasties.  I don't think I have ever paid over $100.00 for a vet bill.  I go and have annuals done on both my dogs...sometim es even three of them at a time and it costs about 60 bucks for all shots and tests!!!  Can't beat that.  And, I like the vet besides.  It is a husband and wife team and I like them both.