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: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: queenkofsnow January 14, 2006, 09:11:11 AM us out here.  I am thinking Mike is running a little is Saphire doing?  What weight is she running right now...I know that Mike should be heavier than her,  but both Dan and I are a little concerned about his weight.  He has been taken out snowshoeing almost every day and always seems to scarf up a few deer cookies if you know what I meanl And, the last couple of nights he has been waking up vomiting...not like him at all.  He must be about 90 lbs right now.  I have to go out of town, but maybe Dan should bring a stool specimen in.  I worry about tapeworms or whatever.  He has been very active and happy though. Let me know how Saphire is doing, K?  That would be about the best comprison we can get right now.  Thanks, mary
: Re: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: kildeskennel January 14, 2006, 01:00:30 PM
If you have him out and he is getting treats he may have gotten wormy, during hunting season all the dogs we rewormed here  after finding a few gut piles.  Definately stool sample.  He may also be doing a growth spurt again and his food would need to be adjusted accordingly.  I recall not to long ago Sapphire was also having this trouble, counter surfing, scarfing food, I believe her food was increased for a time and she leveled out again.  I am not sure if Deena is off the board for a while now as she is getting ready to move, if you need her personal email let me know privately, and I can provide it for you.  Shana
: Re: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: Good Hope January 14, 2006, 01:51:28 PM

I'll be off the board beginning Tuesday or Wed. for 3 or 4 weeks.

Any way, Sapphire weighs 82 lbs. She is very lean, yet very muscular. She has not put on that beautiful longer heavy thick coat since it's so warm here. She went through a period when she was hungry, hungry, hungry, and counter surfed. So, we doulbled her food/ kibble. Within a week, she began eating less and less, and now eats about 7c kibble plus 2/3 can of large breed wet.

There is a guideline on feeding that we discovered, which can vary with breed. It stated to feed 2x's the recommended adult amount until the puppy is 50% of adult weight (Estimated weight to be). Once the puppy hits it decrease to 1.5x's until he hits 80% of his adult weight. Then you decrease to 1.2x's until the age of 2 yrs.

Sapphire usually eats a little less than the recommended by the formula, but does eat more when she hits those growth spirts! I hope this helps.

Hey, what ever happened to the wedding pictures, did I miss something?

: Re: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: queenkofsnow January 17, 2006, 06:17:11 PM
I just got back from out of town...visitin g son in Iowa with my grandbaby.  Anyway, just got back a little while ago....poor Mikey was sooooooooooo excited to see me.  He REALLY looks thin to me.....partial ly because he blew that beautiful coat and looks a little ratty...ya know what I mean?  I almost hope for cooler weather so they can get their coats back, but I have to admit the warmer temps are nice when it comes to heating the house.  I think I will get Mike in for stool check just to be sure.  He is very lean and very, very muscular.  But, I didn't notice that someone threw up while I was gone and mike's reaction makes me think it was him.  I didn't notice anything in his kennel.  Georde has been here, but both Dan and I were gone.  Wedding pics?  I got them back and I am working on them.....I got some really nice ones of the pups....K2 disappears on film.  I just bought Photoshop and I am learning how to use it so I can doctor these pics....I wasn't too happy with them, but I have plenty to work with.........s will be getting pics shortly!!!!   
: Re: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: kildeskennel January 17, 2006, 08:21:04 PM
Let me know what the vet says and do try adjusting his food as Deena did with Sapphire.  I will check later in the week to see how you come out!  Big Hugs!  Shana
: Re: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: queenkofsnow January 18, 2006, 12:45:54 AM
Mike is weighing in at 89 lbs and is 28" at the shoulder.  How does that compare?  He had been turning down breakfast until this morning and he skarfed it right up.  He eats about 7 cups of dry a day. 
: Re: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: Good Hope January 19, 2006, 08:53:01 AM
Sapphire is 27.5" at the whithers. She weighed 82 lbs, 2 weeks ago.

Mike is eating less than Sapphire, so you may want to increase. Although they are eating the same amount of dry. Sapphire is eating  canned food as well.

We are switching to raw after we move next week.

: Re: attn Good Hope: Kuvasz weight
: queenkofsnow January 21, 2006, 09:42:06 AM
The problem with Mike is that he is never really hungry.  Sometimes he turns down breakfast.   He does get alot of big time exercise almost every day.  That maybe why he is on the lean side.  We are going to get a stool sample just to be sure.  His stools are looking good.  I don't allow Mike to graze all day......If he doesn't eat it right away we take it away.  K2 would scarf up any food he doesn't eat.....she just waits in the shadows til he walks away.   She would eat all 4cups of food if allowed and she is only a 18 lb. scotty.  Anyway....we will check into it.  I did start adding more to his food, but he just didn't eat the amount that I had added.