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: Underground fence systems
: horsepoor21 January 26, 2006, 03:14:58 PM
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these and if so , what brand ,etc? I have a 5 foot chain link fence around my yard but Allie continues to find a way out so I thought I would add one of those to keep her safe ?
: Re: Underground fence systems
: lins_saving_grace January 26, 2006, 03:33:00 PM
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these and if so , what brand ,etc? I have a 5 foot chain link fence around my yard but Allie continues to find a way out so I thought I would add one of those to keep her safe ?
We have the Invisible Fence brand around our 1.1 acre yard and LOVE do the girls.  I was pessamistic at first...but it works miracles.
: Re: Underground fence systems
: Kirsten January 26, 2006, 04:50:55 PM
I have heard of a few problems, but for the most part the people i know that use them love them. Particularly if it is a "backup" to a real fence.  I always worry taht if the power went out for any reason it wouldn't work, but sinse you ahve a fence too that wouldnt be a huge issue.  Some breeds of hounds have also been known to walk right through them, but again, that wouldnt be an issue for ya.
: Re: Underground fence systems
: newflvr January 26, 2006, 10:42:40 PM
We have one and used it for our first two Newfs and it worked perfectly for Otis!  Lucille was another story, though.  She'd get up enough speed and run right through it....and then couldn't get back in.  Cowboy never leaves me so he's not an issue.  Chester however hasn't been trained to it yet....just because he's so quick like Lucille...and I'm afraid to trust it. :-\
: Re: Underground fence systems
: brandon January 27, 2006, 01:19:04 AM
You can also get the ones that are perimeter based and you don't need to bury a wire at all, they are just based on distance from the transmitter.  You still set up the flags for training.  I got 2 of them for $40/ea from an outlet, but haven't tried them out yet.

I have read people say that you need to check the batteries on a regular basis on the collar also, dead batteries and it wouldn't work of course.

: Re: Underground fence systems
: my3dogs January 27, 2006, 03:00:17 AM

One word.....Innot ek.

We got an Innotek system when we bought our house. It worked wonderfully. For years those collars got punished out in the 5 acres of mud, snow, dirt, grass, and muck of our yard. The collars were a bit scuffed up but still worked like new.  They are sturdy products. The main transitter unit died an early death because I did not purchase the lightning surge protector. It was out of warranty and a replacement part was not available. That was this past spring.  The collars were still perfect and I sold them on Ebay.

I decided to cheap out and buy a different brand of fence system off of ebay.  Not a good idea.  We've been using the ebay system since midsummer.  It's rechargeable. It handles 3 large dogs and covers 5 acres.  That's about it for similairities.    It's cheaply made and doesn't hold a charge for very long.  The batteries have to be removed from the collars for recharging. I have to use a knife to twist the covers to get the batteries out. Each time leaves a mark on the battery cover. :-\    This has to be done every 2 weeks even though the dogs rarely trigger the signal. The batteries don't hold the charge. 

Hello Innotek?
Our new system arrived a week ago.

Some of the reasons I selected this system:

Rechargable collars.  No batteries to remove. Just set the entire collar on the charger and a dead collar is recharged in 2 hours.
Some rechargeable require you to remove the batteries for recharging.
Not fun with 3 dogs.

ready light on collar shows when it needs to be recharged

Collar tells you that it's on the dog properly.

24/7 battery backup

The following is copied from the site because I couldn't figure out how to explain it. :)

Patented Run-Through Prevention

Run-Through Prevention is a feature patented by Innotek. It is only available in Innotek systems. In the past, systems offered only one level of static correction. This caused two problems. First, dogs would would only have to withstand one level of stimulation as they ran straight through the boundary. Second, dogs that accidentally walked into the boundary were hit with the full correction.

Run-Through Prevention has solved both of these problems by creating a zone of increasing stimulation. You are now able to set the distance before the boundary at which the stimulation begins. So if you set the containment field at 10 feet, an audible warning tone will occur, giving the dog three seconds to return to the safe zone and avoid stimulation. If the dog does not heed this warning tone and continues on, the stimulation will begin and will steadily increase as the dog approaches the boundary. This has solved our two problems. First, dogs must now run through a zone of increasing stimulation instead of just one correction level, making it much more difficult to escape the containment area. This progressive correction never lets the dog know where the boundary wire is, so he thinks the stimulation will never end. Second, Run-Through Prevention is more humane because your dog only receives as much stimulation as is necessary for him to retreat to the safe zone. Systems without Run-Through Prevention are not as humane or effective.

Hope that helps.   
PM with questions if you like.  Honest....I don't sell for Innotek or own stock....I just love it.  I did my research on this one. 

: Re: Underground fence systems
: Happypaws February 18, 2006, 02:11:46 PM
One note of caution..

Any of these are good, but - on the off chance the dog does get out past the "fence" they won't go home as they will recieve another shock if they do.  My local animal control has picked up numerous dogs with a invisible fence type collar on.  They simply won't go back home.  It may work better in conjunction with a real fence.  The suggestion is usually to purchase a electric fence charger, the doggy strength ones (don't need to contain cows here, right?) and to run a wire around the base of the fence or the top if they are going over.  It usually only takes once or twice for them to be "bitten" by the fence to change their minds about going out of it.  I think it'd be cheaper to use the electric fence too and no need to worry about collars, etc.  If you've already got the real fence in place, it'd be a cinch to modify. 

Just my 3 cents worth!   :)
: Re: Underground fence systems
: cuttles/sadieMay February 18, 2006, 02:48:14 PM

One word.....Innot ek.
Can I get this on ebay? It sounds perfect for my place, but I am in Canada and wouldnt know where to look for it?

: Re: Underground fence systems
: horsepoor21 February 18, 2006, 03:59:56 PM
I have three children under age 4 . I'd be too scared they'd get shocked themselves ! LOL Otherwise I'd use the normal electric fence .... much cheaper ! LOL ;)
: Re: Underground fence systems
: stryder February 19, 2006, 01:07:16 AM
Choosing a fence system is easy (they all can work).
The trainer who will work with you to make it work should be determinating factor. Proper setting of the fence and the collar are the real issue. Proper coaching is also important. Our GSD was a runner who was a changed dog is 5 days with proper introduction to the fence.
: Re: Underground fence systems
: stryder February 19, 2006, 01:11:34 AM
Buddy is bigger than that.LOL
: Re: Underground fence systems
: my3dogs February 19, 2006, 08:10:21 AM
This is where we purchase ours:

If you decide to go with Innotek just be sure to go with an Authorized Innotek seller so that you have the support of Innotek.
: Re: Underground fence systems
: wiss329 February 19, 2006, 10:27:25 AM
We have Invisible Fence and love it. 
We have a neighbor that lets their beagle roam the neighborhood off-lease.  The beagle likes to tease our dog, Max, by coming over to our yard and sitting right at the boundary of our yard.  Not once has he bolted past the line to go play with her.

But as a word of caution, another neighbor has the same system and their dog ended up in our backyard.  Turns out they let the battery go dead.

Positives for us:  cheaper than regular fence, neighbor dog could come over and play, not wanting to box in our yard, invisible fence in front yard where we wouldn't have been able to put up real fence

Other words of caution: must be diligent with training, kids/other dogs won't be kept out of yard, remember to take collar off when going for walks or trips, need to replace batteries
: Re: Underground fence systems
: Stephanie February 19, 2006, 02:20:53 PM
We recently got a fence system and it's the best thing ever!! I was going to get Innotek because Wendy said it was the best but Josh didn't want to dig so we got the Pet Safe wireless one. The dogs learned so quick and we have tested it with everything from treats to Justen's puppy and they will not pass the flags!! It gives a warning beep if they get to close to the boundary so they know if they are going to far and it was so easy to set up. They have so much fun running around outside and are much better behaved now!! Here's some pics of them outside.
: Re: Underground fence systems
: my3dogs February 19, 2006, 05:21:39 PM
OH Steph....they look so great! They are getting B-I-G!!

Isn't it awesome to be able to let them out to romp and play? 

: Re: Underground fence systems
: Rachel February 19, 2006, 05:41:54 PM
I would love to get an invisible fence but I am so scared that Sophie would just bolt right through it if she saw a cat...
: Re: Underground fence systems
: Stephanie February 19, 2006, 05:55:35 PM
Thanks Wendy!! Yes I love them being able to run around and get their enegery out!! Then they are so much better inside! I absolutely love your avatar of Daisy! It crakcs me up everytime I see it! ;D

Rachel, I was afraid of the same thing and I can't believe how good it works. We have jackrabbits running around here and the neighbors dogs tease mine but they still won't pass it. If there is something they want to chase they run as far as they can and when they reach the end of the boundary their brakes go on, lol and then they sit there and wine! It's pretty cool!!
: Re: Underground fence systems
: Rachel February 19, 2006, 06:27:12 PM
wow, that is pretty cool. Hers is more of a kill prey drive rather then a chase prey drive  ::).  I wonder if that makes a difference....  I may have to start looking into these a little more  :)  thanks!