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: Rally To Rescue
: 2dobies January 27, 2006, 09:40:46 PM
I found the greatest thing  tonight at the farm supply store here locally.  It's a set of 2 collars, One for your dog, and one matching  miniature dog-collar style bracelet for YOU to wear!  They are reflective safety collars, and they are made by Purina.  Proceeds of these collar sales go to Purina's cause called 'Rally to Rescue' and it is a fund to help pay for dog food, supplies. and financial help for shelter dogs. What a great win~win situation! My dogs get reflective collars to wear so if we are out walking and it gets dark on us, the collars shine in very low light, I get a nifty little dog-collar bracelet that matches the dogs', and Purina donates money to help shelter dogs!