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: The REAL Einstein shows up
: smsmith January 28, 2006, 01:14:06 PM
After several days of antibiotics and ear drops, Einstein is becoming a different dog.  Last night after going out for a potty break, he came in and was acting like a puppy -- jumping around in front of me, pawing at me and shaking his head around.  He's taken an interest in chewing on his monster bone.  He's destroyed one set of blinds (no biggie -- I should have raised them up, but he wasn't interested in that window the first few days at my house).  He got so excited when I left yesterday he "accidentally" knocked over a huge potted plant (in his defense, I had vacuumed and didn't place it exactly where it had been).
So, I guess I'm in for a ride now.  : )

My neighbor said he barks a lot during the day when I'm not there.   I've heard of collars that emit a high-pitched sound or a citronella spray when the dog barks.  I don't want him to NOT BARK at all, and it really doesn't matter if he barks Mon-Fri 8-5 when I'm at work -- no one nearby works nights or anything.  Any training we could work on?  It's hard to tell him not to bark since he rarely barks when I'm with him.

You guys are the greatest -- I'm so glad I can ask these questions here.



: Re: The REAL Einstein shows up
: longshadowfarms January 28, 2006, 02:54:46 PM
We use a citronella spray collar on one of our dogs (Jesse) who has a nasty habit of barking at 3 am we think because brother Josh chases him off the bed he wants or he wants to go to a different bed and Josh won't let him pass.  I only turn the collar on at night when I go to bed.  If you try one, be sure to watch his reaction the first few times.  Jesse is ok with it but our pup Eider has had it on a few times (when I sit down to watch a movie at night and he is in too destructive a mood to be in the living room) and he really freaks out when it sprays him.  It will be hard to monitor if he doesn't bark when you are there.  Maybe do a test run - pretend to leave and walk back and watch the reaction.  Eider is a bit timid anyway so I think that is his issue.  None of the other dogs really are bothered much by it other than not liking the spray which really does a fantastic job of controlling the barking. 

Great articles on behavioral issues - check out separation anxiety
: Re: The REAL Einstein shows up
: my3dogs January 28, 2006, 03:18:54 PM
Sounds like Einstein is starting to suspect that this might just be more than another shelter.  This place might just be a forever kinda place so he's relaxing a bit.
Only one thing to say.......WELC OME HOME EINSTEIN!

: Re: The REAL Einstein shows up
: smsmith January 28, 2006, 03:35:36 PM
Awwwww,  I'm tearing (as in weeping) up here! 
: Re: The REAL Einstein shows up
: coonie1970 January 28, 2006, 05:56:40 PM
Its so nice to hear that Einstein has such a wonderfull home and Mommy. He can just be himself.He has definately found himself a forever home. He is such a beautiful dog you cant help but fall in love with him.
: Re: The REAL Einstein shows up
: Senghe January 28, 2006, 07:26:38 PM
The honeymoon's over chickie - he-he!

Hopefully everything will sort itself out eventually, though you may end up with a house that looks like Hurricane Einstein has hit it. I had a lot of success crating one of my shar-pei that had seperation anxiety. Flynn also goes in his when I leave the house or he'd wreck the place - he used to bark at first, but now he's quiet. It's hard to train a dog not to bark when they only bark when you're out! I don't know what to suggest there.
: Re: The REAL Einstein shows up
: smsmith January 29, 2006, 11:04:02 AM
 I do feel like he's no longer on his best behaviour because he feels he's at home.  The damage he's done so far has been mostly because I didn't take precautions -- so this weekend I bought a couple of toys, and a friend of mine brought him some toys, too.  And I removed any potential catastrophes. 

Yesterday we had a house-full of people, including my 15 month old grandson.  Einstein was a perfect gentleman.  Benjamin (grandson) toddled by him many times and Einstein just watched him.  He never nudged or licked or anything, but once he accidentally flapped his tail in Benjamin's face -- and Ben quickly got out of the way!  And once Ben lost his balance and fell on Einstein -- Einstein just looked at him.

I bought some liver-treats at PetSmart and started training him -- with "sit."  He's a quick learner and has already started sitting if I just stand in front of him with my hands clasped in front of me -- there's always a chance I'll have a treat in my hand! 

I also started praising him when he gets out of the way -- his favorite place to lounge is in front of the front door.   And he's definitely a speed bump!

At one point we were all sitting in the living room and across the street two men were riding bikes -- at least that's all we could figure would get Einstein's attention -- Einstein was laying on the floor, barking.  I think he was feeling responsible for protecting all of us and when he saw the bikes (which he hasn't seen very often) he was warning me of a possible danger.  Or maybe he was just barking to let us know he was there -- on the job.  After he barked a couple of times, I said "No" and he only barked once more after that -- as if to say, but there really is a good reason for me to bark!

I'm building up my confidence with him and he's still convinced that I'm the "alpha" dog.  I think he deserves a trip to the dog park.  Anyone else here in Houston?