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: Working dog?
: mastiffmommy May 20, 2005, 11:29:50 AM
It would be interesting to hear what you all do with your dogs, since we all have rather large dogs and most of the agility or flyball and a lot of other things are for the smaller breeds (picturing a OEM in the tunnel on an agility course lol...) So does anyone do any work?? Track, rescue, obedience or what is there?? I have to admit that since we got Hera I have been very lazy, she has basic obedience, been to clicker training and we do a lot of socalization (sp?) just by bringing the dogs most places where they are allowed. But with Galahad I would really like to try to get him to be a certified therapy dog.

: Re: Working dog?
: pndlake May 20, 2005, 12:09:44 PM
 ;D  Niki is a true working dog.  Would stand in front of our video store and get movies from customers.  Clear the drop box, make change, put things in the trash and bring balloons to kids.  What a long list, but alas, Blockbuster opened up across the street.  Now she is retired but still works at home and our ranch.  She cleans house and can even carry a 12 pack of drinks then put it on a shelf.  She is looking for work though, if you know anybody. ::)
: Re: Working dog?
: mastiffmommy May 20, 2005, 01:07:51 PM
 :DThat is just too cute, I am sad to hear that she had to retire though. How did she start doing all these things, did you try to teach him to do these different things, or did it come natural to him, well hehe I realize it took training, but he must also just love it. If you have any more pic's of him working it would be so nice to see. Give him hugs from us

: Re: Working dog?
: mastiffmommy May 20, 2005, 01:09:46 PM
Ohhh by the way  ;) where are you located, since he is looking for work, I have a house that he can help clean, my dogs seem to think they are good boys and girls if they make as big of a mess as they possibly can, so he would come in real handy lol..... maybe he could even teach my dogs some neat tricks.

: Re: Working dog?
: pndlake May 20, 2005, 02:08:22 PM
HI, love your dog's photo.  What a cutie, great face that shows he has a lot of character.  Clear shiney coat too with arms that look like he works out.  I will try to load another photo of Niki working.  My goal someday is to try to help people teach their dogs like a working dog for handicapped people even though they might not be handicapped.  In other words, why do you have to have a handicap if you want to have a helper dog?  In today's world many of us could use it and dogs are MUCH happier when they have a purpose.  Well, I guess we are all happier. ;D

At home she picks up my shoes and puts them in the shoe basket.  She will leave my husband's shoes alone because she knows he does not like them in the basket.  She picks up anything on the floor that is not supposed to be there and asks me if it goes in the trash. That includes lint and more. She will pick up a leaf inside but not outside.  She cleans up around the outside too.  Helps me carry in the groceries (will carry up to a 12-pack of beer or soda).  She does the banking for me too as the bank employees love her and she can go in there.  Of course, she gets the paper and the mail.  She is looking for work but I do not think Merry Maids will hire her.   ;)
: Re: Working dog?
: mastiffmommy May 20, 2005, 05:23:33 PM
She is looking for work but I do not think Merry Maids will hire her.   ;)

Darn it....  :D if they had fun maids like that I would call them in a heartbeat. How did you come up with the idea to train her to do stuff like that, I am sure you just gave quite a few of us ideas about what to do with the dog lol... I personally love the idea of having a dog pick up all the shoes that seem to be dropped just inside the door. I am to the point of being jealous lol...... I want a dog who asks me if the lint goes in the trash too........ How old is she and how much time do you figure you have spent on her training,, well I guess it is an ongoing thing, I am really impressed. She looks soo cute with the bag in her mouth, I bet all the customers just loved that. Oh and thanks for the nice words about Galahad, he is a snuggler, is 13 weeks now and is just starting to get the hang of "leave it" and "let go" he is doing a sit, if he is pretty sure he will get a cookie after and the down is still not too good, but we are working on it.

: Re: Working dog?
: pndlake May 21, 2005, 11:33:45 AM
Hi Marit,  I started Niki when she was a pup.  I received a lot of training instructions from 4-H people who raised pups to be used as guide dogs for the blind.  I also had instructions from a friend who trains fire investigating dogs. I started working her in the store after she was 2 years old.  She had lots of national television and news publicity for her feats - hee hee we had our 15 minutes of fame.  With all of this, the most important fact is -- you must work with your dog EVERY day - 7 days a week.  She is 8 and still going strong.  Well,
Galahad looks like the kind of dog that you just HAVE to hug, so give him a big one for me.   :-*
: Re: Working dog?
: moonlitcroatia May 22, 2005, 08:36:25 AM
Greta and Lou spent two years in obedience training and received CGCs.  Greta spent a few years posing for photographs (what a life?).  She is almost eight years old and recently took a dance class.

Betti, the new addition to our family, is still obedience training in preparation for search & rescue work.  We've attended some SAR training, but Betti is not ready until she develops a solid re-call.   :)
: Re: Working dog?
: kildeskennel May 22, 2005, 10:04:09 AM
Aidan recieved his CGC a few weeks ago, and at hte test site they had an agility course set up, its new here a club called "Northwoods Dog trainig club"  They do agility, showmanship, conformation etc.  My h usband thought it would be fun to just "try" Aidan in the agility course, no training and we have never worked him in this, needless to say he was a natural.  Went through the tunnels, jumped over the barricades, and leapt throughthe tires!  Everyone was amazed, he weighs 120 pounds and is a little over a year old!  My hun is hooked!  He LOVED agility!  We are not into showing for conformation etc...but Steve (hun) has found an event he enjoys and is fun for both.  He will be working Aidan in agility (training) and wants to compete, I will on the other hand will be working him for his therapy cert.  He is such an awesome boy...SMART like no other , but I am biased!
I totally understand the car thing.  Alls I have to do is say "let's go bye bye" and both Beauty and Aidan are alert and ready to leave!  A few months ago I said this to Beauty, we were going for a vet check as she was still pregnant and I let her out after telling "bye bye" the phone rang and I went in to answer, when I came out she was laying by the drivers door, thumping her tail , sounded like a drum!  They LOVE to ride in the car and it is one of our favorite things to do with them, even if its just down the road! 
: Re: Working dog?
: kildeskennel May 22, 2005, 10:08:14 AM
WOW!  I am totally impressed with all that, how did you train her or did it come naturally?
Aidan is such a smart boy I would LOVE help cleaning house!  HEHEHE!  My kids are awesome but of course need much encouagement to get he job done!  Wouldn't they be happy to have Aidan pick up the shoes they leave behind! 
: Re: Working dog?
: pndlake May 22, 2005, 10:11:54 AM
Hi, to me agility sounds like a fun thing to do. By the way I hope you do not mind but I took the photo of yours of the dad and baby and put it up as a screen saver - WOW it looks so cool.  You might try it and you will see what I mean.  8)
: Re: Working dog?
: bullymom May 23, 2005, 02:08:55 PM
My 1and a half yr old Bullmastiff girl & I are in competion obedience classes right now & she loves it! I'm getting ready to try to CGC test in June with her. Def not agility as she is very fearful of it and she has hip probs too.
: Re: Working dog?
: pndlake May 23, 2005, 07:34:16 PM
Niki has a chance to do a commercial for Gottchalks (a local department store) for Father's Day.  She will hand a tool to a hard working Dad.  We will see if it comes about. 

I know you will agree how amazing  animals like Aidan, Greta, Lou, Betti  are when they have a reason to  be doing the things they are doing.  That is why I really like Dogs with Jobs rather than Dogs that Do Tricks.  Of course, if the trick makes money, then it is a job. 

Outside Niki carries grain buckets for the sheep, cleans up the hay binding rope and cleans all of the sheep's ears. (her favorite)  I will try to get a photo of her carrying my 12 pack as soon as I get the camera loaded in the new computer.  I can't find the CD disc for loading the camera. Does anybody know where I can get one?  It is a standard cheap AOL camera.   
: Re: Working dog?
: GYPSY JAZMINE May 23, 2005, 08:17:54 PM
Samson has a doggy back pack & when we take our library books back we walk there & he carries the books for us...He's all business as long as there's weight on that pack but as soon as we drop the library books off he is his usual pulling, sniffing everything in sight hubby is going to build him a light weight cart to learn to pull...Next winter I am hoping to get him a pulling harness so he can pull the kids on their sleds...I would also like to put him in town parades.
: Re: Working dog?
: pndlake May 23, 2005, 08:22:38 PM
WOW - amazing how Sampson acts so well with the pack on.  I can't wait to hear how the cart turns out so please keep us posted, it will give us all ideas.