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: OEM-less Newbie
: Luckenbooth February 18, 2006, 12:25:15 AM
Hello All!  :)
My name's Franklin, I live near Monterey, CA and I have no pets.  I WANT an English Mastiff (puppy).
Just registered today after lurking for a few weeks.  I've been searching for an English Mastiff for quite awhile now and my search has been fruitless.  I have no idea where on this board to post the following:

Hello, All!
I'm still searching for an English Mastiff puppy. Preferably fawn or apricot. There are a few rescue organizations and breeders available, but...well... the rescue I was thinking of using doesn't seem to have such a great rep and the breeders I've contacted want a WOW amount of cash. So... If you have an English Mastiff puppy that you want to just give away for FREE...I'm your man. If you have a pup for sale, we can talk prices. Thanks very much! 8)

I've got an ad or 2 on Craigslist, but its not helping too much. 

Am I the only member without a dog, btw?  Perhaps one of you lovely folks can help me remedy the situation.  ;D

I'm thinking of going through Gentle Giants Rescue of Norco (I've read the opinions/warnings)
Puppyfind (I'm a lil suspicious of them)

<sigh> :-\ ......

My apologies if I've broken a taboo or two.  Still... dog or not, I'll be sticking around just for the company and the cute pics of ALL the pets.

Take care, all
: Re: OEM-less Newbie
: Gypsy Jazmine February 18, 2006, 02:29:20 AM
Hello & welcome to BPO!...Please stay away from G.G.!...I've heard far more negatives about them than positives...My name is Chelle & my dogs are Samson & Pippin both Great Pyrenees ages 1 & 1/2 & just turned 1 today & Rosie who is a rescue Kuvasz mix & is between 1& 1/2 & 3...I am glad you joined us & you should beable to hook up with some reputable OEM breeders through the group!
: Re: OEM-less Newbie
: cricket36580 February 18, 2006, 10:22:59 AM
Surely with all of the "need home" posts we can find ya something.  Welcome to the board!
: Re: OEM-less Newbie
: MommyOfSchnauzers February 18, 2006, 04:23:03 PM
Welcome to BPO.  I'm sure you'll find a pup that steals your heart at just the right time!  Please stick around, read, talk, learn, and share with us. 
: Re: OEM-less Newbie
: Anky February 19, 2006, 11:11:31 AM
Have you considered using Petfinder?

I found some Bull Mastiff puppies (I know you were looking for an OEM.
They aren't in CA but transports can always be arranged :)

1089798- Dog:Bull Mastiff
Austin,TX 5122437091 Luis Cortez 02-15-2006
Name: Biscuit
Delete Biscuit is a great dog, he is energetic, great with my son but needs a great deal of attention. Working full time and school doesnt allow much time for association. He is a pure bread unregistered Bull Mastiff and I am asking $200 as an adoption fee for him to make sure serious families or individuals apply. He is a great guard dog, and companion and is very sweet. He needs a loving and attentive home. Please only serious inquires. 

1089439- Dog:bull Mastiff PUP
Pontiac,IL 815-674-0921 Jamie 02-14-2006
Name: Minnie
Age:10 weeks
Delete I need to find a home for my 10 week old female bull mastiff pup. She is a great friendly dog. Does well with kids and other animals. her fee is $200 and I WILL NOT SHIP HER!!!! Please email me for more info and pictures of her. 
: Re: OEM-less Newbie
: smsmith February 19, 2006, 11:55:54 AM
My advice is to keep an open mind (and heart).  I had my sights on a Great Pyrenees, but lo and behold I found Einstein (South Russian Ovcharka), and he's the best!

When the human is ready, the puppy will appear.
: Re: OEM-less Newbie
: ZooCrew February 19, 2006, 11:11:29 PM
Hello and welcome!

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time finding your OEM.  I know there are a few on here, maybe they can point you in the right direction?  I know I had alot of trouble as well when I was looking for my dane.  Keep your chin up, you'll find your perfect dog.

Dont' know if you've checked out petfinder yet, but here's a few that I found you may be interested in.  It does not say what kind of mastiff they are, but here you go:





There are many more, but a bit farther away.