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Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: Moonshine
« on: August 16, 2005, 08:49:54 am »
 ;D Moonshine is a cutie.  What can I say my two greyts are both brindle. I know what you mean about being excited about him barking. It took about 3 weeks before Jessica our one and only foster barked. Like you we failed fostering 101. We where playing with her and stopped and she wanted more. It was around 10:30 pm on a Saturday night and I must say I was surprised to hear her bark. It was very loud from such a small girl.  Oz our puppy does not know that greyhounds don't bark like other breeds. He has barked since we rescued him at 10 1/2 weeks.

Is Moonshine a kisser? My Oz loves to snuggle up and gives lots of kisses. That should melt your mom and dad's heart. He looks like a keeper to me.


Lite is so cute I bet you already are in love and want to keep him. I helped with a foster on Sunday. The foster family had their baby's first birthday party out of town. Glen was such a sweet boy I wanted to keep him with me forever. He is now up for adoption here in the state of Victoria in Australia.

Coonhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: And now entering the Arena...
« on: August 06, 2005, 01:39:37 am »
The picture of Gretchen in the arena makes her look like a greyhound. How big do coonhounds get?  Is there skin as delicate as a greyhounds? We have to muzzle ours when they run so they don't tear each other.  My two get very rowdy too. Jessica is 70 lbs and Oz is 63 lbs. Here is a picture of them playing in the slipping track when Oz was 5 months old.


Coonhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: My Coonhound Pics
« on: August 06, 2005, 01:31:08 am »
 ;) Just wanted to say that your hounds are very handsome. I have 2 greyhounds, I don't think they have coonhounds in Australia where I now live. I am from Louisiana and remember seeing them there.

Here is a picture of my Jessica (3 yr old white and brindle) and my puppy Oz (8 months old brindle) having a run at the slipping track here. Unlike you I can't let them off lead unless it is in an enclosed area.


Wolfhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: irish wolfhound query...
« on: July 25, 2005, 10:18:33 pm »
Hi Matt,

I have never owned an IW but had a professor in college with one. He was a big beautiful dog. I have 2 rescue greyhounds, 1 adult 3 and 1 puppy 8 months. Not as large as the IW but at least in the same family. Good luck with your search. I hope you find the dog for you. You might want to try a greyhound but one that is cat safe. They love to run, but you can only let them off lead in an enclosed area.


Rottweiler Pictures / Re: You've been chewing my shoes again!
« on: July 25, 2005, 10:06:41 pm »
 ;) Hi Lorena,
Jessica my adult greyhound used to take my shoes into her bed but did not chew them, she collected things mostly mine. It had to do with the fact that until then she never had anything that was hers. She does not do that anymore but my puppy Oz (also a greyhound) who is 8 months old chews everything in site. I keep my shoes either on top of my dresser or on my feet. He does tend to chew on my husbands runners and loves to chew the laces off. I have found a product called Crib Stop that is used for horses and dog. The dog sprays like Bitter bite did not do anything. The Crib Stop smells really bad and you have to put in on in a area with the window open. It has capsicum flavor to it and it works. You need to put in one with rubber gloves so it does not get on your hands. Try it and see if it works for you. It might not be called that in the U.S. I live in Australia, but I am sure they would have something like it at a horse supply store in the U.S.


Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
« on: July 24, 2005, 07:44:37 pm »
 :) I agree with about greyhound puppies. They are rare and we got ours because the breeder was looking for a home for him so she did not have to have him PTS. She did not want to do that and as she already had 3 pet greyhounds she could not keep another. Their has been a few that we had on our group site in Australia but because they are not seen much outside of the racing industry there is not a lot of infomation about them for you to access. Oz is a wonderful boy but he grew up really fast, it seems like overnight. Now I have an 8 month old puppy who is taller than my adult female and weights 61.6 lbs. Being so tall he gets into everything and being a puppy he puts everything in his mouth. Can be a bit hard to keep up with so if you have small children I would play it safe and get an adult. Less work and much better manners.


I have attached pictures of Oz at 10 1/2 weeks the day we got him and one of him at 8 months which was Saturday the 23rd

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: The 15th was Magpie's 4th!
« on: July 24, 2005, 07:33:11 pm »
 :-* Happy Belated Birthday Magpie

Hope you had a great day.

Toni, Stephen, Jessica 3, and Oz 8 mo

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: Gingko and Radar!
« on: July 24, 2005, 07:28:20 pm »
 ;) Hi Imogen,

I am so glad that you findly got Radar home with you, Chris and Gingko. I think they are going to be great friends. Now it is offical you have to be at the GAP Christmas party in November. Jessica and Oz want to meet both of them. Jessica and Oz got to meet Junior who is staying with Winsome on Saturday. He is a handsome lad, and Oz is not too much shorter than he is. Junior is 5 years old and Oz only 8 months. We also got to meet Sarah and her new greyt Stephie who is just beautiful and Wendy's new whippet rescue Sarah. Sarah is so cute her brindle patches match Angies black patches, they make a cute pair. I got home from the Pets at Home meet and greet and saw I did not get a picture of little Sarah. I feel so bad that you are so far away you don't get to meet as many of the greyts that I have been able to meet. Henry (Susan S.) 5 year old is so sweet as was the female Charlie (8 black greyt) that Jessica and Oz had a run with in Melton.

I hope the adjustment with Radar and Gingko goes well. They look so sweet together.

Toni, Stephen, Jessica and Oz
P.S. here is a picture of Oz and Junior from Saturday

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: Adopting a Greyhound??
« on: July 24, 2005, 07:16:57 pm »
 :D I have two greyhounds. Jessica my now 3 year old ex racer and Oz my now 8 month old resuce puppy. I love my greyhounds but the puppy can be a little much at times. We have had Oz since he was 10 1/2 weeks old and he is blind in one eye. I agree that it is important to know what you are getting into. Greyhounds are not like most dogs, I find them more like a cat. I don't have a cat so mine are not cat safe, or at least Jessica isn't. Oz doesn't really know what they are. I have had no problems with my two with small dogs, even fluffy ones, but I have to admit they were not white but black and white. You said you sister has twins. Depending on the age of the children I would suggest a male, they are bigger but they tend to think of children as being puppies too. A female would be more inclined to displine the children as they would a puppy. The Dummy book for Greyhounds is a very good book. You might also have your sister take a look at some of the Greyhound rescue sites online. I live in Australia as does Imogen but I have found that the American sites are really good. They answer a lot of guestions. A good rescue group will ask questions about your home life, ie children their ages, other animals the cats, dogs, birds etc and sizes, and how much you are going to be at home. Like other animals so are fine left alone but not all. You have to remember that they are used to being with other greyhounds 24/7 up until there are adopted so you have to make the adjustment easier for them. They also have some dietary requirments that are different than other breeds. Regular can dog food goes right through them. With all that said they are a wonderful breed and all the geryhounds I have had the pleasure to meet so far have all been lovely. They all get along great with each other. I hope your sister finds a greyhound that will be a good fit for her family.


 ;D Hi we had a play date with two greyhounds on Saturday. One of the greyts Henry a big handsome fawn boy shares his home with two 12 month old doberman. The dobermans are brother and sister to each other. He also shares with a cat that we did not see because Jessica is not cat safe. Another friend has both an Irish Setter and her greyhound.

Just a few more dogs to consider. Here is a picture of Henry and Oz from Saturday.


Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: My baby's growing up....*sob*
« on: July 15, 2005, 06:18:46 am »
 ;) I know the feeling. When we got Oz at 10 1/2 weeks he was such a little thing. Now at 7 1/2 months he is over 56 lbs and taller than my 3 year old female greyhound. He is all legs right now and from what it looks like by the time he is 12 months he will be over 80 lbs.

Toni, mom of Jessica and Oz

 :( I hate to say that people all over the world do stupid things like that. I remember a woman brought her dog to work with her and left him inside her Ute (kind of like a truck) and with the windows down halfway. The dog barked all day long. It was hot for us, but I live in a very cold part of Australia so hot in summer here is high 80's to mid 90's. I still felt it was to hot to leave a dog in a car. When I went to ask at the office next to ours it turned out to be a social workers dog and I was told that they could not do anything about it that the dog was fine. I just can't understand people doing this to an animal or to a child. Now that I have 2 greyhounds I have to be very careful not just with the heat but with the cold. Right now the cold is the problem for us with nights getting to freezing and days in the high 40's to mid 50's.

Greyhound Discussions & Pictures / Re: New to site
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:17:12 am »
 :) Hi Jennifer,

Our adoption group here called GAP (greyhound adoption program) did a 2 week blitz in the major newspapers, TV and radio stations and flyer in city cafe'. The aim was showing people how greyt greyhounds are and that they are family friendly dogs. For a country with a small population our state group in Victoria had over 100 people respond. I think the more people that see greyhounds in public and see how friendly they are the more people will adopt them. They make wonderful pets as you have found out.

Toni, mom of Jessica and Oz

 :D I just have my two greyhounds both rescued. I have a friend who also has a rescue greyhound and just resuced a whippet. Whippet's are of course smaller but have a similar nature to a greyhound. I have not see little Sarah yet but will see her at the end of the month. I will try to get some pictures of Sarah with her greyhound sister Angie for you. I also have a friend who has a German Sheppard, 3 cats and a greyhound. I think as long as you don't get something that is white and fluffy you will be fine.


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