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In our bedroom.  Both Shalom and Hosanna take turns being on the bed.  Hosanna usually gets too hot or cramped and jumps off to the cool ceramic bathroom floor. Shalom usually sleeps on the floor by my side of the beed.  When my husabnd leaves for work early in the a.m., they both jump up on the bed and snuggle with me.  This is especially nice in the winter when it is cold. We bought inexpensive dog beds, which have been used as chew toys more than beds.

Food Discussion & Information / Re: Any raw feeders on BPO??
« on: June 26, 2005, 05:20:34 pm »
I have always fed raw whenever I can.  I mix all sorts of people food along with dry food but I think they like raw best.  We are lucky in that we have a butcher close to us that actually still cuts meat for you.  (his steaks are to die for). Anyway for his good customers, he keeps big beef bones in packets and gives them away for the dogs. I am a big hit when I bring these home.  Niki has a special spot under the tree that she can chew for hours and smile as she goes.

 I know that there are a lot of people who spend a great deal of money one particular brand and they will probably throw rocks at me or at least look down their noses.  I buy inexpensive dog food and add to each meal a variety of leftovers as well as different flavors of canned food. I know there are a lot of horrible meat parts and more in inexpensive food but a wild dog eats pretty disgusting stuff too including rotting flesh.   I have watched their reactions to food for many years and am convinced that they, like us, like a variety in their diet. Yes, while watching them, I see they get their greens by occasiionally chewing on grass, then spitting it up.  I do feed raw whenever I can - this is what their stomachs were made for.   I have to say that I feed just like Imogen except for one particular difference.  KANGAROO - wow my dog would love it if I could get it.  
I ate it once in a restaurant - tastes like beef, not chicken.

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