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The only thing BSL laws do is prevent law biding citizens from owning a great dog.

Nah, money isn't my concern but safety is . I mean I can't afford to buy them a  50 dollar toy every other day so having a toy that isn't easily destroyed is nice in that aspect as well but  my main cocern is safety.

I had someone suggest the coke bottle. I think I'm going to give that a shot. I think it would be fun to put in some large kibble (make it more interesting) as well in it for them.

they aren't huge toy fans unless they can destory it but I will suffer with that. I'm thinking about buying cheap ones and letting them play with them supervised.

but thinking about things I can give them for unsupevised play.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Breeder problems
« on: July 20, 2005, 11:12:50 am »
Too bad there isn't a "Bad Breeder" notification of some sort you can report this person to if she doesn't respond back to you. 

I understand where she may have overlooked this problem with the puppy... I assume she may have but not to give you a reciept for your purchase and not to provide you any information? That is just bad business practice.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Breeder problems
« on: July 20, 2005, 10:51:16 am »
I don't know if there is anything you can do but take legal action if the breeder doesn't give you a reciept.  I know that it's very helpful but I would go to another vet or talk to your vet and ask if the hernia problem will result in health problems. If not then maybe you will not need to do anything.

Hello all... Cymbaline Austin here in Austin, Texas.

I have two big dogs which are in desperate need of something to keep them entertained.

Any have suggestions for homemade toys? How about recommendation s on store bought toys?

Would like to find some toys which I can leave with them during the day and not worry about being too destoyed.

Hopefully I'm not wishing for a miracle :)

Also has anyone had any luck with thos big Nyla Bones.. The "tough" ones.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Baby and Dogs
« on: July 20, 2005, 10:40:00 am »
LOL I LOVE the first pic... too cute! That baby is sooooo adorable. I wish I could have children they are sooo precious.

RedyreRottweil ers -
So freaking cute!

Opinions on this... thank You

I'm thinking about ways for more exercise for my dogs. I can not walk my dogs anymores. I could send my husband to do it but more guy works hard all day long and is tired by the time he gets home. Also he is gone for a few days at a time sometimes.

I'm thinking about hiring someone to walk them.
I do live near a lake and a dog park I will make more of an effort to take them there. The dog park is fenced so they can run around but the lake is not.

Any suggestions for the lake? They do like to swim.

If your dog wasnt brought up around children and a child slapping in a petting sort of way is prob a bit threatening to a dog so your dog reacted.  He didnt just react and bite he gave a bit of a warning which some dogs dont

Only a reputable good trainer can tell you if your dogs are truly aggressive because no one is there to see your dogs in action around people, different places etc...and reputable trainers I feel are far and few inbetween

Have you tried marrow or knuckle bones...that keeps my dog occupied and he will not touch a kong if his life depended on it.  If you are giving your dog bones you should superives just for safety sake

What if you kept the two dogs separeted until play time so they are more excited to see each other and more inclined to play

Have you tried getting a harness and giving them a old tire to pull?  I know a lot of dogs that like that

Thank You, Thank You Zero for your input...

Yes, I give them knuckle bones etc. I honestly think your first suggestion about exercise is the key. I think they have tons of things to chew up.. no real "toys' since before talking to RedyreRottweil ers - I honestly didn't have a clue what kind of toys to give which wouldn't cause harm.

I think I became fearful when I was giving them stuffed toys, which they tore up, which I didn't mind but one day Amadeus threw up in the back of our Explorer and out came a stuffed rabbit arm....

I thought I had a good eye on them when they were playing with that thing and I thought I picked up all the pieces but.... once again I messed up.

I'm going to go get that tire but can it withstand a bored Malamut? Does anyone have one?

RedyreRottweil ers -

Thanks for the suggestion - that bottle idea gives me some ideas.. maybe put some kibble in there that may make a cheap toy for them .

Once again Thank You, Thank You.. You do not know what kind of relief you have made me feel. I truly appreciate your input.

I agree, I should have not allowed the kids to crowd Bandit. I appreciate you bringing that to light. I have since then have told people that I do not want little kids petting him on the face. I take my boys to petsmart all the time and people love to come pet them.

Looking back the brief chase they gave the boys on the bike ... they did not have leashes on, we were on the lake bed (Austin drains town lake each year when it is cold to try and kill off some type of grass) and we were down there letting the boys run around.

I take my boys down to the lake during the summers.. it's freezing cold water but since I do not want to chance them running off I do not let them off the leash.

I use to let one at a time go but Bandit will run off and come back 10 minutes later.. during that time I'm concerned I'll never see him again so I stopped that.

Any suggestions which will allow me to let them go swimming and maybe run around a bit near the lake?

they have to be getting out somehow...eith er that or your dogs had nothing to do with the incident...if they arent digging under and they arent jumping over then they have to be getting out somehow.  My  sisters Anatolian would go through an electric fence like it was nothing

You are right, I dont know you or your dogs and the only thing I can go by is what you posted.  You said they do good in OB but not together, then you need to work at both of them listening to you at the same time

In regards to killing a rabbit your dogs were only being dogs and that is no fault of their own...I mean did they go into the rabbits hutch and destroy the cage or was the rabbit out and about.  A dog can not distinguish a pet from a wild animal

The reason they are unruly together is because you have the pack mentality setting out for a hunt it seems

I can be harsh, I wont deny that and I apologized from the get go but your opening sentence is your whole problem.

It's ok that you do not like my opening sentence. I understand how it's easy to try to judge someone based on what you can and can not do and it's also easy to base an opinion about someone on a few facts.

As you did state you based your opinion on what I posted. I however did not post everything about me and my dogs, our daily lifes etc. If I did do that it maybe a novel you would have been reading instead of a very long post.

I'm sure you mean well and your passion for dogs maybe causes you to "harsh" however I know myself and I know that I'm a resposible pet owner even if by your standards I may not be.


Hey  RedyreRottweil ers - Thanks to all of you... I do now really realize they need more exercise. I agree. both dogs are highly intelligent and use to have more exercise. However unfortunately in the last year I myself can no longer give them what they use to get.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your positive suggestions you are giving me ...please give me more suggestions for toys!! Mine do not seem to play with any expect ones they can eat and tearup.

I bought two of those trick balls.. the hard ones that you can hide treats in them and they should roll around to get the treats to come out. Amadaus tore it up.

The reasons why I fear they may have agression issues is for the following reasons:

1. Gave short chase to a kid on a bike
2. My dog Bandit did growl on two different incidents when a little kid got in his face
3. Killed that rabbit (not sure which did it)
4. My dog Bandit chased after a flock of ducks once
5. My dog Amadeus once attacked another malamute at the dog park (according to the owner)

Those are the only things that have happend but it's enough in my mind to warrant concern. Bandit concerned me when he made a kinda growl at this one kid who was slapping at his face (trying to pet him) I don't know if he was just having a bad day but he did this twice in one day. He was on a leash during this time and being crowded by kids all trying to pet him.

On the other hand. another other times in petsmart he rolls right over and wants his belly scratched. Amadeus.. oh loves kids, loves people, always wants to be petted etc.

I do not know were to to begin finding out if they have agression or a tendency for aggression.  I feel that killing the rabbit does not warrant them agressive. I'm sure they rabbit panicking in it's hutch excited them.

Any suggestions on how to diagnosis if they do have agression issues?


He tells me that someone had informed him that they saw my dogs loose and someone else had put my dogs back into their pen.

Have you talked to the person that saw the dog loose? Have you talked to the persona that put the dogs back in the pen?  Could the rabbit have been killed by the other loose dogs?

You may want to try kongs or some toys to keep them busy during the long hours spent in the pen.  Is is possible to spend several hours a day with them, maybe inside the home during the evening hours?


Hey Lisa again -

Do dogs actually do anything with those Kongs other than just lick the contents out? lol mine do not chew on them. I do however give them bully sticks, rawhide etc to chew up. Toys... forget it lol they don't care for any expect stuffed toys but only so they can tear them up.

Thanks for the suggestion, would love more from you.


If it were me I would have to find a way to bring them inside the home and spend at least a few hours a day with them.


Lisa - I'll try that and see how it works- I think they do need more exercise though. Being inside the house actually makes Bandit pace. Amadeus doesn't mind, he just lays there and chills out.

I do take them in when feeding them, They eat in the house with me and hang around while I do dishes and chores before I retire at night.

Thanks for the suggestion... guess I'll be working on the hair.

Hiya Cymbaline and welcome to the site!

You and I dear appear to have the same problem - dogs that are master escape artists.  For one, the breed you have gives off a good clue...malamut es and especially siberian huskies, from what I'm learning (it's a slow, frustrating process, believe you me) are born to run.  It's in their blood.  Mine has already escaped from the yard 4 times now in the last 3 months I've owned him.  Fortunately, each time some kind person found him and returned him to me.  He's not an aggressive dog by any means (he's neutered as well) but even still, the times he's gotten loose and is gone off on one of his wild running sprees around town worries the heck out of me not only because he may get hit by a car, he may by chance hurt someone or another animal.  

Thank You Carrie -

You hit the nail on the head for me - that and others as well.  I'm going to try and find a way to get them more exercise. I however no longer have much choice on walking them myself.

When I first got my two boys I was able to take them out more often. I do take them to the dog park on the weekends however now that it's summer we don't take spend as much time there. Even at night they run around for 20 mins and then just lay around at my feet.

I'm going to make an effort to look into more possibilities - if anyone here has any suggestions please let me know.


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