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Bullmastiff Discussions & Pictures / Re: would like some info
« on: July 16, 2005, 09:45:42 pm »
hi I dont know if you got your bullmastiff yet? I am a first time owner of a female bullmastiff. I got her when she was 4months old she is now 14months old  she is from Badapest Hungray she is the best dog i have ever had and i have had many. The best part of this dog is she is so smart she listens well and is great with the kids ours and my kids friends and this is due to her being treated good at home by them. She does try to be the boss but has found out that she is only big not the boss. if you do get one get your self some hand towels just for her you will need them thy like to dreul alot after meals, water or just out having fun if you can get past that you have it made. my female is a good judge of people she will stay with the ones i feel she dont like she kinda lets them know she is there but does it nicely. o ya you should get your self some kinda noise clips boy she can smell up a room when she passes gas it is some times caused by what thay eat try not to over feed them thy will get big on there own i feed her Natural Choice Large Breed Lamp Meal & Rice now adult it comes in the puppies to. Well good luck and feel feer to keep in touch I hope you have a great dog like I do I have been looking for her for 3 years till I got the one i wanted she is a sliver fawn with all the right markings for breeding and showing that i have not tried well good luck. Virginia and ( VEGA ) means falling star in Hungray  have fun and make her or him part of the family thy are the best.

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