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Thanks for the information.

I will look into a better dog food too.  So it is nice to get the brands you use.  I would prefer dog food, but she had such trouble with digestion, itching skin, and ear infections, that I thought I would try something completely new and see if that helped.  Don't worry, I talked to my vet, so I am not simply experimenting with my dog.

But thanks again for the info.  I will keep doing research and see what turns up. 

Thanks for compliments too.  Grace is 6 years old and we love her!

Hi Everyone,

Just looking for some advice.  I was recently feeding my bullmastiff Nutro until she got sick (3 weeks of belly trouble).  I thought she was adjusted to a new bag, like maybe they had changed the formula or something.  She has had trouble with food before, so I switched to real food.  Currently she is on hamburger (boiled), steak tips, chicken, veggies, and pasta.  The belly is all better, but I am basically guessing at the portion size.

Anyone else cooking for their pet and have serving size suggestions? 

Thanks in advance for your help!

Bullmastiff Discussions & Pictures / Bullmastiffs in Sweaters?
« on: October 01, 2005, 05:18:38 am »
I have only had my Bullmastiff through one winter.  I do not think that she really liked the cold/snow of New England.  Has anyone considered buying a sweater for their bullmastiff?  I feel like a crazy dog owner...but I worry that her coat is not thick enough for the winter.  Any suggestion?

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