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Hi all! I'm hoping that the members here can give me some guidance.
We're looking to add a Doberman into our family. In addition to me, my husband, and our teenaged daughter, we have 2 cats (one 12+ years, one about 2), a just-under-2-year-old Dalmatian female (Harley Quinn), and an almost 9-year-old male Komondor (Goulash). We have a fully fenced yard (6+ feet), and both my husband and I work from home, so are with our pets far more than not. We take all of our dogs to obedience training and have done extensive research on our breeds (we had Greyhounds before the Dalmatian) before we bring one home.
We are looking for the Doberman to be a companion and personal and home guardian; to take the lead from the Komondor and then carry it on as the Kom gets older.
If anyone can offer suggestions of what we should and shouldn't be looking for in a Doberman -- including whether or not rescuing this breed could be an option for our household -- it would be most appreciated. Also, if you know of a great breeder, preferably in the Southwest (we're in Phoenix), I'd love to get some referrals.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Mommy Dog to Goulash and Harley Quinn

Meet & Greet BPOers / Re: Southern Calif. Gathering ... Rescheduled?
« on: September 06, 2005, 03:28:51 pm »
Well, gang, gas is over $3.20 a gallon out here, and my husband has said that we just can't afford to drive anywhere we don't HAVE to go, and for some reason he doesn't think that my driving out from Phoenix to SoCal to meet other big dogs and their owners is a have-to-do, merely a nice-to-do (go figure  ;D). So, unfortunately, I have to count myself out of the is time. Hope everyone has a BLAST and I will do my best to make the next one!

Meet & Greet BPOers / Re: Southern Calif. Gathering ... Rescheduled?
« on: August 31, 2005, 04:09:17 pm »
I can't tell from the we need to become members to visit the dog beach, or is that just if we wanted to get easier/cheaper parking?

Meet & Greet BPOers / Re: Southern Calif. Gathering ... Rescheduled?
« on: August 31, 2005, 01:27:44 pm »
Can we get a map, time, etc. for the Huntington Dog Beach? Especially for those of us who are going to try to come in from 'way out of town/out of state, it's not as clear where we're going as it is for those who are living in SoCal.

Meet & Greet BPOers / Re: Southern Calif. Gathering ... Rescheduled?
« on: August 30, 2005, 12:03:00 pm »
The 24th/25th might work for us. What location, though? And, do we have a motel that takes pets, or are we all on our own for that? (I have family in SoCal, so it's not a big deal, but if we had a pet-friendly motel, that would probably be easier.)

Meet & Greet BPOers / Re: Southern Calif. Gathering ... Rescheduled?
« on: August 29, 2005, 05:16:47 pm »
When and where is the SoCal gathering to be held? Phoenix is only a 6 hour (or so) car trip to Los Angeles, so we could think about going, too, depending on location and timing.

Dalmatian Discussions & Pictures / Re: Showing Off Our New Girl
« on: August 29, 2005, 04:27:19 pm »
Thanks! We agree that she's a cutie...she's got that soulful look down cold.  ;)

She was estimated to be a year old when we got her, so she's about 15 months now, if we go by the vet's guesstimate.

She has a LOT of energy. I'm sure it's the main reason she got dumped and never reclaimed (and why she was in 4 foster homes before we got her).  My husband and I both work from home, and we got her into obedience training instantly, so while she's had some mishaps, she's fitting in just fine with us. She tends to spend the night on our daughter's bed, and is a little bit of a bed-hog, but, you know, I think we'll keep her.  ;D

Oh, and I gave her extra smootchies from the group...and, of course, had to give Goulash (our Kom) some extras, too.


Dalmatian Discussions & Pictures / Showing Off Our New Girl
« on: August 29, 2005, 03:48:03 pm »
Wanted to share a picture of Harley Quinn, our latest furred addition to the family. We got her through Arizona Dalmatian Rescue. Sadly, we have enough dumped Dalmatians out here to support two separate Dalmatian rescue groups (Dalmatian Station is the other). Both are doing a great job of getting these gorgeous handfuls of fur into good homes, but it seems hard to keep up with the output of lousy first owners out there. (Okay, off the soap box...for a while... :D)


Komondor Discussions & Pictures / Finally, a Pic of Goulash
« on: August 29, 2005, 02:35:48 pm »
Finally getting a picture of our Komondor, Goulash, up (if I get it to work right  ;)). Since we don't show him, we keep him trimmed down most of the year, since we live in Phoenix and it's hot here far more than it's warm. During his trim months, we get a lot of, "that's the weirdest standard poodle I've ever seen" comments.  :D

Remembering those no longer with us. / Re: 2 dogs in 2 months
« on: August 29, 2005, 11:51:57 am »
So sorry to hear of your losses. Losing one is hard, losing two so close together can only be devastating. Hang in there and, when you're ready, you'll find the right new dog(s). They won't be the two you loved who are gone, but I know they'll do their doggy best to fill the void. Please keep us posted.

You know, I didn't realize he was charging for entries!  :o Glad you pointed that out...I will have a chat with him...I don't think it's a good idea, but then again, not sure what the prize is, other than getting to say you won (and, after all, ALL our dogs are the cutest  ;)).

Remembering those no longer with us. / Re: Hermes has gone to the Bridge
« on: August 28, 2005, 11:08:27 am »
Thanks much, I appreciate the support very much! I'll try to post a pic of Hermes here...I'm not too good at it, so hopefully it'll come through right. If it does, this was taken about a month before we lost him.

Hi All,

A friend of mine who owns two adorable Newfies has started the World's Cutest Dogs site. There are pics of his Newfies up there, and he's got a contest going where others can enter to win the title of World's Cutest Dog.


My friend is very excited about this, and has worked to get his site up and running for quite a while now, so I know he'd appreciate it greatly if some more Big Dog people visited. And, you can also enter your dogs for his WCD contest.


Remembering those no longer with us. / Hermes has gone to the Bridge
« on: August 28, 2005, 10:53:08 am »
Hi All,

Sorry I've been absent for a while, but we lost our sweet greyhound, Hermes, in July after a battle with bone cancer, and I just haven't been up to posting for a while.

We got a new dog, Harley Quinn, who we rescued via Arizona Dalmatian Rescue, before Hermes died. He enjoyed having a new friend with him during his final months, and she's really helped all of us, Goulash included, to do okay once Hermes left. Goulash misses his best friend, but his new little sister is annoying him enough that he's forced to romp and play more than he would probably like to, and that seems to be keeping his spirits up.

Our vet came to our house when it was time, so Hermes didn't have to be moved or traumatized in his last hours. He was in so much pain that we knew he was ready to go to the Bridge, but we still miss him a lot.

So, I think I'm finally ready to change my signature line and take Hermes' name off...the last thing I'm doing to say good-bye, I guess.

Anyway, just wanted to share with the group...I know all of us have or will have to face losing our beloved companions sooner or later, but it does help to have this forum to read through.


Komondor Discussions & Pictures / Re: Any Komondor Owners Here Yet?
« on: June 01, 2005, 12:08:07 am »
Sorry for the slow response -- things have been crazy here.

I don't know of specific Kom training books, but the Komondor Club of America has a quarterly publiication and that is focused on all the various aspects of owning a Kom, training included. If you've joined the Komondor list on Yahoo Groups, then the editor of the KCA quarterly is active on the list -- you could just send a post asking how to subscribe and/or get specific back issues. If not, let me know and I can ask for you...

Koms are a LOT of work, very much a dog that requires a strong human owner, but they are worth every moment of it!

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