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Peggy, Thanks so much for your comments. How old is your dog?
where did you go for training? How long did it take? What age can they begian there therapy train? and be certified?
thanks Denise

I've owned several mastiff through the years and for the first time I have a dog free home. And it very sad..... So I'm starting over with a Apricot male mastiff to arrive 12/17/05 He will be named Gabriel. And I want him to be trained as early as we can. And I want him to be a threapy dog. Does anyone where to go to get such traning. I want him to be able to go to special needs schools, (I have an autistic 4 yr old son, and mastiff are wonderful with them) I'd also like to take him to Homes for the Ederly, and possible children's hospital. Does anyone know what you need to do to do that?

Thanks Denise
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