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Darmok gets upset if she CAN'T go.
We took her on a 2000-mile vacation this past spring through Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, West Virginia, etc, and she LOVED it!  She gets comfy in the middle seat (my son likes the rear seat) and stretches out so that front toenails are against the passenger side door, and back toenails are against the drivers' side door, and sleeps until we stop for a potty break.  She loves to travel, whether it's across the country or across the street

Big Dogs with Jobs / Re: Rally Obedience
« on: October 18, 2006, 12:08:20 am »
I have checked into this, and I'd LOVE to get Darmok into a Rally-O class!  The place we took our Agility lessons was talking about giving a Rally-O class, but I dont think they ever actually got one started up.  Sure sounds like fun, though.

Our local small-town shelter does the same thing.  If it's tri-colored and short haired, it's automatically a Beagle.  If it's a large dog with medium length hair, it's a German Shepherd.  They run photos in the paper with these absurd descriptions once a month, and I always roll my eyes in disbelief at the "breed" that they say these dogs are!  I might buy a Breed Book and donate it to them!

I have 2 Dobermans, Sasha and Darmok, and added a Rat Terrier to the mix almost a year ago. Sasha was a little over 1 yr old and Dar was a little over 2 yrs old at the time.  The Rattie (Lucy) was only 7 weeks old, and she and Dar hit it off from the get-go!  They are constant companions, and Dar protects Lucy from other dogs at the dog park!  Lucy and Sasha play all the time, and nobody has ever gotten hurt.

Meet & Greet BPOers / Re: Midwest Meet Campgrounds
« on: June 05, 2006, 06:22:24 am »
ok, so I sort of have missed this (somehow) but can anyone fill me in on the exact date and exact place?  I'd probably just come for the day---it's only 3 1/2 hr drive...that's not so far, really.  Is this event going to be AT a BEACH? (sure hope so)

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Frequent reader, new member
« on: April 30, 2006, 06:00:57 pm »
Hi Tessie, Welcome to this great website! I'm Paul and I have 2 Dober-girls, Darmok and Sasha. Also 4 'little Paws' and 2 turtles. (no cats)

2 Big Paws (Dobes, Darmok & Sasha)
1 Med Paw (Heinz 57 mix)
3 Little paws (Pom, Toy Fox Terrier, Rat Terrier)
2 Turtles (1 land turtle, 1 water turtle)

What a great idea!
OK, here's one of my evil dobies doing what she does best!

Games & Jokes / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: April 01, 2006, 09:44:25 pm »
Tv on the food network talking about hot dogs, and my dobies wrestling with each other.

Darmok is named after one of my favorite Star Trek Next Generation episodes, and Sasha already had a name when we 'inherited' her.
We already had Dar's name picked out before we even knew that we were going to get her.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: American Idol Fans!
« on: March 24, 2006, 06:30:03 am »
Some of my friends got me watching about 3 weeks ago, and now I wonder why I never watched it before! My favorite of the girls is Katherine--wow, looks and great voice all rolled into one fine package!  My favorite of the guys would be Taylor--he really enjoys himself on stage, and he has a helluva voice, too!  That Elliott guy--I can listen to him, but cant look at him--all I can see is Gomer Pyle!  ;D Gaaawwlleeee!

Beautiful day, beautiful dogs, how could it get any better?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Got My BPO Shirt!
« on: March 14, 2006, 06:34:01 am »
It came in the mail yesterday! I am so HAPPY!!!
Wore it to work today!
Thanks, Jaime! I know this was a headache!

Games & Jokes / Re: funny video
« on: March 13, 2006, 09:11:54 am »
MAN! I think I would have had the same reaction she did!
~~Whew~~~ she may never use the computer again!!!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: A walk gone bad
« on: March 05, 2006, 09:19:04 am »
To be honest, when you find yourself and your dogs in that sort of a predicament, there really is not a whole lot you can do, except hope that the other dogs' owner shows up and gets some sort of control.  You were lucky that you and your babies were not hurt! Be thankful for that. When Darmok was 6 months old, I was walking her several blocks from my house, and we always walk in the street if it's in a non-busy neighborhood, cos I dont like her trying to crap in someone's yard, y'know?  Anyway, we walked past this house that had the front door open and a HUGE pitbull came literally flying out the door, leaping off their front deck and began growling and snarling and trying to start a fight with Dar! She's still on the leash, and all I could think to do was keep backing her up in circles to try to keep her away from the agitated dog! he nipped at her several times because he was as fast as we were turning those circles, and the owner came running out screaming at him! I'm circling backwards like crazy with Dar right up against my leg and I'm giving this lady "the LOOK" and I yelled at her "Lady, get CONTROL of your dog!!!"  She was crying and saying "I'm trying to"...finally she grabbed him by his collar and held him till we could walk away.  I love big dogs, and I have no problem with any breed, but the people who own them should know how potentially dangerous their dogs can be if they are agressive and make sure that they dont get the opportunity to get out to terrorize people like you and your dogs that are innocently just trying to take a walk.  You were smart to use peanut butter sandwiches for the relaxing thing---peanut butter is the Wonder Drug for Dogs!

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