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Setter Discussions & Pictures / Re: Question about Shamus's tail
« on: July 14, 2006, 08:24:03 am »
Laycee was a baby not long ago and looked just like that!  He is perfect!

Thanks for all of the great advice and the welcome!

Laycee & DJ (we refer to them as the "Girls") are a huge joy to us and I cannot imagine our house without the consistent DJ and the loony is always something new at our house (from new hiding places for Laycee's collection of paper products to the occasional argument over a kong to the stubborness of not wanting to go outside and hiding behind the couch). 

Laycee & DJ stay outside all day (unless it is terribly hot or cold)  They have a pool, a large fenced yard, and very shaded kennel with a fan and 2 doghouses.  They usually get about an hour or sometimes a little more of a walk/run in the morning and both get put through some type of obedience training everyday and we go to the dog park at least once a week.  When we are at our families' home - they can pretty much run free (I just have to keep a eye on Laycee and usually end up having to go and pick her up)

I am trying the knee bump when I can catch her - sometimes she is so fast - that she has jumped up and is gone in a flash...but I will keep trying...Layce e has done every obedience class I can find and she is great at it - as long as she is on the leash...I am looking for a class that is leashless right now, but haven't found anything.
She knows plenty of commands and will listen to my husband much better than me.  However, if I get upset she will mind me - but I hate to act upset just to get her to listen. 

We are trying to establish that I am Alpha as well as my husband.  She very obviously considers him the alpha - and she is definately the alpha between the two dogs.  I am not sure what else to do in trying to establish this with her...they are not allowed on the furniture (occassionally if they stay in - they get in a old recliner in the den - but they only do it when we are not home), they aren't allowed "people food", I make them both sit before they are given anything.  Laycee every know and again (not often at all) will sometimes jump into the bed once my husband is taking a shower and lay near my feet - but I am usually still asleep and do not even know she is there - until he comes in and gets onto her. 

She is extremely affectionate with me and no one else so I do not want to ruin that. She does not care for other people, and I am sure that is partly my fault b/c of the way I babied her when she was parents have told me (we had a irish setter when I was young) that they take a long time to train, so I will continue to be persistent and implement some of the advice.  Thanks again and I will probably continue to ask for advice...with this

Laycee is our 2.5 yr old irish setter, she is a complete joy to us and is a great member of the family.  As a runt we had to bottle feed her and truly baby her until she became strong enough (at 6 months) to be raised more like a puppy. 
My issue with her is she will still jump on me (she will never jump on my husband), she is extremely shy with strangers no matter how often people come to the house and can be somewhat agressive, and she will not come when she is called outside.  The latter being my biggest hangup with her. 
We have an 8 yr. old black lab who is very obedient and if we have them out and we let Laycee off leash - she zones out and puts her nose to the ground and goes.  If she does realize you are after her - she still will not come.  We have tried everything - the running away, the teaching the command on a 20ft. leash - and anything else we can think of.  Since we trained our lab and she is a guide dog - we thought we have tried everything - hopefully someone can offer some advice.  Especially if you have had the same issue with a setter

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