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Ok I am not exactly sure of who exactly runs it per se.  I do know that the land was donated to the humane society and the building were built by volunteers.  They do get money from all three towns here in the county along with the county commisioners and donations from citizens.  I also know that I can not under any circumstances go to the " HS Board".  That is totally not an option.  I have already had a conversation with one person and all i did was listen and agree with them.  The same day the manager called me and went off cause I was saying stuff about her.  All I did was agree.  She is nutz and has got to be stopped.  She has accused me of snooping everytime i go up there to help.  And told me that only reason I volunteer up there is so that I can steal her job away from her.  and all kinds of other crap.  The problem is gonna be getting the proof of all of this stuff.  She is super sneaky and even goes by 2 seperate last names.  I just want her stopped.

Hey everybody I know that I fell off the face of the earth for a while but life has been crazy.  Smitty and I are working two jobs a piece and Mason is in school now.  Morph and AJ are doing awsome and we have missed all of you guys soooo much.  I have been volunteering at our humane society in my spare time and over the past few weeks that has blown up in my face.  For lack of a better term the Humane society manager is PSYCHOTIC.  The county commisioners are trying to implement an animal control officer, but in order to do so they are going to have to update and improve our local humane society.  They know this and have been trying to get an idea of what it would take to make the humane society able to handle all of the extra animals that would be coming in if they did hire in an animal control officer.  Well the HS Manager does not like this.  When a commisioner shows up to look around of ask questions she goes on the defencive and threatened to close the HS when they asked to see her financial books.  She has a budget made out and it is not even close to the truth.  She budgeted for 1,500 for dog food for the year and they havent bought dog food in three years.  The same for the cat litter and cleaning supplies,  they are budgeting money for things that are donated and the money is being spent someplace else.  NOT on anything that has to do with the HS.  On top of that...  She WILL NOT have adoptathons or anything else that would help to get animals adopted. I have personally been there when she turned down three seperate invites to adoption fairs at different businesses and community events.  She was supposed to take some dogs to a community event that was publicised in the paper and at the last minute she backed out for no reason. 
The worst part is yet to come.  This is what we got into a fight over...  She goes on killing sprees at the shelter.  She put down 23 puppies last month for no reason.  But kept 2 dogs that are over 13 years old.  There was a litter of 9 puppies that were sick and she put them down instead of takeing them to the vet and finding out what was wrong with them..  but she took the 13 year old cockerspaniel to the vet and had it treated for something.  This lady is out of control.  Tommorow she has to clean the cat room cause the lady that normal takes care of the cats is gonna be off.  So this morning she went into the cat room and put 10 cats to sleep so that she doesnt have to clean up after them tommorow.  It was not cause they were sick or that they had to many cats cause there was still 5 empty crates. 

What can be done??????  I cant go to the Humane society board.  There are only 2 people on the HS board..  the president and the treasurer and they are husband and wife and also best friends with the HS Manager. 

Is there anyway to stop such a blatant abuse of power???  Just cause she has the drugs does not mean she can use them to kill these poor animals for no reason.  Esspecially when there are empty cages.  And a lot of money is missing from there also.  Since it is a not for profit organization is there anyway that I could get them audited or something????   
Please help.  I do have one friend who is currently employed there and she refuses to quit cause she is the only voice of reason there and is afraid of what might happen to the animals if she isnt there to protect them.

I am at my whits end on this one.

this internet connection still isnt really fixed yet so it wont let me upload more than one pic at a time.  Here is another one for ya'll.

Awwww thanks you guys.  She really is a lot of fun.  Her personality is starting to come out now and she sure is a feisty one.  AJ still kind of keeps his distance from her but Morph is right on top of her all the time.  I have to call him off of her just so that she can breathe lol.  But she wont get to far away from Morph either.  She sure is a climber though.  She climbed all the way up Mason so that she could snuggle up and sleep on his shoulder.  Our vet says that she is doing great.  Thanks for the advice Jenn.  Right now she is getting canned kitty food mashed up and mixed with Milk replacer and she is eating it like a champ.  Next week we are supposed to start mixing in dry kibble with it and see how she does on that.

Here are a couple of more pics for you guys.


On top of everything else that has been going on around here we just got a new addition.  I went to the humane society to take pics for pet finder for them.  While me and Mason ( big mistake) were there a lady brought in a kitten that she found on our town square right beside the courthouse.  Shawna handed the kitten to Mason to hold for her till she figured out someone to foster her cause she was too small to go into the cat room.  The longer Mase held her the more in love he became.  After three or four phone calls and everyone saying that they were either full or too busy to take her in right now.  So needless to say Shawna who is a good friend of mine slyly looks over at Mase with a big smile on her face and asked him if he wanted a kitty and the con was complete.  It was too late to say NO cause he was already hugging on her and was already in love.  So we came home with an almost 4 week old kitten that is still being bottle fed and we are trying to wean her now and get her started on soft kibble.  She is cute as a button and LOVES Morph to death.  Thanks to the time Morph and AJ spent at Julies and Nicoles around their cats we have had no socialization problems at all.  AJ kind of keeps his distance but Morph loves her. 

Now on to the PICs....

Introducing JUSTICE @ 4 weeks old

Anything Non-Dog Related / MIA for a little while
« on: May 31, 2007, 11:29:04 pm »
Sorry I have been MIA for a while.  I wish that I was back but between the job searches (still no luck) my grandma moving, and my dad having both knees replaced there just isnt time.  On top of that my internet provider got some kind of super bad virus in their servers or something like that and they have been down for almost 2 weeks now.  So I am doing the whole friends computer thing right now or the library.  I miss you guys and hope to be back soon.  Luv ya'll and give your poochies hugs for us.


First off Congrats Phelan that is awsome.

Second off I have never said anything about this before but now I would like to tell you all a story.  This is very hard for me because I still love Sasha and miss her daily.  This is the reason why we moved from my dads place and explains why he will NEVER accept Morph or feel "Safe" around him. 

It was 2 days before Masons third birthday he was out in the yard playing barefooted with alot of other kids from the neighborhood.  Sasha our bullmastiff that we had rescued about a year before was out side with the kids along with Oso our neighbors keeshound and AJ our keeshound.  The dogs were all given a rawhide bone each and were chewing on them.  Sasha brought hers inside and layed down on the couch with it when all of the adults came in to get some drinks.  While we were inside Mase came in limping and said that his foot hurt so I took him into the livingroom and sat him on the couch beside Sasha.  This was nothing new because they layed that way everyday while watching TV and I sat on the coffee table not a foot away from him.  I checked his foot and saw a bruise.  Smitty got up to open turn on a light and in a split second Sasha jumped up and grabbed Mason in the face.  I had to jump up and punch her in the head to force her to let go.  We put her outside and took Mason to the hospital.  He ended up with a torn saliva gland, cuts on his gums cause she went all the way through, and a total of 58 stitches to sew him up. 

Did I send her to the pound??  Walk outside with my gun and shoot her?? No !!!  Why you might ask?? Because that 2 year old little boy on the way home from the hospital with his face all swollen to where he could barely talk told me " Mommy.. Sasha isnt a bad dog..  she didnt mean too, it was an accident."  When we got home Sasha would not come into the house untill Mason called her.  He walked over to her and gave her a big hug around her neck and told her it was ok she didnt mean too.  We took her back to the rescue two days later and she now has a Great home with an older couple who has no kids or grandkids. 

Was this an unprovoked attack?? It truely may seem that way.  And that is what we though for the first day afterward.  But in hindsight here are the things that I did not tell you...  Sasha was laying on the couch with a rawhide bone.  AJ and Oso Were on opposite ends of the couch watching her eat her bone and us dealing with Mason.  Mason was crying and may have possibly put and elbow across her nose when he tried to sit up and get away from me. 

Knowing what I know now I could have changed one of the things listed above and maybe this would not have happened.  Do I hate bullmastiffs now because of what happened to my son??  No Am I more cautious around them? yes to a certain exent.  Am I a bad parent because this happned to my son??  I dont believe soo.  My father however will never accept Morph because he is a Matiff and he belives that all Mastiffs are the same.  My dad looks at Masons face and sees a vicious dog that attacked his grandon.  I look at Masons face and see a mistake that I made by not being aware of my surroundings and a wonderful dog that was forced out of our lives by that mistake.  I firmly belive that you can not judge the Breed you can only judge the actual dog.  And yes accidents do happen but sometimes as in my situation you have to look at what was going on in the BIG picture. 

This is just my personal experience and my views.  Please dont take offence to anything that I have said as it was not meant that way.  I agree with Jenn that I still love all dogs and always will.

Here is a pic of my beautiful girl Sasha.  She was a full blooded Long Haired red Bullmastiff.  Before we got her she was hit by a car and broke her jaw.  That is why her tongue hangs out of her mouth that way.

I have just been sitting back and watching this post. At dog beach in San diego AJ was attacked twice by two different PBT.  All I knew about the breed was things that I had heard from the news and I will admitt that I was ignorant of the breed.  After the attacks (AJ wasnt really hurt, thank god for all his hair) it just reinforced my opinons of them.  I truely became terrified of them, if there was one at a dog park I would leave and go to another one till I found one with no PBT's.  We were at Balboa dog park about three months after the incident with AJ and a PBT came in while we were in the park.  I was trying to hook Morph and AJ's leashes when Morph pulled away from me and headed straight for her.  I took AJ over with me to get Morph so that we could leave and he started playing with her too.  It was like he was a puppy again, I had never seen anything like it.  Come to find out... Sandy was the sweetest dog in the world.  Her mom and I became friends and we spend almost every evening at the park talking while the kids played.  She even took me to a PBT meet and greet where I soon realized that they are not "Bad" dogs at all.  I love them now.  I dont think that they are the right breed for my family but they are for some.  I no longer shy away from them but I dont go running up to them either.  I am respectful of them and thier space just as I expect people to be with Morph.  I can not tell you how many people have asked me... "Is he friendly?"  To which I answer yes as long as you are calm and respectful.  I am very selective on the people that I allow to pet him because his parents had MAJOR aggression issues and I belive that he is genetically predetermined to have them also.  We have worked many many tireless hours on socalization and behavior modification to prevent him from growing up like his parents.  IMHO nurture can beat nature... with a lot of time and dedication.

I do honestly believe that the media does control a lot of our opinions on things.  And PBT's are one of them.  Here is an example of 2 media reports from 2 different news papers on the exact same story.  What do you think about the differences?

here is the second report

HAHAHAHAHAHHA Aint military life grand????  That sounds like awesome news though.  I think??? Being closer to family will be nice but you just bought your house soo that suxes.  But that is all part of the game.  It will all work out for the best and I am happy for you.  So where do you think you are gonna be stationed at????

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Re: fumble's limping
« on: May 14, 2007, 06:45:58 am »
Awww Poor Fumble.  I am really glad that you are home.  You just rest easy for a little while and wrap momma and auntie around that big ole paw some more.  They are gonna take great care of you.  AJ says dont worry your hair will grow back, mom does that to me every year. And Morph sends you get well soon Slobbers and really diggin your little fur sock that you have got going on there. 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: need kid advice...
« on: May 14, 2007, 06:40:18 am »
OMG if duct tape wont fix it gorilla glue will.  That suff ROXES.  It is like super glue on steroids.  I love it.

hahahahaha How cute is that?!!!??  I love it!!  Ummm I dont really think that Kate will fit in that soooo you just need to have a boy.  So that way you can do this.....  with a bigger trailer of course.  

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: need kid advice...
« on: May 14, 2007, 06:30:19 am »
hahahah  sorry But I feel your pain.  Mason is the same way but not quite as bad.  You need my services lol.  After Mason started learning how to "redecorate" his room Neccessity became the mother of invention.  I made some life sized character decorations for his room, that were indesructable.  They were nailed to the wall and he couldnt get them off.  I saw the show that you were talking about with the figureines super glued down.  It seemed to work great for her.  But I redecorate wayyy to much for that.  PM me if you want to know more about my projects.  Dont really want to post it to the world ya know  ;) ;)

Here are some updated pics... Tell me if you like them better...  hehehehe

Ohhhh yeah Mase is always getting squished..  Morph loves Mase to death but he thinks that he is a lap dog.  Smitty and I can handle him sitting on our laps but Mase can't.  SOOO We are always telling Morph to move or hey you cant sit there..  When Morph is already laying down though.. Mase will run right over to him and lay right beside him or on top of him.  So I dont that he minds that much when Morph trys to lay ontop of him.

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