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thank you for ur responses :) u make us feel better we have decided to look for another trainer as she has said she knows nothing of mastiffs and couldnt have our sweet kuruks temperment more wrong  8)

  ps i cropped picture to make it small enough but did a poor job =\

hello everyone i have a 12 week old mastiff who was branded "aggresive" by our puppy kendergarden teacher :o
  Sigh..  it all started with the submit ur puppy exercize.
my wife rolled him on his back like she was told and he went grudgingly. but he was nibbling her fingers while he was on his back, the trainer said dont let him bite and instructed her to grab his neck and scold when he did this.  .. so she did and he didnt like it he tried to roll back over and stand when he did the trainer came over and tried to roll him, kuruk would have none of it and nipped at her (the teacher)when she grabbed him by his neck skin.
  my question is, is this aggressive behavior or a normal response.  ty for any response :)

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