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I own a Weim.

Weims are:

Very loving, affectionate, and needy.  They do suffer from severe (and I do mean SEVERE) separation anxiety.

They have an amazing amount of energy and if not properly exercised they will destroy your home.

Weims can be stubborn and hard headed at times, however its all part of their personality.  They are HIGHLY intelligent animals and therefore can either be the WORST dog you have ever owned, or the best.

If you train them and work with them ~ By far the best animal you will ever own.  If you neglect to train, LOL They will own you and your home and will be the worst animal ever as they can become destructive.

This is a dog that needs LOTS of attention and wants to be part of the family, not the family pet.

Jack sleeps in our bed at night, is protective over my children, and essentially acts (and is considered to be) another child.

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