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GRASS VALLEY, California - Gibson, the California dog dubbed the tallest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, has died after a battle with bone cancer.

The 7-year-old harlequin Great Dane from Grass Valley measured 2.16 metres (7 ft 1 inch) when standing on its back legs.

Gibson was diagnosed with the disease in April this year and had his front right leg amputated to prevent its spread. He also underwent chemotherapy as a precaution.

Gibson's owner, Sandy Hall, decided to euthanize Gibson after learning the cancer had spread to his lungs and spine and that no treatment that could save him.

Gibson has appeared on "The Tonight Show," "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I never knew you, Gibby, but you were the one who founded my love of all big paws. Rest in peace, king of dogs.

I love it and may post it on my blog. The one that bugs me the most...prob because I hear it the most.
Who walking who? or Is he taking you for a walk?
Sam is good on the leash and is usually standing just looking at them when they say this. So ???


Email the author and ask permission to post it, Samsmom.

I'm not having a go at you {tone is hard to convey in type}, I just wouldn't want you to get in trouble if he/she wanted it to stay "private"

I get the "pony" one a lot, and the "eat a lot" one.

I might print it, copy it and hand them out when someone asks me a question. :D

Found this while searching for big dogs.

The points made are exactly what I think!

Thank you guys. I'm proud of our success!  ;D

So I have a two and a half year old adopted fear-aggressive Dane.
When she saw another dog, nothing held her back. She turned into a whirlwind of barking, snarling, foam, scrabbling paws and red-eyed fury. She snapped collars, leads and halters.

After a few months of tears, fears, love, leadership and  training, here's where we're at:

I'd like to know more about this.

I have grand mal and petite mal seizures.
Most common is my petite mal seizures {abscence seizures}, where I "blank-out" for up to a minute. I do this up to, or surpassing, about 30 times a day. I lose a good hour of my day through absence seizures.
During that time I can't communicate, hold objects, keep my balance or do anything. Basically I 'freeze' to the spot.
Once or twice I stop breathing.
I don't remember these episodes unless they're strong onsets, and they have a very heavy effect on my life.
When my daughter was born, I was only allowed to hold her if she was in a sling attached to my chest or if I was supervised.
I can't cook unsupervised or do anything like pour tea, operate machinery or unload the dishwasher. The second I have an absence seizure, my hands either tighten in a vice-grip around what I'm holding, or they jerk and it drops.
Imagine holding a pot of boiling vegetables and then dropping it.
During most of my absences, I lose my balance. My family and friends are used to me suddenly swaying and falling, but in public it's embarrassing and irritating. One second I'm walking with a basket of groceries, next thing I'm kneeling on the floor and my food is everywhere.

I've been through tests, MRIs, EEGS, sleep depos, medication depos...everyt hing.
My neurologist doesn't know what's wrong with me. His team conclude that all tests show I don't have epilepsy, but I'm clearly not faking it. I'm on 2000 mgs of meds a day, and they work to stop the grand mal seizures, but they don't stop the absence seizures.

He suggested about a year ago that a service dog might be of use. I'd heard of dogs that can detect when seizures are forthcoming, but I never thought I was bad enough for that.
He gave me more information on it and told me that although it was a relatively new form of control, and was in it's experimental stages, it can be done.

The information said that Giant breed dogs were trained to assist with helping epileptics keep thier balance, and commonly Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds were used for this work, as most people can easily use them to steady themselves as they walked.

I've only just started to explore this as a possibility, as the falling and swaying has gone from a mild disturbance to an outright annoyance. As I was wheeling the pram the other day, I swayed and the pram fell with me.
If I had had a baby in it, they could have been seriously injured.

Now, I'm not at the point where I'm making requests that a dog be prepared for me.
I want to do a lot of research before I even consider doing this, as I know how hard it is to keep a service dog. Meatloaf is an ex-service dog {of a different sort, though}, and the first year away from his 'job' was hellfire and brimstone. He got depressed and anxious easily and needed constant companionship and playing to ease his stress.
After a year I guess he gradually realised that his job was over, and a new job was needed; if only as a companion and a friend to my children.

Does anyone here know of anyone who has a service dog for this purpose, or can give me more information?
I've googled non-stop over the past few weeks to give me a better understanding of what it is and why I would need it, but first-hand accounts are always better than a million pages of information.

I'm going to say again, in case anyone wants to have a go at me for anything I've said, that I'm not YET considering it.
If I consult with enough people who use a dog for this purpose, and my neurologists start saying it would be a definate life-changing help instead of a possible assistence to me, THEN I will start looking into it.

They are cute together. I see Scarlet's head next to her drooly sister's and I think "Jeez...she could eat her entire HEAD"

Yes, with pictures, which is rare for me.
This is the doofus Dane and her ability to resist a liver treat held in front of the flashing camera.

What astounding self-control  ::).

See the excitement in her eyes?

That's not a snarl. That's the velocity of her upward lunge rippling her jowls.

And plus, my daughter's love for her Giant sister.

Busted eating dog biscuits off the coffee table together.

"Mum! Protect me from the red-headed devil!"

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Success with puppy!
« on: June 05, 2009, 12:29:59 am »
Oh, yes, I am over the moon relieved.

When Josh got home she put on her smug face and crosses her arms and goes "MUM said we get a puppy", and Josh put on his mock-serious face and says "Well you know the doggy won't grow very big"

And she flops her arms to her sides and says in the biggest you're-just-the-most-stupid-person-ever voice "I KNOWS that, Dad! It a NICE dog!"

And then I told our story of meeting the owner, and he was very happy.

The very second we get pictures I'm posting them up here and riding everyone else's posts to the forums with my posts of 'Frank Pictures #235852398'

We're so excited! His bloodlines are *phew* so great, and the breeders are top stuff. Everyone in the club recommended them and said if we truly wanted a quality temperament pet, we'd wait for one of their pups.

Ahh! I'm so excited!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Success with puppy!
« on: June 03, 2009, 07:36:31 pm »
Well Josh and I have been considering buying a British Bulldog pup for a while now. We've researched until we're blue in the face and we chose this breed as our ideal next addition.

We've already been approved by the top breeders in Victoria, which you'll no doubt figure out, I like to brag about.

Problem is, our two year old non-fur daughter has never seen a British Bulldog.

We're planning on taking her to a Bulldog Club meeting {we joined the club to learn more about the breed and get helpful information} so she can meet some of the dogs.

I was a bit worried because she's big-dog-biased. {no, seriously}
If she walks past any dog that she can't look dead in the eye, she'll point and go "MUM! MUM! It's a rat dog! Look Mum! A yap rat! A rat dog! A rat!" etc etc.
So I was concerned over how she'd treat a bulldog.

BUT! What luck! While walking to the library, we met a lady walking a 10 week pup and a 3 year old adult! {both bulldogs, obviously}
The adult sighed and plopped down, and put up with Scarlet's prodding and fondling as she explored this new breed.
The pup was, well, a pup, and jumped and yapped all over her, but the lady was quite good, correcting the behaviour and showing it how to sit and wait, not jump up.
She was very embarrassed that her pup was all over Scarlet and displaying such bad manners, but her adult dog was very polite and even-tempered, so I wasn't judgmental.

Pups are pups, and children never act like adults, after all.

After we'd played with them for a bit and said goodbye, Scarlet said to me "That was a small dog, Mum"

My heart sank. I thought oh god, she's going to say she hates the rat dogs.

But she looked up at me and goes "I like that dog. You get one for me?"

And suddenly the sun shone through the clouds and all was well.

I practically swung her into my arms and said "Yes! Of course we will!"

Frank the red and white British Bulldog pup comes home August the 1st, peoples.

Count down to an exciting day!

I want to take the dog and get her spayed, but I'm afraid my mother will take legal action against me.{believe me, she would, out of spite}

That's why I've been wondering if it's a case for the rspca or not. I don't think so, since she hasn't done it yet, and the dog is in no real danger until she does, but one day it may happen.

I've paid for all the vet bills so far, so I was wondering if that gave me any legal holding if I do get her spayed against my mother's will?

I've already read over her copy of the adoption contract, and legally she has full rights over the decision to spay or not.

My mother adopted a 4 year old female undesexed Dane from the pound.

As soon as she got it, I signed it up to be desexed. She called the vet's and took her off the desexing register because she didn't have enough money for the procedure.{she said}

Now, 6 months on, I asked her on IM when she was planning on desexing her, as she {mother} complains about the mess when the bitch gets bleeding, complains about male dogs following her around and complains about the smell.

She said "I don't need to desex her until she has the puppies"
In response to my "Huh?" face, she said "She looks like she'd want puppies, and it's easy to get a dog to mate with"

I said "You don't know anything about Danes and you want to breed her? That's irresponsible and stupid"

I IMed her a link to a BB page, and she said "Oh but she'd be inside so it's not cruel like those farms"

I Imed her links to sites that outline why regular pet owners shouldn't breed, and she had a whole range of comebacks, starting with "All breeders earn money, it's just a business", "If the dad's a champion the puppies don't need testing" and ending with "She nuzzles puppy toys so she's maternal and needs something to love"

WHAT can I say or do to stop her BBing?

Presently she's looking for a stud dog to breed from, she's emailed a few registered, responsible breeders in Australia asking for loans of their stud dogs and she's annoyed because all the replies were of a 'You shouldn't even be allowed to own a dog' nature.

I'm disabled myself, and I have dogs,so I know what pets can do for the disabled. I'm not contesting that.

I'm contesting that the parents don't intend on taking it to a vet's, ever. I discussed the questionnaire with his parents and they agreed- unless it's dying, it won't go to the vet's for shots, for check-ups, nothing.
nor do they intend to ever exercise it or play with it.
nor do they intend even buying a dog house for it. They have a trailer in the backyard, and they said that it can sleep under that, like the old dog used to.

He killed his last dog in a fit of anger. He drowned it in the kiddie pool because it chewed through the microwave cord.

THAT'S why I'm trying to stop this.

If the parents were willing to help out, I'd have no issue with it. But they told me that if it needs anything, that's his problem.


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