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Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: New here and Pic of my Pup
« on: April 15, 2005, 08:12:53 pm »
He's beautiful! Never heard of this breed...will be looking him up:)

Big Dogs with Jobs / Re: Big Dog Drafting Picture
« on: April 15, 2005, 08:11:11 pm »
WOW! Beautiful dogs, beautiful pic.  First times I've seen Mastiffs involved in Drafting. 

Hubby always says that the dogs are more important to me than he is....I always tell him that is not true! ::)  He thinks he is below them in the pecking order.....I reassure him and tell him he's being silly.  He seems to believe it....good.... what he doesn't know won't hurt him...... ;D

This is a copy cat website from someone else who held an animal for randsom on the net in a similiar way.  I can't remember off hand but I can find out if someone really wants to know.  Think about the time wasted to do this crap....imagin e the energy that could have been used on something me people need to get a life.....jmho >:(

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Extra Large Breed Dogs
« on: April 15, 2005, 08:00:49 pm »
I saw a dog on Montell Williams recently.....s upposedly this dog held the worlds record for weight.....don't hold me to this... but I think the dog was over 300 lbs and was a Mastiff. Beautiful boy! :o

Connie, I am so sorry to read about your losses.  I cried when I read about ^Buck^ and then to hear of ^Gypsy^ :(...I found it too much... so I cannot even imagine what you must be feeling.   I lost my Newfy ^Beau^, almost 4 years ago and I still cannot say his name out loud without crying.  You must take the time you need to grieve.  Your heart is full of pain and must be breaking and there is nothing we can do to help you except be here for you when you need us. The two sound like they were inseparable... and now they are together again.  You have two wonderful furangels to watch over you and the rest of your family.
Sending you gentle hugs

A dear friend of mine who supported me through my loss wrote the following....I am a bridgemom...I hope you don't mind my sharing this with you.....


 When asked why I wore a “Rainbow” pin,
 “I’m a Bridgemom”, I explained to him.
 “Whatever does ‘a Bridgemom’ mean?
 That’s the oddest word I’ve ever seen.”
 A Bridgemom misses an angel…..with fur
 or perhaps with feathers…...a him or a her.
 A Bridgemom is one who knows the love
 Of a precious furchild lent from above.
 A Bridgemom saves bits and pieces of hair,
 Lovingly collected from the cloth of a chair….
 She may have a scrap of a little clipped nail,
 Or fluff that was saved from a big fuzzy tail.
 She remembers lullabyes softly sang,
 And around her neck a locket may hang.
 A Bridgemom will cry at the drop of a hat….
 From the smell of “this”….or the sound of “that”.
 Maybe a blankie or a coat of red
 Lays every night at the foot of her bed.
 She has pictures on most every wall…..
 And a precious, well-used tennis ball.
 She may tend a grave or hug an urn…
 And glimpse her angel at every turn.
 A Bridgemom remembers each little bark,
 Each and every walk in the park.
 She remembers a piggy who uttered a purr
 Each time his Mom touched his silky fur.
 The chirp of a bird…each tiny “mew”,
 The first time they met….she remembers that, too.
 Bridgemoms dry each others tears…..
 Embrace their hopes and calm their fears.
 Every Bridgemom bears a scar on her heart…
 The piece that’s missing….it covers that part.
 With an aching heart she remembers the day
 When her forever baby went away……..
 Whether bird or dog or lizard or cat……
 Oh yes, every Bridgemom remembers that……..
 For every Bridgemom,
 ‘Mo’s Mom Carol
 August 21, 2002

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